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Now what?
I have been using my cpap for about a month. There is no question that my husband's apnea is much worse than mine. He had a sleep study about 5 or 6 years ago and had severe apnea then. He tried countless masks, anti anxiety meds, desensitization etc but kept waking up with a panic wearing the mask at home. My husband gave up and stopped using the machine. I was finally able to convince him to go for a new sleep study. My husband went for a sleep study last night but came back home a bit after midnight. He kept waking up in a panic having the wires and mask and couldn't complete the study. He said that his reactions this time were worse than 5 or 6 years ago. NOW WHAT?Huh
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Gee Roxy - that would be a worry for you.

I don't know anything about solving that sort of problem but perhaps there is a way to step around it to some extent....

As you have probably experienced snoring and gasping is a good indicator of OSA.
Have you explored whether or not there is a positional aspect to his probable OSA? Is the snoring/gasping less when he sleeps on his side? - if so that would be better than no treatment at all

Also - some oral appliances can help some people.

Is it possible for him to have a home sleep study? The reduced number of wires and the home environment might be less stressful and yield a result... Even then you still have to achieve mask tolerance. (edit) The Resmed Mirage Liberty Hybrid mask may be less claustrophobic - at least I found it so... and if mouth breathing is not a problem and the required pressure not to high, nasal pillows like the Swift FX or the Fisher and Pakel Pilairo might work.

Good luck with it - I feel for him - and you.


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He he had tried an oral appliance in the past but would take it out in his sleep. He does worse on his back. We sewed a tennis ball in his pjs but he woke with his pjs off. Would trying hypnotism to help him tolerate the cpap equipment be worth trying? He has high blood pressure, apnea and falls asleep as soon as he sits to watch tv. etc etc

I guess that I am lucky to be able to tolerate cpap; however am still on the quest for the elusive correct mask
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I, too, feel the frustration you and your hubby are experiencing. It's not an easily solved problem. Try this line of thinking. How do you feel about the sleep doc you have been seeing? Is he/she insightful and empathetic? If so, how about suggesting to your husband that he talk with the sleep doc in his/her office simply to see if the doc might have an idea that you hadn't considered. Perhaps the doc could arrange for your husband to have a home titration with an auto machine that would not require all the wires, etc. of a sleep lab study. Then, the home study auto machine (or its data card) could be returned to the doc for him/her to see what pressures, etc. were found to be therapeutic.
Another idea about masks. I see that you use a full face mask. What type has your hubby tried to use? I have read others on the board mentioning (and it makes sense to me) that nasal pillows are the least claustrophobic type of mask, since they do not cover the eyes or mouth.
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Sorry, David down Under--I hadn't realized that you already suggested the ideas of a home sleep study and nasal pillow type of mask. So, here are two votes for these two suggestions, Roxy.
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Hi Roxy, I'm sure sorry that your husband has had such a rough time with treating his apnea. I echo what has been said so far. Hopefully, he can find a way to get through the sleep study, weather it's an in-home study or however he can manage it so he can start/resume his therapy soon. Best of luck to both of you.
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