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O2 Saturation levels
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RE: O2 Saturation levels
(01-30-2014 04:23 AM)me50 Wrote:  The only time I got concerned about my O2 was when it dropped to 85 and that was during a titration study. I don't watch my O2 levels at all even though I was given a script for an O2 monitor. I decided that I had 2 choices: I could be obsessive when there were no indications that there were issues with my O2 OR I could use my machine faithfully every time I slept and go from there. I decided to deal with what issues I have right now and not worry about what I don't have. It works for me. YMMV.

There are some members here that have medical issues that requires their O2 to be monitored and that is a different story.

Right now, for me, my biggest issue is that I prefer to sleep on my side but when I lay on my side, I never can fall asleep and eventually I turn over on my back so I can get some sleep. I just made a note to ask my doc about it when I go back in February. In the meantime, I am prescribed 50,000 IU of Vitamin D to take once per month. That seems strange to take that much rather than to take it daily but, at some point, I have to trust that my doc knows what he is doing. I asked if my body would get rid of the excess and he told me no, that Vitamin D attaches to fat and is stored and used as needed (this was how it was described to me in terms I could understand).

As to yourVitamin D intake, you should have it checked with your blood work. The current medical standards seem to indicate anything above 30 is good enough. Numerous doctors I know and or read suggest 50 is a better base line and numbers above 70 may provide some theripudic benifits. Mine seems to stay around 50 and I take 12000 to 15000 IU daily. IMHO your doctor may be behind the power curve on this item.

When it comes to doctors, the idea of trust but verify, is a bit too liberal for me. That is why I visit here regularly for advice far more useful than my primary and my sleep doctor combined. I also check multiple sources to help me understand my blood work and any other malady I may encounter.

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01-31-2014 04:44 PM
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RE: O2 Saturation levels
I did have blood work and my vit d is 12. seems like my insurance company doesn't want to pay for vit d. I took 50,000 IU weekly 2 years ago but I don't think it was as low as 12.

So, until the doc fills out the form and sends it back to my insurance company, I will just take vit d3 2 times a day. it won't hurt and should definitely help.
01-31-2014 08:45 PM
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