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OT Added benefits of CPAP?
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RE: OT Added benefits of CPAP ??????
(05-15-2015 01:39 AM)krelvin Wrote:  
(05-14-2015 07:50 PM)OMyMyOHellYes Wrote:  How do you get it cool? I want a reverse heating humidifier.
The reason why a heated humidifier works is because it heats the air which then can carry more moisture, it picks up moisture from the humidity tank and it gets to you.

Reduce the temp and you reduce the amount of moisture that can be carried and you reduce the amount of moisture that gets to you. So while the air is cool it will be much dryer in the process.

That is basically what the humidity control is doing, adjusting the temp to increase or decrease the amount of humidity you get.

Eventually if you get it too cool, there is no real point to have the humidifier at all as you get little moisture from it because the air is too cool to carry it.

I don't need humidification most of the time for CPAP. Never use it when traveling, never use it when on battery, often go without during much of the year. Increasing temperature reduces relative humidity.

I find in many cases that Respironics overdoes humidity any way. When I run it, I run it on 1 which is often too much.I think they would do better to make their 6 setting more like the temperature/humidity of the 3 setting.

One of the treats a really cold winter brings for me is the ability to pull absolutely frigid air into my lungs. So darned refreshing. If I could reproduce that in the summer, it would be great.

05-15-2015 10:32 AM
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RE: OT Added benefits of CPAP?
reverse humidifier, or at least cooler, drop ice cubes in the humidifier tank.

My respironics has 5 "system one humidity" settings [x1 thru x5] and 5 more conventional humidity settings [1 thru 5]. You get to choose only one of these.

The setting [1] is about the same level as setting [x5]. I find [x4] and [x5] comfortable, and level [3] dampish. On the nights I just cannot seem to nose-breathe, I'll set on [5] and my mouth still gets dry.


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05-20-2015 02:32 PM
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