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OK to Skip CPAP for a couple nights?
I would have thought the hospital would have been able to provide one for you to use whilst there.
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(07-17-2014, 10:14 PM)ttexan Wrote: I would like to go on a 3 day/2 night offshore fishing trip but there are no provisions in the sleeping quarters for my CPAP unit. Other that possibly not having a good night of sleep/rest are there any significant risks?

You'll probably not enjoy yourself too much and you may end up damaging your relationships with your fishing buddies.

You machine runs natively on 12 volts DC. Is it the electricity provisions or the space provisions that are the issue?
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I would either make provisions for my CPAP on the boat or buy my fish at the supermarket. In my humble opinion, it's a matter of appropriately establishing priorities.
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Recently, we drove back straight through a 1200 mile trip. We had some very nasty storms, flash flood warnings, etc. during the drive. We decided to stop and rest for 2 hours before finishing our drive but we didn't want to pay a hotel bill for 2 hours (and a lot of hotels don't allow pets). So, we asked permission to rest at a Flying J's. Fortunately, our car has an electrical outlet in it and I hooked my machine up and slept for a few hours. There was no way I was going to sleep without my machine. It worked out well! We kept the car running with the air on for our pets and everyone slept well. It was actually much better than being in a hotel room.

My thoughts are figure out a way to use the machine because you probably will not enjoy yourself without it and the repercussions or what could happen just isn't worth taking the chance.

Hope you have a fun fishing trip with your machine and your friends
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(07-19-2014, 03:48 AM)Skypilot Wrote: I would have thought the hospital would have been able to provide one for you to use whilst there.

When I had my back surgery about a year ago I was told to bring m mask. Only problem was they didn't have a correct fitting and I couldn't use my machine as it was hospital approved (didn't want to bring it in anyway). The debated it and then hooked me up to a remote oximeter and let it go at that. If my O2 level dropped, they would drag a machine and mask from the bowels of the hospital. Ended up getting a couple of cat naps and slipping like in a recliner. Discharged the next morning and went back to my own machine. Who sleeps in hospitals anyway?
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I would try it for a night before you go.

I've only been using a CPAP for a month, and I decided to sleep without it Saturday night to see if it was helping and how much. I felt crappy all day Sunday, so it is helping, and it's helping a lot. I definitely don't want to go without my CPAP for even one night - I'm even starting to think seriously about backup power options in the event of a power outage.
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Do what is needed to be able to use your CPAP on boat, that is if you really want
to go. The 12V battery is a good option.
What fun is this trip going to be for you if your too tired and feeling crappy.
Besides feeling crappy, I would seriously consider the health risks of not using your CPAP. No one is suggesting that you stop doing things and having fun just because your tied to a hose every night, but you have to prioritize. A lot of folk travel with CPAP.
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Why, specifically, can you not take and use your CPAP on the trip? Power? If the boat has a 12 V DC system (maybe even with a cigar lighter plug!), you should be good to go with a relatively inexpensive cord for your System One.

Will you die without it? Probably not. But you may feel like you did.

I can share my experience about a conference I attended in Vegas several years ago. I flat forgot to pack my S-8 and didn't realize it until I was getting ready to go to bed my first night at the Luxor. I did not sleep much, and what sleep I got was not restful or restorative. I felt like a sun-bleached dog turd for the whole trip. I got NOTHING from the conference. I hated every minute I spent there and swore that I would never go back. I did go back a few times with CPAP and enjoyed it immensely. It took several nights back home on the CPAP before I started feeling human again. I had one other event when I forgot to pack the power cord for that S-8. Fortunately, Radio Shack in Phoenix had not yet closed their doors on Sunday night and they had the proper cord. I think it was around $5-10, but I would have been willing to max out my card if it had been more.

Your call. Lacking the machine, I am betting you will not fully enjoy the trip and I am betting your forsaking the machine will cause your cabinmates unpleasantness.

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being off for three nights may make going back on cpap a little rough with not having the mask on your face for three nights, you may take a little longer to fall asleep with the mask back on your face...good luck
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Macgyver idea for you. Attach your mask and hose to the boat's live well aerator. In a pinch, this will work for straight CPAP pressure.
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