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Newbie with (lots of!) questions
Super10. You had really good results in the last round and leaks were much reduced and low rate based on the left axis scale. Keep at what you were doing.

The set of data before that - the leaks were so bad the pressure went up to compensate and you had lots of CA too.

It takes a few weeks, even months, to feel settled into cpap treatment so it's early days yet. Hang in there and take one night at a time  Smile
The doctor says coffee does not affect my tinnitus and it's got lots of antioxidants....however, the after dinner drinks are a different matter altogether. 
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Haven't posted for a few days, because I wanted to give it more time to bed in. Last night was probably the first night I remember where I slept 'normally,' in that I fell asleep quickly, only woke up once to use the bathroom, and generally don't remember lying there for long periods of time unable to sleep. Therefore, I think last night's results are probably my most accurate thus far.

As you can see, they're not good, so I'm wondering whether anyone has suggestions for improving them? Should I up the minimum pressure on my machine again?

[Image: 32941464803_db51c942cc_k.jpg]
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super10, I disagree that your results are "not good" in your latest chart. Note that there is a sharp contrast between the middle of the night and the remainder. From 12:15 through 04:10, you recorded only one CA and one H, which is excellent. Almost all your apnea events occurred during the other parts of the night. If you can find ways to sleep more in the first mode and less in the second you will really be doing well.

As for pressures, I would not suggest increasing the minimum pressure at this stage because there are other things that I believe should occur first. Step one is to consider lowering the maximum pressure because the machine's algorithm works better if the maximum pressure is only a little higher than is actually needed. I believe the highest pressure shown on the charts you have posted to date is 13.28. This suggests that you would benefit from reducing the maximum pressure setting from 20 to 15. Before making the change you should look at the Statistics screen in Sleepyhead and verify that the actual maximum pressure you have experienced is not significantly higher than 13.28.

Step two is that you need to get used to CPAP treatment for a while longer until the newness of it all becomes less distracting. As a self-described restless sleeper, you may find that it takes a little while for you to relax into the experience of sleeping with your CPAP. Your charts are likely to be more informative after a month or so, and there will be a history to look at. Also, any changes in your symptoms will be clearer to you by then.

Have you cancelled the weekend test to prove you don't actually have apnea? I don't know which to hope for because the chart would be really interesting. However the test results would really mess up the charts and statistics for your treatment.
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You've had a pretty wild ride with this so far and I can't explain why. It may be because you are making too many changes in too short a time. (Just a thought  Dont-know )

I do have a couple of suggestions to make it easier for forum members to help you;
1) Please upgrade your profile so we don't have to search back through the history to see what machine and mask(s) you are using, your pressure settings, etc.
2) Organize your graphs as shown in the link below. It will be more useful to see your flow limitations, for example, than mask pressure.

It's hard to be sure at this point but it appears on your bad nights that many of your events are clustered in short periods of time. This may be to head and neck position issues such as tucking your chin to your chest which partially closes your airway.  The flow limitation graph will help to determine that. If so thee are methods to deal with the problem.
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