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OSCAR Release v1.1.0 [older version]
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
If you mouse over the time-at-pressure curve around 8.1 or 8.5, what values does the tooltip say? Are they different from where the curve is drawn?

I'm not sure whether what you're seeing is a glitch in the chart drawing code or in the time-at-pressure calculations.

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(05-02-2020, 06:50 PM)MitchS Wrote: I received a message when installing OSCAR requesting a zipped copy of my SD card because I have data not seen before. I will put ... in Fred's DropBox To Receive SD Cards.

There is summary data only on the card from November 17, 2015 thru January 31, 2015. There wasn't a SleepyHead version compatible with DramStation at that time. I used my DreamStation Pro in CPAP, C-Check and A-Trial modes from February 1, 2015 until I started using my A10 Autoset on December 29, 2017.

Thank you! There were a few edge cases in your settings that we hadn't seen before. The underlying data was already being imported correctly. Either way, your settings won't cause those messages in 1.1.1.

As an aside, I hope you're using a different SD card on your A10 Autoset. Your data had more CRC errors than any other sample card I've seen!
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(05-04-2020, 10:53 AM)sawinglogz Wrote: If you mouse over the time-at-pressure curve around 8.1 or 8.5, what values does the tooltip say?

It looks like it always says the value of the low end of the interval on the X Axis. So as I go along the curve, it says 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, etc.

RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
How many minutes of EPAPSet does it list for each of those values?

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
It only lists the 394.4 minutes in the 8.0-8.5 interval. No other interval shows that popup.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I would guess that you don't have Use Square Wave checked in Preferences - that's the default, and probably not useful for time at pressure... I'll bet Square Wave graphing would be more sensible here.

It's in Preferences->Appearance in the top right - it will change all your graphs, just be aware - you may want to change it back
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Square wave doesn't affect the time-at-pressure graph, which is intentionally a (badly calculated) curve.

@PhoebeAnn, did you trace the curve? It should say 0 at adjacent points, and you should get one number at 8.0 and another at 8.5.

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Not sure what you mean by "trace the curve". Moving the cursor along the curve doesn't do anything predictable.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I have attempted several times to launch OSCAR after downloading to my Apple laptop and have made sure everything is correct but I cannot get it to work. I keep getting the coloured round hourglass spinning endlessly until I finally have to force quit the application as it gives me an error code stating that OSCAR is not responding. Any insight to overcome this problem would be greatly appreciated as I am unable to track my stats now. 

I used Sleepy Head before but it seems that it is also not working any longer.

RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
@SleepyBen1, Which version of MacOS is on your computer?  OSCAR requires 10.12 or newer.

Which Mac do you have?  MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro?

Is it the download you cannot open (OSCAR-1.1.0.dmg), or is it the OSCAR.app in your Applications folder?

Did you follow the installation instructions (see link in my signature).  There should also be a README file included in the dmg you downloaded (assuming you were able to open it).
Using a 13" MacBook Air (2017), MacOS Catalina (10.15.7), OSCAR v1.2.0
In a VM: Win10 1909 (18363.1256)

Installing OSCAR on a Mac
Organizing your OSCAR charts
Attaching images and files for the forum
OSCAR Data Interpretation

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