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Newly Diagnosed- Equipment Purchase and Data for Dr.

I did an at home test (mailaway) and received my diagnosis and had a video appointment with my Sleep Doctor.

He said he starts the machine off on a wide range while I get used to the machine and then we review it after 2 months and then the ranges are narrowed.

The Doctor recommended a Luna machine; it reports wirelessly to him. I cant find enough information on that machine to feel confident about reliability and performance.

Thanks to this site I have done a lot of reading and research and want to go with the ResMed AirSense AutoSet 10 for Her and the Amara View FF Mask. I really want to have as few problems as possible.

I am waiting for my prescription to come so I can order the equipment, however am a little concerned on what the proper procedure is for communicating with your Doctors. Mine is telling me that if I don't have a machine they work with, I will send him the physical SD card for them to put into their software. And in concert with a follow up appointment with him (at a charge) then I would go to the DME to have them change the settings (making it sound like a great big hassle) - I have read here these changes are not difficult to make on my own.

Does all this sound normal? I am getting the feeling that I am free to purchase equipment anywhere I want, but possibly if I don't go through the doctor I am being warned of the "consequences"? What is the reality in actually getting from Diagnosis, to beginning, to calibrating, between patient, doctor and machine?

Thank you all so much, this is a wonderful resource!

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I'd think twice and then again before accepting a Luna. In fact, I'd think twice about the doctor. Your preferred machine is a good choice. If you change channels on a TV remote or operate a microwave oven, then you can adjust these machines yourself. Grin

This does sound normal, though not "right" as there are large profits to be made here. SD cards are cheap and copying the one from your machine to send to the doc is not a big deal.

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(12-13-2016, 02:22 PM)Meredith410 Wrote: Thanks to this site I have done a lot of reading and research and want to go with the ResMed AirSense AutoSet 10 for Her and the Amara View FF Mask.
Excellent machine choice, the Chinese might good at making things but CPAP machines are not one of them
Mask is something personal, whatever best works for you, no two people are alike
Best of luck and welcome aboard
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Hi Meredith410,
WELCOME! to the forum.! I have heard of the machine you mentioned, but it's not as well-known as the Resmed or Respironics machines.
Hang in there for more suggestions and answers to your questions and good luck to you as you start your CPAP therapy.
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Yes, it does sound normal...unfortunately. That's how things went for me but I ended up buying what I wanted anyways and monitoring and adjusting it myself (I needed the initial prescription for that though). The sleep clinic told me I was now on my own since I didn't buy a machine (at twice the price..) through them. They are not in this for the benefit of my health but for profit. As Canadian I have the benefit of the provincial health system to fall back on if necessary, so you want to weigh your decisions carefully. Coming here was a great start. Education = empowerment.
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Run from the Luna as fast as you can! It is a Chinese ResSmart machine. You will be forced to use manufacturer proprietary software, and the machine algorithms are not as responsive as Resmed or Respironics auto machines. If you can afford the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset for Her, get it! Don't be talked into anything less. It is fully compatible with SleepyHead software, and has the most versatility in both auto adjusting algorithms and exhale pressure relief for comfort.

Don't Don't Don't get talked into the ResSmart.
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That's what I was afraid of... The offerings from the Dr. look like what I have seen you all call bricks. And they are ugly - not that that REALLY matters, but it kinda does. If i have to do this I want it to be as pleasant as possible!

And as far as all things medical it feels like in every area of practice we are more on our own than ever before.

I agree that no one is going to care more about what happens here than me and I look forward to learning all I can to get the best possible results from CPAP.

Thank you all so much! Not just for the information but for encouraging individual advocacy. Sometimes its hard to tell when a professional or an industry "frowns upon" the actual patients' participation if it is for the benefit of the patient or the professional. And they have the "scare" power to intimidate!

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What is your insurance situation?
Who is this outfit that provided the test and is trying to sell you cheap CPAPs?
Are they asking for insurance reimbursement, or are you paying directly?

You have a couple options. If this doctor is legitimate, you have a right to a copy of the records and results of your sleep test, and a copy of the prescription. If for some reason, this doctor is representing that you must buy through him, he is wrong under the law. If he is a physician or health care provider in the U.S. he is regulated under HIPAA https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-individual...consumers/ .

Follow that link and look at the HIPAA Right of Access Videos. You have a right to access your health information. You may share that information with your primary physician if you are not comfortable with the "sleep doctor", or use it directly at a supplier of your choice. If that information includes a prescription, you may use that where you have insurance coverage (in-network providers). If the outfit that sold you the home test will not give it to you, they are in violation of the law. You could also ask your personal physician to request the records on your behalf, and ask him to write the prescription and manage your care, or provide an appropriate referral. If you don't end up being provided the records, file a complaint https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/filing-a-complaint/

If you are self-financing this purchase, you may use any online supplier in our #supplier list and they will honor a prescription, by the person who interpreted your test, or your personal physician. Supplier #1 will even send a prescription request to your doctor, so as long as he is on-board with your need, you will get what you want. The Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset and Dreamstation Auto are available on Amazon without a prescription.
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I have insurance that seems to not pay for much of anything.... And at that it is not being renewed and I was pushed into an even LOWER level of insurance for next year. That being said, I thought (for a minute) about waiting until next year to purchase so it would at least apply to a deductible. So far I have not had to use my insurance much and it sits there as a major medical policy. I have an HSA that pays for the things this policy doesn't pay for (pretty much anything).

I did get the Diagnosis report from the Doctor right away, before our Video conference. It took over the weekend and until yesterday to get the Rx (after speaking with the office and declining to purchase a Luna from them). I honestly could not find anything "wonderful" about any of the machines and/or masks they were selling. Offbeat brands, little to no review information....

Fast forward to now. I had my cart ready to go for Supplier #14. It sat there a day waiting for the Rx... and ironically they sent me a 10% discount code to entice me to complete the sale Smile which I did this morning; faxed them the Rx. Rx says 7-20

I do plan to follow up with the doctor in two months or so, if needed - in case I can't get it all together in that time, most definitely with the Boards' help. I also have a great GP here that I do believe would manage this condition if necessary.

I've downloaded SleepyHead and its ready for data!

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Well done! You move fast. Welcome to the Apneaboard forum, and we look forward to working with you as you begin to explore this therapy. I have a feeling it will be like a "duck to water". Smile
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