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Not sure if I really need treatment
There is a slot, but no SD card. The tech who set me up was surprised there wasn't one, and even got another machine, only to find the same thing. Then she realized that they were only using wireless for data transmission.

In the set up menu, it shows pressure of 7, and EPR is off.

I did install SleepyHead, but as I suspected, I can't import any data without an SD card. I could put my own in, but I don't know if it has to be formatted a certain way.

My impression is that we were going to discuss the sleep study done when they determined the pressure when I have my follow up in a few weeks. I'll keep an eye my events and if they stay high, I will contact the doctor sooner rather than waiting for my appointment. It's odd that the first night I used it, my events were only 4.7.

Thanks again.
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My machine didn't have a SD card either. I called my DME and got a ten minute run around. So I used the one in my camera. It needs to be formatted to FAT32. I was told to lock it before putting it in my reader and unlock it before putting it back in my PAP.
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I'll try that. Thanks!
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(12-15-2016, 04:47 PM)dbcyclist Wrote: Hi Zonk. All it says where you highlighted in the photo is AirSense 10, then below that it says CPAP. I'll add "CPAP" to my profile.

This is a basic model, the machine only record summary data and write the same on the SD card but no detailed data, with or without SD card
You can get SD card and insert in the machine and use the software but doesn't going show detailed data and this data is most important to figure what is going on during the night
I believe, they can do better that, looking after your welfare than their pockets, by swapping this machine with limited capabilities to the AutoSet model with full data capabilities also the AutoSet can be used either as straight CPAP or auto titrate mode where the machine adjust the pressure between lower and upper pressure settings in response to events, sleeping position, etc ...

If you scroll down the screen sleep report to "Period", you want that set to "1 Day"

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Duplicate post
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Thanks. I'll look into that.
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Hi dbcyclist,

WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wish you good luck in finding out what's going on with your sleep when you see the doc and also with your CPAP therapy.
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Hi all. I was able to use an SD card, but as expected, it only provided minimal information in SleepyHead. In fact, it showed events as zero, even though the machine's sleep report, as well as the data in the MyAir app showed 14.1 events per hour. I'm beginning to wonder if the high number may be correlated to throat irritation I've felt since the beginning of treatment. The first night I had recorded data (I was using a nasal mask then, rather than the full face mask I'm now using), my API reading was only 4.7. I have to go to the doctor's office today to drop off the nasal mask I'm no longer using, and I'll press the tech for more information (the Dr. isn't in today). I don't want to wait until my follow up an Jan. 19th to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.
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You will need to be very forceful in dealing with your technician. Let them know that you are aware they gave you a "brick", (a machine that does not produce data), and that you want an upgrade to a fully data capable auto machine (apap).

You will have to ask your doctor to write a script for an Apap with a pressure range. Be sure you also get a copy of script.

Do this sooner than later as it will be hard to get them to make a change. Tell your doctor you want to be able to track your therapy and that your current machine is not acceptable.

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In my original post, I was questioning whether I really needed a CPAP at all. I will follow up with all the great suggestions people have made about my case management, but I am still curious to get opinions about if I'm being prescribed something I don't really need. I thought I had attached a copy of the first few pages of my report (the remaining 5 were graphs), but it apparently didn't go through. So I'll try to post it again here. Any opinions as I try to wade through all this are welcome. Thanks!

.pdf   Sleep Study Report.pdf (Size: 360.59 KB / Downloads: 22)

Other information from my original post:

>>I am a 59 year old male, 5'6", 135 lbs. I exercise regularly and am in excellent health, except for mild high blood pressure - 135/90 (untreated). I went to a sleep clinic because my wife said several times during the night it seemed I wasn't breathing, and sometimes gasped to catch a breath. I also snore occasionally.

I had an overnight sleep test at a clinic and was given a lengthy report, which was very hurriedly discussed with me by the doctor during follow up. My results were an AHI of 7.6 and an OA + OH index (AHI) with 3% + 4% OH's of 12.76 (these are taken verbatim from the report). There is a lot of other data I can provide if useful.

I fall asleep quickly, wake up at 5:00 AM ready to go, sleep well overnight, etc. I rarely feel tired during the day, and never take naps. My energy levels are great. I wrote all of this on my pre-appointment questionnaire.

At my follow up, I was immediately prescribed CPAP therapy, which I am in my second week of. I'm adjusting fairly well, but am sleeping a little fitfully. But the more I read, the more I wonder if I really need it, or (I hate to be suspicious) if I was needlessly prescribed treatment. I'm willing to stick with it if there are benefits, particularly if if lowers my blood pressure and keeps me off medication.<<
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