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OSCAR Release v1.1.0 [older version]
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Yankees123 the first Resmed import can take a while after that it should be quick.

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Ivans Zip is now in SDCards
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Thanks for your quick response.  Thanks to everybody working on this new release!
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Installed today, nice work once again!

When I first viewed the data, it looked like my biggest annoyance had been fixed, as the overview graphs were suddenly showing the actual maximum pressure observed for each night's sleep instead of the machine maximum setting. Then I saw the line at 12 cm h2o all across the screen, wondered what that was for. On the daily graph, it said "assumed settings 9 min max 12," and I'd changed that months ago. So, I did an import (even though I'd imported into the previous version just prior), and it "fixed" the setting and removed that line across 12 on the overview graph. Unfortunately, it also now displays the max machine setting on the summary graphs instead of the actual max pressure for each night.

Still not sure why this setting is displayed on a "performance" graph rather than the actual data.

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I may also have encountered a similar problem to that reported by Iristic. After upgrading my version of Oscar I had a look at my results from the previous night - all looked as expected. When I opened the statistics window it revealed vastly increased AHI (much higher than what had been previously reported - average AHI of 30 or so for previous week and earlier). I then compared screen shots data taken from earlier days last week with the old Oscar version, (I had several saved screen shots) to what was displayed with the new Oscar verson for the same days. The daily charts looked identical but the reported AHI's were 5-10 x greater. Other problems were also noted in the new version such as I was unable to isolate individual sleep segments by clicking on the buttons on the lower left hand side bar. I closed Oscar for a few minutes and when I reopened it all was correct. Everything was reporting and acting correctly.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I may have experienced an issue with the OSCAR upgrade process.  I had been using OSCAR 1.0.1 for nearly a year..  Yesterday, I purged the old version and installed the new version.  After installing a needed older library, the install was successful.  When I opened the new OSCAR for the first time, it asked to upgrade the database, which I allowed.  This morning I imported last night's data, and all seemed well.  But when I started moving backward thru previous days in the Daily view, the AHI numbers seemed inflated.  I started comparing with the external log I keep, and indeed, many days AHI was reported larger than when originally imported.  Below is a snippit of the log, showing the original AHI as imported by 1.0.1, and the AHI after the 1.1.0 database conversion:

                  Sleep    AHI    AHI
Date            Time  1.0.1  1.1.0
2020-03-23  8:02   0.12   0.22
2020-03-24  8:28   0.35   0.65
2020-03-25  8:31   0.12   0.22
2020-03-26  8:56   0.22   0.42
2020-03-27  9:08   0.55   1.05
2020-03-28 10:04   0.50   0.80
2020-03-29  8:54   0.11   0.21

2020-03-30  8:21   0.00   0.00
2020-03-31  9:27   0.32   0.62
2020-04-01  8:22   0.60   1.10
2020-04-02  9:08   0.66   1.26
2020-04-03  8:50   0.00   0.00
2020-04-04  8:43   1.15   2.24
2020-04-05  8:51   0.11   0.21

2020-04-06  8:35   0.00   0.00
2020-04-07  8:23   0.36   0.66
2020-04-08  8:46   0.00   0.00
2020-04-09  9:16   0.43   0.83
2020-04-10  8:42   0.34   0.64
2020-04-11  9:04   0.33   0.63
2020-04-12  8:39   0.00   0.00

2020-04-13  8:23   0.12   0.22
2020-04-14  8:02   0.12   0.22
2020-04-15  8:33   0.23   0.43
2020-04-16  9:07   0.11   0.11
2020-04-17  8:14   0.12   0.22
2020-04-18  8:38   0.00   0.00
2020-04-19  8:08   0.12   0.22

2020-04-20  9:06   0.33   0.33  (imported)

I also checked the Statistics page, and the AHI seemed overstated there too.  In the Overview page, only the last few days looked normal, possibly because of the import of this morning's data.

I then used the Data/Rebuild CPAP Data function, and re-checked the issues.  The Daily screen now reports all AHI the same as originally imported to 1.0.1, The Statistics and Overview screens seem to have returned to proper display. 

I would suggest using the Rebuild CPAP Data tool if there is any question about the values displayed after upgrading.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(04-19-2020, 10:37 AM)iristic Wrote: ...Now I have much higher values for my AHI then before...

Thank you for the very clear explanation, screenshots, and sample data!

I have good news and bad news:

1. The good news is that version 1.1.0 is now correctly reading the data, and 1.0.1 wasn't. (The next version of OSCAR will also correctly identify your machine.)

2. The bad news is that your AHI really is that high! But looking at your data, I think your biggest issue is leaks:

Starting January 19th you're having substantial leaking, and by Feb 3rd you're generally spending 70% of your night (or more) in "large leak" (LL). This means your mask is leaking so much that the machine can't supply therapeutic pressure. Things seem to begin improving around March 10, but you're still usually around 50% and rarely below 30%.

Once you get your leaks under control, you can start refining your therapy pressure. What mask are you using?

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
This morning I imported last night's data into the new version of Oscar with my new profile. The daily page showed correctly, as did the overview page.

However, after quitting Oscar this morning, and then re-launching it this afternoon, the overview page now has a stupidly large negative number for pressures, and no bar for today in the pressure graph.

Do you need another copy of the Oscar data folder uploaded for analysis?
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Yes please! The whole OSCAR_Data folder.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
PM with link on its way.

Just looking at the preferences.xml and I can't see any mention of data compression, so for info I'm running Oscar currently with SD card backups and session data compression disabled to eliminate the compression routines as a cause of this.


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