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Nocturia - urinating at night
Haha, had one of those nights last week myself! Woke up with the hose wrapped around my neck...I swear it was trying to kill me!

Overall though, I get up fewer times for nature's call.

Might be interesting to look at your sleepyhead data at those times to see if there is a pattern...
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Good idea to check my stats. It will interesting.
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Thanks Dreamcatcher. I will try no humidifer tonight and next.

Thanks also, Mjbearit. I think what is waking me up is an urgency to go pee. I feel myself leaking too. However, I read today that a study was done on what people thought woke them up. The researchers found that most of the people were incorrect on what they thought woke them.
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(07-30-2012, 12:53 AM)swilson Wrote: I read today that a study was done on what people thought woke them up. The researchers found that most of the people were incorrect on what they thought woke them.

I'd like to read that study, and any others that describe the causes of waking up and statistical frequency in the population. Do you have a citation for the article?
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I would love to know why I am waking up at night to urinate. I get up about once every hour to an hour and a half. That's about 6 times a night. APAP therapy for mild sleep apnea and medication for my mildly enlarged prostate has made NO difference in my awakening. I have checked Rescan and see no relationship between any event and my awakening. My AHI is usually 1.0 or less. When I do awaken, I never feel a great urgency about urinating and the amount of urination is minimal. I have tried just going back to sleep and not urinating, but I can't get back to sleep unless I do. Fortunately, my APAP has made an improvement in how rested I feel. I am dreaming more, which indicates that inspite of the interrupted sleep, I am getting into more REM sleep. At this point, I am going to be looking into cognitive sleep therapy. Perhaps, that will give me the tools to go back to sleep without going to the bathroom. While I don't feel anxious or depressed, I have heard that antidepressants can sometimes be helpful. If the congnitive sleep therapy doesn't work, I will inquire if those meds may be worth trying.

Now, as far as the OP is concerned, while I can't explain how CPAP is causing more frequent awakening, but it is possible that if he is a light sleeper, his getting to used to all his equipment and intermittant leaks might be awakening him. He then just thinks he has to urinate. Hopefully, as he gets more used to his sleep therapy, he will sleep with less awakeninng. I would be thrilled if I only were getting up twice a night.

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JJJ here is a link to the article I was reading about people quessing incorrectly why they woke up.


That talk with you guys last night really helped. I didn't use the humidifier and I only woke up once to go to the bathroom. I also didn't feel an urgency to go. Maybe it's anxiety. Was realy good to talk about it.
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The conclusion of JAMA article confirm what has been said about sleep apnea and nocturia
[The diagnosis of a sleep disorder should be seriously considered whenever a patient reports frequent awakenings from sleep to urinate.]
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Hi swilson, Glad you had a good night without the use of your humidifier, continued success to you.
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I have definitely loved not getting up to go to the toilet at night... especially being winter and cold (our bathroom is quite a walk away and not warm...) I knew when I used to wake, I knew that it was something else that made me wake as when I would go to the toilet nothing much came out and it could happen within an hour of going to bed and 2 or 3 times a night. I thought it was reflux, well I did have that too but that has also stopped since using CPAP - yay. I do still have bad nights where I have mask leak issues and wake but if I feel like going to the toilet a wait a bit go back to sleep and I usually sleep until morning anyway.
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The OP's experience seems atypical and may need professional advice.

My experience was up every hour or 90 minutes prior to CPAP. First night on CPAP was the first time I had slept straight through the night for 5 years. Now I get up only once a night at most and then only if I have woken for some other reason like the mask leaking.
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