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Noo B or not Noo B - is that the question?
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RE: Noo B or not Noo B - is that the question?
(06-03-2016 02:49 PM)rkl122 Wrote:  . As a scientist in a former life, I'm dataphilic, but am going nuts looking for correlations between graphs. Most nights, I do have noticeable, brief windows of enhanced respiration rate - a rise of 30-40% once or twice a night, and they may be correlated with flow or leak changes. Can't say for sure. (I think some of them, not all, correlate with waking periods.)

Browsing the SH data, though, is fun. I try not to remind myself I'm looking at the nuts and bolts of a mortality risk factor.

HI Ron! Welcome! Thanks for the hearty laugh over your mouth guard discovery!

As another "scientist in a former life" I know what you mean about digging in the data. Great fun if you dissociate from it a bit.

I have central apnea, which basically means my brain stem stops paying attention to my blood CO2 levels, which is now making me wonder what really happens in the daytime when I'm not paying full conscious attention... Off topic a bit.

While you're examining your data, keep the context in mind. A few nights ago I had a 2 glasses of wine after dinner (typical pattern for me is about 5 per >week<) and I the next day I could immediately see the consequences in the CA graph. I got to sleep OK, but about 2 hours in I woke up and then while trying to fall back to sleep had a series of CA events which were about 50% longer than usual. On a typical night 30 seconds is my max, but these went out to 45 seconds. That was an eye-opener. Kinda makes sense, though. Central apnea, so I don't initiate breathing, add a depressant to the system, and I'm even less likely to try to breath. Needless to say, I've essentially given up drinking...
06-04-2016 01:19 PM
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