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OSCAR Release v1.1.0 [older version]
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(04-25-2020, 10:06 PM)Dormeo Wrote: A thousand thanks to everyone who worked on this new version!

I had an older version and just went ahead and installed the new version to my old profile.  Like some other people, at first I got inflated AHI numbers on the left panel of the daily page and on the overview page.  I closed Oscar and reopened it, and all was well for AHI in those two spots.

Just as an FYI:

On the daily page, the new version saved all my custom y-axes, which is a nice surprise.  It did reorder my graphs, which is fine -- it'll be great not to have to walk new Oscar users through that going forward.  

In the overview, both custom y-axes and the order of the graphs were retained.

In statistics, the CPAP Statistics are correct, but the AHI under Changes to Machine Settings are too high, the numbers of days at each setting are incorrect, and the dates for starting/stopping each setting are erratic.  The dates under Machine information are correct.

I hope this is of some use!  Again, I am just so deeply appreciative of all the work on this project.
Could you please post, in a new thread, Screenshots showing the details of the issueLooking for enough detail that we can identify where/what is causing this.  Thanks.

We may ask for your SD_Card zip, but let's wait and see what additional the programmers need.

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
ZEO data file 25Apr2020.csv uploaded to bonjour's dropbox.  Thanks!
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Greetings OSCAR developers,

Long-time lurker, maybe first-time poster? First of all many thanks to those of you who took on development of OSCAR, and more thanks for the latest update!

I just installed 1.1.0 and imported several years' worth of data, and I thought you should see this strange thing that happened. If you look at the Changes To Machine Settings summary in the first image you'll see a number of entries for the Airsense 10 with the Pressure Relief alternating between "None" and "EPR: Full Time 2 cmH2O" (the latter is correct) and the Mode alternating between "CPAP" and "APAP" (again the latter is correct). As you can see I upgraded from an S9 to an Airsense 10 in October 2019, and if I remember right OSCAR 1.0.1 only showed one row for the new machine because the settings have never been changed since I got it. I think there was only one row for the Airsense 10 after the initial import, but I can't be sure; I had noticed that the Pressure Relief and Mode were wrong after the import so I immediately restarted to see if that would fix them. It didn't, so the first screenshot is what 1.1.0 looked like after that first restart. The second image is what happened after I tried a rebuild; now it's only got one row, but the Pressure Relief and Mode are stuck on "None" and "CPAP" again. I've included a screenshot of the settings from ResScan for good measure.

Any suggestions?

RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(04-26-2020, 12:00 PM)clintber Wrote: ZEO data file 25Apr2020.csv uploaded to bonjour's dropbox.  Thanks!

For which dates do you see a blank placeholder for sleep stage data?

I just did a test import with your CSV (Data > Import ZEO Data) and I think it's loading fine for me with 1.1.0. I see sleep stage data for all of April 2020 and earlier. It also persists after exiting and relaunching OSCAR.

You're running OSCAR 1.1.0?

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Good-workKudos to the OSCAR team for this new version.

Has anyone gone directly from SleeepyHead to OSCAR v1.1.0? It would be interesting to share your experience.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Yes, v1.1.0.  When I start Oscar I have blank Sleep Stage waveforms. I tried rebuilding BiPAP data and see a message that my machine 700X110 generated data Oscar has never seen before. Could this be causing my problem?.

I really don’t want to lose my Oscar data. Is there a way to clean up the database?

How can I compress my SD card to send to you? Is Windows built in compression ok?

RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
put it in my drop box
Fred's DropBox Receive SD Cards

OSCAR in Help / Troubleshooting will have your SD Card zipped.

That error message is because you found something we have not recognized before. You should be fine and should noot see that message again and that will be fixed in the next release.

I'm sure someone will come along and help with the Sleep Stage Waveforms. Where are you getting them from?

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I just tried purging all ZEO data and reloading. Upload successusful, 169 records. All Sleep Stage waveforms are blank.  Is my db hosed?

My Oscar db is 506Mb.  


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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0

PRS1-700X110-J23688448EBA7.zip file uploaded.

The freeware Zeo Data Viewer program will create .csv files that I have been uploading to the old Oscar (no betas) with no problems.  Somehow in the transition to the new Oscar something changed, possibly in my database. 

I sent @sawinglogz my ZEO .csv file and he is looking at it.

Rebuilt CPAP data, no change
Rebuilt BiPAP data, no change
Purged ZEO data and read the .csv, no change

As far as I go back into my data I see no waveform. Since I have not always been using the ZEO every night I can't tell if a particular date should have data. I'm not saying that there isn't a good waveform in there somewhere but the dates I have checked are all blank.

RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Hmm, I bet you have your min/max settings manually set in your preferences somewhere. Two things to try:

1. Right-click on Sleep Stage > Y-Axis > Auto-Fit. You should see a range from -5 to 0, not from 1 to 4. If that doesn't work, try:
2. Preferences > Waveform > Reset Defaults.

(You may also want to reset defaults in Preferences > Events, unless you like seeing the guessed VB channel.)

If neither of those work, scroll down in the left section of the Daily view and let me know whether you see a ZEO session. For example, on 4/24, I see "ZEO Session #1587779100", starting at 21:45:00 and ending at 05:36:00, for a length of 7h51m00s.

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