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[News] Greek healthcare system collapses, hospital workers now working without pay
A prophet she may have been though or maybe psychic

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What can you expect though? If government tries to be a business it usually just all falls flat on its face. Sadly America is going this direction.
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Welcome to the forum S.I.G. Welcome

The whole worlds gone mad let alone Greece, watch out for the uk dropping europe and becomming the 51st State of america Too-funny
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(07-16-2012, 11:02 PM)sleepisgreat Wrote: What can you expect though? If government tries to be a business it usually just all falls flat on its face. Sadly America is going this direction.

Nah, it's worse than the government just not being able to run a business in America! The IRS seized a house of ill-repute and couldn't even make a dime running that! Who can run a place like that in a state where drinking, gambling and "friendly company" (PG-13 rated version) are not only legal, but built the whole state and go belly up? You gotta have 10 pounds of brain damage!
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

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In the UK much revolves around the deserving poor, and the undeserving poor, and there the problem starts, those to the political left believe the welfare state to be a bottomless money pit designed to keep the deserving poor happy, those to the political right take a slightly less generous position, and believe that many of the alleged deserving poor are in fact taking advantage of the welfare system at a cost to the taxpayer.

And on it goes, don't even get me started on payment for care of the elderly.
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Sounds like the UK and Canada are about the same. Pretty sad.
APNEABOARD - A great place to be if you're a hosehead!! Rolleyes

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Chum of mine lives near Toronto, he explained your system and I must admit to being a touch confused on how it worked, so yes they do sound much the same, though I do believe it varies very much from province to province, once again much the same as the UK.

He did say in some instances it was better, quicker, and more cost effective to head south across the border for treatment.

On Greece, there was a program on the other night about what they do with the dead, you only get the grave for three years, unless your family pays out for longer rental they dig up what is left and either put the bones in an ossuary, and if that is unaffordable the parts are dumped in a big pit. Sometimes when they are dug up the body has not fully decomposed.
Cremation though legalised is frowned upon by the church, no crematoria have been built.
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Greece's problem is that they have no control over the currency. The Euro was a currency built to fail as was predicted by quite a lot of economists before it started. It is, unfortunately, also true that the Greeks are virtually forced to remain in the Eurozone, again because of the design of the currency and banking operations.

If it had it's own currency Greece could pay off it's debts easily, simply by printing the money. That might not be the best solution but it would at least be possible. It could also let it's currency exchange rate fall and thus attract others to purchase from it because it's products would be cheaper.

But it can't now get out of the Eurozone without a complete disaster because of the way the system was rigged. And staying in is about as bad. This is all because of the stupidity of economists, notably those of the "neoliberal" ideology. Truth is that Greece is not a sovereign nation any more, it is an occupied state. I can see no prospect of a good outcome in Europe and greatly fear that Facism in one disguise or another will be coming back.

Canada, however, like most developed countries, is sovereign in it's own currency. This is the difference between night and day. A government sovereign in it's own currency can never be forced to default and faces NO financial constraints. It has constraints, of course, but they are not financial. But the folks in control of the economy here are keeping that knowledge taboo and we aren't allowed to know it. Our main problem is a government that bet the farm on being able to sell fossil fuels at a high price. But the price has fallen so far that it's now unprofitable to take most of it out of the ground and so we pay the price for our own stupidity. But since our currency floats and the CAN$ is now down to $0.75 US what commodities we do produce are becoming more attractive and this will help us recover.

But we are and can continue to be masters of our own fate and if we use the brains evolution gave us we can come through fairly easily. Climate warming is a much larger mid term threat and in Canada it's not so mid term - we have already warmed more than the 2 degrees C that is considered a tipping point if it were global. Fortunately for the rest of you it isn't, yet.
Ed Seedhouse

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Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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Figures, if they are to be believed, are in the region of 50-50 in/out of the EU, indications are that numbers for leaving are being greatly helped by the immigrant/refugee/illegals count, and of course the Euro fiasco.
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SuperSleeper are you deliberately trying to get me in trouble? Too-funny
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