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OSCAR Release v1.1.0 [older version]
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0

Your first suggestion, Sleep Stage > Y-Axis > Auto-Fit  worked!  ZEO data is showing.

Another one bites the dust!

The waveform chart shows -5 to 0 but the popup help when you linger over the scale on the left still says 1=Awake 2=REM 3=Light Sleep 4=Deep Sleep

Another thing...Why do I have Tidal Volume statistics? They look like sums, not averages.

I hope you find the reason for the database message during conversion.

Thank you.


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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0

For brevity I chose not to update the popup help with a "-" in front of each number. And out of hope that some day we might be able to update the graphing code to invert the orientation without having to use negative numbers...

The tidal volume stats are calculated for your machine by historical code in OSCAR, along with Ti and Te. What you're seeing is consistent with that: silly minimum and maximum, and reasonable median and 95% values. (Vt is measured in mL, so 580 - 820 is within reason.) Some machines do report tidal volume.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I had isses with the zDL but Clint's zip is now available SD_CARDS
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Hi - after moving to the new release, i lost the changes to machine settings information at the bottom of the statistics tab, e.g. i'm now just showing the same settings for every day since inception. (resmed airsense 10)

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0

I would like to report a problem with the screenshot functionality on Windows 10.

My Screen showed this:


What was captured by F12 was this:


* I've retried this several times and it is a reproducible problem. Let me know what additional informaation I can provide to help diagnose the cause.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(04-28-2020, 04:20 PM)bonjour Wrote: I had isses with the zDL but Clint's zip is now available SD_CARDS

Thanks, Clint. The next version will handle your oximetry data better.

Your data on 3/26 was getting truncated, and a few days showed a maximum heart rate of 254, which turns out to be an invalid sample. You'll need to rebuild your data (Data > Rebuild CPAP Data) in the next version to see the changes in previously imported data.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Wow that sure is strange. I'll give that a go this morning and see what mine does.


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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Not sure where to put this, but getting this error building from git, on linux.

oscar/main.cpp:201:122: error: enum constant in boolean context [-Werror=int-in-bool-context]
 201 |                        "\n\n"+QObject::tr("You cannot use this folder:")+" " + datadir ), QMessageBox::Ok) {
     |                                                                                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~

cc1plus: all warnings being treated as errors
Caveats: I'm just a patient, with no medical training.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Interesting, Slowriter - That's an unusual construction of an if-condition, isn't it?

We will need some additional information to fix this for you.
What distribution are you using, what C++ compiler are you using, and what version of QT are you using/

It seems your compiler is extra picky, or maybe there are extra restrictions beyond the c11 standard. 
Compiling on Debian9 with gcc 6.3 and QT 5.7 is using the c11 standard does - obviouslu - work.
The Windows and Mac people are using QT 5.12 and the minGW compiler or whatever is supplied by Apple.
Apnea Board Monitors are members who help oversee the smooth functioning of the Board. They are also members of the Advisory Committee which helps shape Apnea Board's rules & policies. Membership in the Advisory Members group does not imply medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I've tested on many "Linux" : I haven't success to compile final version 1.1.0 neither on RHEL nor CentOS (on my memory, Qt version is to old).
I've done on many xUbuntu, Mint, LMDE, Mageia and Fedora on a 64 bit PC (between 15 and 20 VMs)
On each, I've started with a fresh install and only with the official repository.

I can do a VM with another configuration if needed : just tell me...
From France. English spoken. Equipped since end of 2009. Currently RedMed S9.
Linux user since 2009 --> current main distribution : Xubuntu 18.04
LUG (named ALDIL) Member since 2015. certifications : ITIL © and ISTQB©

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