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No Detailed Information on ResMed
I downloaded the ResMed program and it does not seem to give quite as detailed information as Sleepyhead. I have an s9 autoset . Sleepyhead gives a long strip which if clicked on shows your event graphically and drills down on it. I don't see this kind of graph on ResMed. I like this feature because it shows graphically one hyponeas as a sort of flatish long line.
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Lukie, I always stick with one even though I downloaded both, I find Sleepyhead easy to follow.
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Up until recently, I have not used SlepyHead but now I don,t bother with Resscan but just have to figure how to generate reports
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What do you mean ResScan doesn't show detailed data?

[Image: zpnk.png]

[Image: lo88.png]
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(12-26-2013, 10:04 PM)DOOM_NX Wrote: What do you mean ResScan doesn't show detailed data?
What Lucky saying "does not seem to give quite as detailed information as Sleepyhead", for example resscan does not show tidal volume graph on the autoset but SleepyHead does

Edit: Understanding the charts in SleepyHead by robysue (post #7)
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Well, ResScan might not show the Tidal Volume graph, but it shows the Minute Ventilation which is Tidal Volume * Respiratory Rate Tongue

But, I'm pretty sure the OP wasn't referring to the total number of graphs. She specifically mentioned flat long lines that illustrate apnea events. Maybe she hasn't discovered it yet?

EDIT: Perhaps the most useful graph that is missing from ResScan is Mask Pressure. At least it is for me. It can help you identify some of the unknown apneas.

[Image: a7d3.png]
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When you down load the data in to ResScan you have to make sure All available data is selected as shown page 14 of the guide http://www.resmed.com/us/assets/document...er_eng.pdf in order to get all the graphs that people talk about here.

If you poke around, there is a way to make All available data the default setting for the download diaglog box.
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This what robysue referring to download all available data
[Image: attachment.php?aid=60]
post #2 http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...ersion-4-3

DreamDiver ResScan tutorial http://apneaboard.com/resscan.htm
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(12-26-2013, 11:18 PM)DOOM_NX Wrote: Perhaps the most useful graph that is missing from ResScan is Mask Pressure. At least it is for me. It can help you identify some of the unknown apneas.


In ResScan, I think the "Pressure" and the "High Rate Pressure" waveforms both refer to Mask Pressure. (In other words, the pressure dropped across the hose has already been subtracted out.)

--- Vaughn
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Hello Vaughn,

AutoSet doesn't have a High Rate Pressure graph -- I think it's specific to VPAP Adapt and the like.

The pressure graph in ResScan seems to be the target therapy pressure set by the algorithm, not the actual circuit pressure measured by a sensor. Mask Pressure in SleepyHead shows every little change in the circuit pressure, which is useful.
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