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OSCAR Release v1.1.0
RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(04-24-2020, 07:33 AM)collina Wrote: I installed OSCAR 1.1.0 yesterday and, after it upgraded the database, it gave me a message saying "Untested Data: Your Phillips Respironics Dreamstation AutoCPAP (500x110) generated data that OSCAR has never seen before." All of my data looks as "normal" as it ever has--at least to me!

It asked for a zip copy of the SD card data and a matching Encore .pdf report. I have prepared the zip file but have never used Encore. Would the zip file help without a matching Encore report or do I need to install Encore...or is this just a message that everybody gets?

This is not a message that everybody gets, but it is often harmless. It just means that your machine did something we haven't previously seen in our set of sample data. 

Sometimes it's just a number we haven't seen before. But sometimes it means that an assumption we made is incorrect and something won't be quite right. And even that can be minor or it can be significant. There's no way to tell without the data.

In your case it looks like you have EZ-Start enabled but Opti-Start turned off, which is a combination we hadn't seen before. So it shouldn't affect your imported data at all. And you only get the message once per variant that we haven't seen.

Thanks for your help!

(p.s. The next version will never complain about this combination, since we've now seen it.)
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(04-24-2020, 07:55 AM)DeepBreathing Wrote: The new version of Oscar includes a complete new module to handle the Philips data. To ensure full compatibility the developers would like to test every one of the many Philips models. Hence the request for the zipped card. If you don't have Encore that's ok - the card will still be of value.

For reference, there are three kinds of messages you can get from the PRS1 loader:

1. "Your machine is unsupported." This is very rare, and it means we have no idea how to handle it yet. Nothing will be imported.

2. "Your machine is untested, but may work." This is more common, so far usually due to regional variants, but not always. This means we haven't seen this particular model number before, so we can't yet confirm that it behaves as we expect, nor are we certain of its name. Your data will be imported, but it might not be correct. If you see "Unknown" as your machine name after import, this is why. We need sample data so that we can test it, confirm that it behaves as we expect, and add its name to the list of known and tested machines.

3. "Your machine generated data we haven't seen before." This the one that collina reported, and it means there's an edge case for your machine that we haven't been able to test yet. Since this is based upon the recorded data rather than just the model number, it can also happen along with #2 above. You'll only see it once per variant that we haven't seen before. The old parser never alerted the user when something wasn't as expected, so this lets users know that something might not be right, and it's a nudge to send us sample data so we can confirm correctness.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
(04-24-2020, 06:11 AM)clintber Wrote: What happened to the Tidal Volume waveform graph? It appears in the settings that it can be turned on, but it’s not there.  Also the ZEO sleep stages waveform is blank. How did that happen?

Thank you for all you have done for the community.

Your machine doesn't report tidal volume, only the autoSV/ST/AVAPS models do. I'm not sure why you were seeing it initially: did the graph show data previously?

For ZEO, I think you need to reimport your data. There was an underlying change that fixed the orientation of the graph, so previously imported data was off. Did it not prompt you to rebuild? (It's possible that it didn't and that the current alert system only applies to CPAPs.)
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0

I've been using 1.0.1-r1 (for Windows) because that is all I see when I go to https://www.sleepfiles.com/OSCAR/

I just found (and I'm now using) v1.1.0 only because I clicked "English" in the top-of-the-page menu and it took me to another page that contains the link for it. There was no good reason for me to click that link, because the page is already in English. (I just like to poke things.) I.e., it was a happy accident that I found it. Other folks might also miss that there is a new version.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I had the same problem until I cleared my browser's cache. It then displayed version 1.1.0.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Ok, thank you @sawinglogz. So the settings in Preferences may or may not do anything depending on what machine your using?

I had no issues upgrading. I rebuilt the data as it asked with no issue except I was prompted about unrecognized data during the rebuild, could my ZEO data now be incompatible? I have always had to reload all ZEO data every time I start Oscar. I export it from ZEO Viewer as a .csv file, import it into Oscar and the Sleep Stage waveform appears. It has never retained ZEO data that it would show. Now when I load ZEO data all I see is a blank waveform placeholder. 

Not that it’s vitally important but from time to time I may want to match periods of hypoxia with sleep stages.

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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
I think we fixed the previous issue with OSCAR not retaining ZEO data in 1.1.0. Regardless, it should work with your CSV. Could you upload a zip of your CSV to bonjour's dropbox:


I'll take a look at it, and hopefully fix this for 1.1.1.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
A thousand thanks to everyone who worked on this new version!

I had an older version and just went ahead and installed the new version to my old profile. Like some other people, at first I got inflated AHI numbers on the left panel of the daily page and on the overview page. I closed Oscar and reopened it, and all was well for AHI in those two spots.

Just as an FYI:

On the daily page, the new version saved all my custom y-axes, which is a nice surprise. It did reorder my graphs, which is fine -- it'll be great not to have to walk new Oscar users through that going forward.

In the overview, both custom y-axes and the order of the graphs were retained.

In statistics, the CPAP Statistics are correct, but the AHI under Changes to Machine Settings are too high, the numbers of days at each setting are incorrect, and the dates for starting/stopping each setting are erratic. The dates under Machine information are correct.

I hope this is of some use! Again, I am just so deeply appreciative of all the work on this project.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
Something else I noticed this a.m.: the various pressure settings are wrong in the Changes to Machine portion of the statistics page.
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RE: OSCAR Release v1.1.0
In Post #26, I reported on issues with the Data upgrade process.  After using the Data/Rebuild CPAP Data function the Overview and Statistics pages seemed to return to correct displays.  Since then, after importing daily data, the Overview page has shown some issues with the Usage and Pressure charts (see attached screenshots).  It appears that the issue will correct itself, as more daily SD imports occur, but the data should be present before March 21 - it just doesn't appear in the overview.  To help explain the area from 3/21 thru 4/14:  I use 2 different SD cards and alternate them in the machine every day.  If it would help to diagnose the issue, I have copies of the SD cards every day, and could upload any of them as needed.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
PAPing in NE Ohio, with a pack of Cairn terriers
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