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[News] Vitamin D - possible help for sleep apnea patients?
While I am not being treated for my central sleep apnea I am on the downhill slide. I can feel my heart working to hard and no matter how much I sleep I do not feel rested. I am patiently waiting for my new machine to arrive.
In the midst of this it is winter in Alaska. Not much sun with any patooties in it yet. I have been taking D3 and a cal/mag supplement.
Getting it dialed in has been interesting. It comes back to how does it make you feel? There is an improvement in my sleep and as the guy above points out is hard to define but knows it is doing some good.
I always test low but then I did not realize the importance of magnesium.
I have upped the amount of greens I eat a lot since studying up on it.
I was shocked at how much greens it really takes to give us some balance in our nutrition.
I am still aimed at the mechanical therapy. I still feel like my body has betrayed me but I embrace what helps. There is no doubt in my mind that most of these conditions can be fixed in a natural way but it is so individual I do not see some kind of magic bullet for everyone.
It is a matter of listening to our selves and being like a detective gathering the evidence.
The time is not that far off where we will have our own home doctor. A machine that can scan us at home while referring to a lifetime medical history. It will tell us when we are deficient or getting too much and keep us informed of a wide variety of conditions. With ongoing software updates it will be one of the amazing innovations of the 21st Century.

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I've spent the bulk of my life in the Southwestern USA. Grew up in El Paso (aka "Sun City) ran around in shorts and shirtless a good amount of that time and I drank milk like it was going out of style. Thus, I have had a bodacious amount of vitamin D, and oddly enough the science suggests that a lack of this vitamin is linked to multiple sclerosis (which I was diagnosed with not quite two years ago) and sleep apnea around the same time I was hit with MS.

I've been on a vitamin D supplement for 18 months, big doses, yet no improvement in sleep apnea.
I have a PhD from M.I.T.
Post hole Digger from Miller Implement & Tractor
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I wrote a book instead of just saying what I found worked for me. Entirely subjective. I found a good calcium/magnesium supplement with three kind of each in it. There is 1000mg. of calcium to 500mg. of magnesium with phosphorus and some D3. I took that for a few days and no difference in anything. I took a 10,000 IU D3 and that night had the best nights sleep in ages. I awakened with some brains.
As soon as I had some brain working I was able to do the internet searches that brought up this forum.
When I found this forum I found the info I needed to start getting CSA treatment again along a rational course.
I am far from being one hundred percent but compared to what I was before accidently hitting on some supplementation that helped I am doing good.
I had been trying different amounts of calcium and D3. By experimenting I found that it is the magnesium mixed in that is making things work right. By the way too much magnesium and you will be running to the bathroom as the laxative effect hits. Kind of an easy way to know what was too much.
Somehow for me I cannot say for anyone else the magnesium in the right amount made the D3 have some working value. It is not a cure but it is something.
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(01-23-2014, 09:42 PM)goodonya Wrote: I had been trying different amounts of calcium and D3. By experimenting I found that it is the magnesium mixed in that is making things work right.

Do you also supplement with potassium?
I have a PhD from M.I.T.
Post hole Digger from Miller Implement & Tractor
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Goodonya, you took 10,000 IU D3? did you mean 1,000 IU?
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Luke Warm, Hi, I eat a wide range of foods and potassium is in most.
I increased the cooked greens when I sorted out what was going on. As a result I do not need as much magnesium as I did when I started.
The potassium supplements from the store are all a bogus waste of money more like a placebo.
Eating one heckuva a lot of gently cooked greens is a good way to go anyway. I found that it is important to wash them well. I use a quarter cup of vinegar and water enough to sink the greens in after the prewash that knocks off dirt and so on. A few minutes of that and another good rinse and it is time for the quick steam. With that I can get a nice tea off the cooking water as well. A little sea salt and butter or coconut oil and life is good.
It still comes back to have a good digestive tract. One of the big ongoing things I found with sleep apnea is acid reflux. How and why it is intertwined I do not know. It is there though. By hit and miss I have gone from constant reflux even with the machine to no reflux and no medication.
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Me50, Hi, I found a D3 supplement that comes in at 10,000 IU. The krill kind did not agree with me. I do not take it every day. Every other day has worked best. I plan to start easing back on the amount here as I get more sunshine.
Our amazing bodies balance this stuff out. It is a matter of helping them out. It is all about finding a path for healing that is actually taking place. What works at one point no longer is the need at another point. The trick is to find things that work at all. Once something works I take it as a huge positive sign.
It is my nature to do things in excess. I have learned that excess is a thing to look out for and to control. Curative things are subject to change. Dialing in a balance is an art form that thrives on knowledge and self listening. I am a poor learner and I do not hear well. It has not been a pretty sight.
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(01-24-2014, 02:25 PM)goodonya Wrote: Luke Warm, Hi, I eat a wide range of foods and potassium is in most.

I was tested close to the bottom of the normal range in potassium, probably because my doc has me on both HCTZ and Lasix for blood pressure. I love sauerkraut, but hate the crap they sell in the store, so I make my own. I found a master's thesis where it was proved that you can make excellent sauerkraut with potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride, although a 50-50 mix was judged to taste better than 100% KCl. I eat half a liter of my homemade 50-50 sauerkraut a week, and my potassium levels are now at the middle of the normal range, in spite of the water pills.

There is more than one way to increase your potassium level. You could just use salt substitutes, which are usually KCl, and have the same effect on your potassium level.
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Speaking of Sauerkraut, our local German Restaurant (Bohemian - Narellan, NSW) serve the best sauerkraut with roasted pork knuckle Licklips
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I have been thinking of sauerkraut a lot lately. German ancestry and the fact that I am eating half a head of cabbage every day anyway. There is a lot of material out there now singing the praises of fermented foods. I sure like the homemade stuff. We had a closet that was perfect for temperature and had a big crock of it going in there for many years when I was a kid. I want to try a green papaya fermented food too that I have heard of.

There was a lot of good in the old ways. I am glad that Potassium chloride mix helped, Luke. I have been testing in the mid range on it.
I think that homemade sauerkraut will fix most things. I was reading the other day the original European cabbage was not the variety we use now. It did not have the tight head that is the common now. I wonder if the old varieties are still in use over there?

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