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Noise problem Resmed Autosense 10
I'm now on my second Autosense 10 in the last month. The first one was so loud that it woke me up so it was replaced by Resmed because it was defective. The new one is quieter, but should I be hearing the echo of my breathing all of the time. It keeps my spouse sleeping elsewhere because of the sound. I've been on a cpap for over 10 years, and this is the noisiest machine I've ever had. Friends who have other brands report no noise at all with their machines, but my supplier says that the breathing sounds are normal. I've changed masks a couple of times, and I'm now using a Mirage Softgel which gives a good seal. I'm getting smiley faces and good reports every night, but the noise is a problem.
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I noticed when I used the f&p icon auto I would hear the breathing echo, but never on my s9 autoset. Not sure if it's normal on the a10's or not.
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I also have an Airsense 10. I never thought anything about the "inhale" noise until I read posts from others describing it. Then, of course, it started bugging me. My husband doesn't notice it because he still wears earplugs... even though I don't snore anymore, he is so used to them! I digress.... I really only notice it when i first turn the unit on....with lower pressure, and trying to quiet my breathing to fall asleep. I was OK with the rhythmic sound of my own breathing for the first 2 months, but seeing the posts made me start paying attention to it, and of course once I did that, it was off to the races. For a few days, I put the unit on the floor, and it was great not to have Darth Vader next to me. But i felt that it wasn't a good idea to clog up the filter with whatever allergens were hiding under my bed, so I put it back on the nightstand. I noticed this morning, i could barely hear the whooshing as I took a breath....wonder if it matters that the water tank was almost empty? I also made sure to wash the tank and seal before I filled it last night. I guarantee my DME wont replace anything...they barely send me enough supplies. Not sure if after 3 months of use I could complain, anyway!
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Hi Buddy1992,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I'm sorry you are having trouble with your machine. Talk to the place where you got it and see what they suggest.
Hang in there for more suggestions and much success to you with your CPAP therapy and getting a quieter machine.
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There is a 2 year warranty on the Airsense 10. If your DME will not do anything about it, go direct to Resmed and they may intercede with your DME.

Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thank you PaytonA. I wanted to wait and see if it really really bothered me or started to sound like it would become a mechancal problem. Being so new to this, I'm surprised that the Sleep management people from the insurance company would call me every month to see how compliant I was, but now that I hit the 3 month mark, its like I don't exist. And when I call the DME for supplies, I get like one pillow sent to me. I had a huge deductible and I paid out of pocket for most everything....now that i can get things 80% covered, seems like they don't care whether i get new supplies. So I guess thats why I want to see other Airsense 10 owners chime in and tell their stories about whether they have noise issues. I've seriously gotten more info from this forum than from my sleep doctor. Sad
Many thanks to everyone!
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If I try to listen for my Respironics, I can sometimes almost convince myself that I might hear a whisper of it. When I was using an S-9 I would have to take the mask off my face to verify it was functioning. The DeVillbiss almost as quiet as the S-9, as is the S-8 Autoset II I got for travel. My original S-8 was alittle noisier but it was a white noise that tended to blanket other sounds like the dog farting or snoring.

Now, if you want to hear a machine working, try a Z-1. That's more akin to standing on a carrier deck listening to an F-18 spool up. All night long.

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I had inhale sounds coming out of the machine too. I wrote up some of my findings with experimenting with settings towards the end of this thread: http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...n-inhaling

I think humidifier plays a small role. I noticed it louder with the humidifier on. My DME gave me the end cap for taking the humidifier off. But since I've put the unit under my bed now, on a IKEA cabinet door with rollers attached, its not very audible anymore. I still here the unit whining every once in a while but it's not too bad, especially since it's drowned out by my air purifier.

I also changed masks which helped with the local noise near my face. My WISP mask vent was incredibly noisy. Switching to the Nuance pillows helped. I think the shape of the holes makes a big difference for vent noise.
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Hi Guys,

I have just joined the Forum and come across this Topic. I was issued with the Resmed Air Sense 10 Autoset, having my old Fisher & Paykel replaced, due to the heater breaking down.

The old machine has been terrific for 8 years now, it was quiet and the only noise, was from a constant low pressure air sound, through the mask, which was easy to get used to, as it was continual.

Now this new one I have discovered, is super quiet as a machine, but I have this continual breathing in and out sound, which is driving me crazy.........is this normal? I know it's me breathing normally, but it's damned annoying, is this a common Resmed problem, because the F&P didn't have it.
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(05-22-2015, 02:43 AM)dixie01 Wrote: Now this new one I have discovered, is super quiet as a machine, but I have this continual breathing in and out sound, which is driving me crazy.........is this normal? I know it's me breathing normally, but it's damned annoying, is this a common Resmed problem, because the F&P didn't have it.

It seems to be. Mine does it but I never noticed because the noise from the oxygen generator in the same room always drowned it out. I moved that machine and then started hearing what you describe. I can sleep with that. However it's easier when I put on my noise cancelling headphones as it goes away along with everything else except quite loud noises.
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