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No data from last night
Well, this is very strange. I have been viewing the data from my S9 Autoset every morning for the past several months, and never a problem. Last night I put the card back in the machine and the display said "reading data" as it always does. When I ejected the card this morning the screen went to the same display that it always does. When I put the card in my computer it mounted as usual. But when I told SleepyHead to get the data from the usual place, there was nothing.

I can browse to the files, so I know the card is mounted in my computer properly. But when I look at the data files there are no files for May 10. No doubt that's why SleepyHead found nothing. So the S9 Autoset wrote no data to the card for last night. Now, why in the world would it do that? Do these machines sometimes go on strike?
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JJJ, it should pick it up next time you put the sincard back in the CPAP, maybe try it again tonight then have a look at the data tomorrow and see if it has picked up the two days.
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I don,t use SleepyHead
My only suggestion is reboot the machine and put the card in the machine again
If same thing happen ... reformat the card or/and get a new card
Got to go ... Mothers day lunch
Happy Mothers day ... to all mums

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One possibility the SD card was not properly inserted in the machine
I recall someone forget to put the card in the machine at night and the following morning when put the card in the machine ... got some data with ResScan but nothing with SleepyHead
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The data still should update on the card when it is inserted the next time as the machines store it in there memory.
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Thanks to all for the comments.

It is now the next morning and things appear to be back to normal. As for the missing night, SleepyHead now gives me the number of hours slept, the pressure range and leak data, but that is all, and the pressure range is wrong. It says the minimum was 0, but that is not possible, as the machine is set to 14 - 19 cmH2O. On all other nights the minimum is always 14.

Normally if I forget to put the card back into the machine before going to bed and then insert it in the morning I get hours slept, events, AHI, pressure range and leaks, but no graphs. Well, that is what I see for the previously missing night, but it says there were zero events and gives me an AHI of 0 with a big smiley face. I really doubt that.

The suggestion that the card was not properly inserted for the missing night is impossible to prove or disprove. All I know is that when I insert the card the display says "reading SD card" and when I take it out in the morning the display changes again. This is exactly what happened for the missing night as well, so it appears the card was properly inserted. But who knows. I had rather high leaks that night (headgear strap came loose), so maybe the machine was so disgusted that it refused to save the data. Smile
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(05-12-2013, 09:01 AM)JJJ Wrote: It is now the next morning and things appear to be back to normal.


Did you perhaps turn off and then unplug the machine for a minute? Was anything like that done which might have been needed to fix it?

Take care,
--- Vaughn
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(05-12-2013, 11:13 AM)vsheline Wrote: Did you perhaps turn off and then unplug the machine for a minute? Was anything like that done which might have been needed to fix it?

No, and there were no power failures either. When I looked at the data yesterday with my file browser there were no files for May 10, and today there are files for May 10 and 11 (last night). So the problem was not in SleepyHead - no data, nothing for SleepyHead to read. The problem is that the machine failed to write the data for the 10th to the card until I inserted the card back in the machine last night. Why is the mystery. I'm just hoping it was a one-off occurrence and will never happen again.

In the meantime I am hoping that someday we will have machines that we can connect to wirelessly via Bluetooth or wifi or something. This schlepping the card back and forth is a PITA.
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(05-12-2013, 01:08 AM)Tez62 Wrote: The data still should update on the card when it is inserted the next time as the machines store it in there memory.
Only Statistics and Summary Graphs ... Not detailed data ... detailed data written directly on the card
If card been left out ... detailed data cannot be retrieved and lost forever
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Hey JJJ, why do you read it everyday anyway? I only do mine once a week and just check the basics on the screen each day.
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