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Not needing to urinate (pee) at night.
One of the functions of sleep is to give your body a chance to recover from the stresses of the day. It stands to reason that if you are not sleeping properly then that recovery process is compromised.

I used to get up three times per night, now I go right through - even after a couple of beers in the evening.
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I too sleep right through. Before CPAP it was about 4 times a night. I've always have considered this a welcome plus in my treatment.
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I sure would like to get to that point. I got up once last night which makes it a good night.
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I too have not been able to go a single night without at least one pee break (usually several) for many years, and APAP hasn't cured me of this. I have been doing better lately with some sleep hygiene ideas and, frankly, some drugs (prescription ones only). I wish I could get four straight hours without drugs, but have yet to achieve that. With them I have gone as much as 6.5 hours. I'm consulting with a urologist but waiting for tests with a very long wait for an ultrasound.

I know that prescription drugs hurt my sleep quality, but at least my AHI is low and I actually get a reasonable amount of sleep overall. Impaired quality sleep is better than no sleep, I think...

Anyway if I ever go over 7 hours before that first pee break I'm getting up for good that day.

Ed Seedhouse

Part cow since February 2018.

Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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It's called nocturia. When your OSA is untreated you struggle to breathe you create negative intrathoracic pressure. Your body thinks you have fluid on the heart and tries to counter it by making you pee more to get the perceived excess water out.

"Although nocturnal voiding is frequently attributed to urologic disorders, nocturia and enuresis are also important symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing. However, polyuria can be elicited by obstructive sleep apnea as well as bedrest, microgravity and other experimental conditions where the blood volume is shifted centrally to the upper body. The nocturnal polyuria of sleep apnea is an evoked response to conditions of negative intrathoracic pressure due to inspiratory effort posed against a closed airway. The mechanism for this natriuretic response is the release of atrial natriuretic peptide due to cardiac distension caused by the negative pressure environment. This cardiac hormone increases sodium and water excretion and also inhibits other hormone systems that regulate fluid volume, vasopressin and the rennin-angiotensin-aldosterone complex. Treatment of sleep apnea and airway compromise has been shown to reverse nocturnal polyuria and thereby reduce or eliminate nocturia and enuresis. Thus, careful evaluation of nocturia and enuresis for evidence of nocturnal polyuria can increase the diagnostic certainty of referring primary care providers and sleep specialists. In addition, the resolution of these bothersome symptoms after treatment can contribute to patient satisfaction as well as reinforce treatment compliance."
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Hi Ed. When I hear doctors say that prescription sleep medications cause abnormal sleep architecture, I think "compared to what?"

I think that must be compared to a healthy sleeper, which people with chronic insomnia problems, by definition, are not.

I would like to get one of those ResMed S+ devices or some other gadget that estimates time spent in each stage of sleep.

If I don't take a hypnotic sleep medication or a sedating antidepressant, my sleep cycle will shift in just 2-3 nights to sleeping from dawn until late morning. So it's meds for me or sometimes melatonin. Melatonin will work for up to about a month, then it seems to lose its effectiveness until I've had a break from it.

(06-07-2016, 10:28 PM)eseedhouse Wrote: I know that prescription drugs hurt my sleep quality, but at least my AHI is low and I actually get a reasonable amount of sleep overall. Impaired quality sleep is better than no sleep, I think...
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It is interesting that "microgravity" is turning up as a complicating factor in medical diagnosis. Still no ICD-10 code for it though. Smile
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Oooh, another standards geek!
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I think for me I just thought that was the reason I was waking up but actually it was the spells of not breathing. Also about once a week I would wake up choking on acid which I contribute to gasping for air. I was getting up 3-4 times a night and now none at all. So much more peaceful. Michael
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(06-05-2016, 06:52 PM)NorthernGuy Wrote: I have seen several other posts about this topic, but there seemed to be no good consensus on whether the phenomenom is real or the cause.

I definitely urinate less the I did before therapy. I have a 24-hour urine volume test every 6 months. It fell in my fourth month of therapy. The volume was down 40% from all previous tests. I also do not have prostate issues, and I'm not taking diuretics.

It may not be Magic but it is clearly a benefit of Therapy.

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