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OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
OSCAR v1.3.0 is released 
With this release, OSCAR adds support for several new CPAP machines -- ResMed AirSense 11, Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle, DeVilbiss BLUE (DV6) -- and improves support for others and for oximeters.

OSCAR, the Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter
~ Official Download Page https://www.sleepfiles.com/OSCAR/  ~

This is the third major release of OSCAR.
Portions of OSCAR are © 2019-2021 by The OSCAR Team

Changes and fixes in OSCAR 1.3.0 include:
  • [new] Add preliminary support for ResMed AirSense 11 CPAP machines.
  • [new] Add support for Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle CPAP machines.
  • [new] Add support for DeVilbiss BLUE (DV6x) CPAP machines.
  • [new] Support both Intel/AMD and ARM Chromebooks using Linux beta.
  • [new] Additional Philips Respironics devices tested and fully supported:
  •     DreamStation Go Auto (500G120)
  •     DreamStation Auto CPAP with A-Flex (500X140)
  •     DreamStation Auto BiPAP (700X130)
  •     DreamStation BiPAP AVAPS 30 (1130X200)
  • [new] Add support for DreamStation Go humidifier Target Time setting.
  • [new] Detect DreamStation 2 cards, which are still unsupported.
  • [new] Improve Somnopose import options.
  • [new] Multi-file import for non-CPAP loaders (Somnopose, Viatom, Zeo, Dreem)
  • [new] Add support for additional Viatom/Wellue filename conventions.
  • [new] Add support for unreadably low SpO2 samples on Viatom/Wellue oximeters.
  • [new] Purge Current Selected Day allows purge of each machine type separately
  • [new] Weight, BMI and Zombie history appear on Overview page
  • [new] Add Turkish signal names to RedMed loader.
  • [new] Add Bulgarian translation; update other languages.
  • [new] Add Traditional Chinese to languages available.
  • [fix] Fix AVAPS pressure settings.
  • [fix] Check for Updates no longer shows test versions to release users.
  • [fix] Rx pressures shown correctly in Profile dialog.
  • [fix] Resolve empty CPAP data card zips on macOS Big Sur.
  • [fix] Always prompt for SD card location when zipping SD card.
  • [fix] Add script to identify platform in mkDistDeb.sh (Linux building).
  • [fix] Correct calculation of average leak rate on Welcome page.
  • [fix] Correct installation of non-English Release Notes on Windows.
  • [fix] About/Credits page now offers Google translations to other languages.
  • [fix] User first and last name in Profile window may now have UTF-8 (non-ASCII) characters.
  • [fix] Fix crash and other problems when disabling an oximeter session on Daily page when a bookmark was present.
  • [fix] Fix rare problem of OSCAR crashing with unusual Journal file.
  • [fix] ResMed loader no longer rejects data from an earlier timezone or DST.
  • [fix] Newly entered notes no longer lost when importing new day or purging oximetry data.
  • [fix] Purge currently selected day no longer deletes bookmarks for that day.
  • [fix] Remove warning from Chromebook when importing from previously used local folder.
  • [fix] Update link to Contec drivers.
  • [fix] Fix display problems for short duration events.
  • [fix] Statistics headings will now be 99.5% or Max, depending on machine type and preference settings.
  • [fix] Mark exported Journal backup file as UTF-8.
  • [fix] Improve error message when unable to access OSCAR database.
  • [fix] Stop skipping the first 40 seconds of ResMed low-rate pressure data.
  • [fix] Correct Total Time and AHI in CSV Export when non-CPAP devices are used.
  • [fix] Fix value display and bookmark behavior with clock drift.
  • [fix] Ignore old sessions should not impact existing data.
  • [fix] Fix ocasional misordering of indexes on the Daily page.
  • [fix] Add Unclassified Apneas to the Statistics page.
  • [fix] Fix rare error on Welcome page comparing leak rate to 7-day average.
  • [fix] Fix some Y2K issues in oximetry importers.
For a list of all Release Notes in OSCAR click on Help / About OSCAR / Release Notes

Many of the changes that have occurred have resulted from input from you, the users of OSCAR. Keep them coming in.
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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
I do not currently use OSCAR but would like to. I have a windows 10 PC and would appreciate an SD card reader recommendation. One that has a USB connector and can be connected full time to the PC.

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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
Just about any SD card reader you find on Amazon should work. I have a Ugreen multi card reader and it has a 12" long USB cable on it.
Just make sure you are getting the USB Connector that matches what your computer has (USB-A or USB-C).
MacBook Air (2017, Intel) | macOS BigSur (11.6.2) | OSCAR v1.3.1 | VM = Win10 21H1 (19043.1165) |
Membership in the Advisory Members group does not imply medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.

Installing OSCAR on a Mac
Organizing your OSCAR charts
Attaching images and files for the forum
OSCAR Data Interpretation
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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
Thank you........
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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
Hi, I'm Shaun. I am brand new to therapy (one horrible week today) and am determined it will work. I will be among the success stories. I think this week will be better as I received a new mask in the mail today after discovering for sure that I am a combination breather. The sores on the nose are another issue, ha.

I am excited for the opportunity to use Oscar to help me understand and manage my therapy. I am using a ResMed 11 machine and see the support for it is new in the 1.3.0 version. When I click on the download buttons I am brought to a page that tells me it is version 1.2.0. Am I using an incorrect link, or is that the file I need?

Thank you for any help and for this in general.
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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
No, it should not say 1.2.0

There are many different OS versions on the DL page, which one are you talking about.
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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
Thank you for the reply. I came to edit that I'd found it. Im looking at it now. 

Thank you!
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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
Shaun, (and anyone else) make sure you're downloading OSCAR from the official download page at:


There's been a few reports over the past year that some folks had issues when trying to download OSCAR (and other software we host) from a non-official page, or some type of popup ad.  Never been able to find out exact web addresses for those fake sites, but given the fact that at least 3 people have reported such things, I'm pretty convinced now that there's some fake download sites out there.  These isolated instances may be due to ad-serving browser extensions that some have inadvertently installed.

Please note also that although the official OSCAR download page is on SleepFiles.com, the installation files themselves are hosted on ApneaBoard.com

Apnea Board Administrator


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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
I'll add that anything downloaded from the official site is safe.

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RE: OSCAR v1.3.0 is released
so...if I download this from the above link...will it replace the old version? will I have to do anything to synch up my machine data? etc? Or is it just a matter of downloading the new version and not having to do anything further?
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