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OSCAR Import
OSCAR Import
Hi Good People,

Another new user.  I joined this forum a few hours ago.  And I discovered the software "OSCAR", which I understand is a continuance SleepyHead.

I rented a Philips DreamStation BiPap machine about a week ago.  The first thing that annoyed me was that it comes with a cell SIM and the data goes who knows where.  I've not a particular problem with that but after some interaction with the supplier, I am aware that changes are being made remotely by more than one party and each party doesn't know what the other does!  I am only aware that changes have been made when I hook up at night and notice differences.  I found how to change the "clinical" settings, but before I jump in I want to discover what data I can access from the SD card.

Starting OSCAR, the first issue I am met with is a message, "A Philips Respironics file structure for an Unknown Model was located ...."  Oscar will however run but the figures that come from it differ hugely from the DreamMapper app.

On the back of the machine are the serial number and two other numbers


REF:  AUX1131T15C

Two questions that I am hoping someone can help me with
  • Which of the above 2 numbers is the model number?
  • Do I just need to wait for a later version of OSCAR?
Details:  I use Win10Pro 64bit.  My Philips DreamStation is marked, Made in USA  2019-06-04 REV00.  On the front of the machine it is marked BIPAP AVAPS

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RE: OSCAR Import
G'day Doug. Welcome to Apnea Board.

The number starting AUX... is the part number.

The Oscar data importer inherited from SleepyHead for some of the more advanced Dreamstation models was found to have substantial errors in parsing the data stream. This is not helped by the fact that Philips, Resmed etc do not publish their data format and the developers have to reverse-engineer everything. The importer is currently being re-written and tested and will be included in the next release of Oscar. At this time we don't have a release date, except to say "when it's ready". The team have very rightly taken the view it's better to get things working properly rather than trying to meet an arbitrary deadline.

Sorry it doesn't help you right now.
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RE: OSCAR Import
PM sent (OSCAR)
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RE: OSCAR Import
Many thanks for the feedback.  I appreciate the help.

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RE: OSCAR Import
The model number of the blower itself is actually 1131X150. The SKUs that are sold are somewhat different: "T" to indicate it comes with a heated tube, "C" to indicate that it comes with a cellular modem, and I'm guessing AU is the Australian market.

Which version of OSCAR are you using? Anything prior to the current testing versions don't know how to handle your machine.

If you're using the testing version, you can safely disregard the mention of an untested model now: I took a look at the data and it looks consistent with other AVAPS variants we've seen. That message is there because we don't want to silently assume we know how something works if we haven't actually seen it before, and because we don't know its official name on reports until we see the data.

The settings panel will look completely broken, mostly because OSCAR doesn't yet understand AVAPS configuration. But the charts should be correct: waveforms, events, pressure/leak graphs, etc. (You can ignore the Test #1 chart, since we're still trying to figure out what the data is!) The AHI stats should also be reasonably correct except for Timed Breath, which isn't really a per-hour statistic. What you're more likely to care about is the % Patient Triggered Breaths (available in the charts to the right), which will show you when the machine was doing most of the work vs. when you were.

If you're running 1.1.0-testing-4 and you see anything else that looks weird, please let me know. Other than the untested warning, I think your machine should work.
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RE: OSCAR Import
Have been using SD Flash Card in my AirSense 10 Autoset for about 2.5 months quite successfully.  I walknet the data every AM to my computer and import same into Oscar.  

Dec 25, the file structure on the flash card was erased by the CPAP. Only Summary data for the 24th could be loaded to Oscar.

I used the CPAP with mask for about 45 minutes late afternoon on the 25th and transferred the data for that 45 minutes to my computer on the 25th.  All data was present and so I assumed I was back in business.  

Morning of Dec 26th I can tell the CPAP recorded all of the data, but when I attempt to import the data for the night of the 25th, I get an advisory from Oscar indicating that my data is already up to date and it will not transfer the rest of the data.  

Is there a way to fool the software into updating the data? or is just lost?
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RE: OSCAR Import
You can only import data once per a noon to noon day. Now that the complete day's data is in OSCAR, purge that day then re-import. This should include the missing stuff.
Crimson Nape
Apnea Board Moderator
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RE: OSCAR Import
(12-26-2019, 11:45 AM)Crimson Nape Wrote: You can only import data once per a noon to noon day.  Now that the complete day's data is in OSCAR, purge that day then re-import.  This should include the missing stuff.

Thanks.  But how do you PURGE a day.  I can't find that function within Oscar.
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RE: OSCAR Import
Data tab in the upper left hand corner, advanced, purge current selected day

Then import again and it all should be there
Download OSCAR <——— Click
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RE: OSCAR Import
(12-26-2019, 05:11 PM)Osiris357 Wrote: Data tab in the upper left hand corner, advanced, purge current selected day

Then import again and it all should be there

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