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Old SD Card on New Machine?
Old SD Card on New Machine?
Hi, All,

I just received my new (to me) Resmed Aircurve 10 ASV and I'm just getting it set up. Interestingly, as I'm doing this, I find that the DME who provided my previous machine hadn't set it up quite like the prescription ordered.  Not a big deal in my case, but for anyone else, you might want to check the settings against the script when you get a new machine.

The new machine didn't come with an SD card and I was wondering if I could use the SD card from my previous machine (same model) - just plug it in, or do I have to do something with the card, or do I need a new card?

Also, can I just plug the SD card (whether old one or get new one) into existing sleepyhead profile or do I need to create a new profile, or something else?

I obviously don't want to lose any existing data from the card or SH.

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RE: Old SD Card on New Machine?
There should be no reason why your original SD card would not work in your newer machine. If the machine finds problems, it will ask you for permission to reformat the card. You might want to ask your vendor for a card since most machines are delivered with a card already installed, especially because they botched the Rx settings.

Because it is an ASV, you might want to reconfirm your settings with your sleep doctor and tell him about the DME settings not matching the Rx. Some machines have the capability to allow doctors to remotely change the settings.

As for Sleepyhead, when I put my new machine's card in my computer, the software kept my profile but noted that the serial number of the machine had changed.

No muss no fuss.

Best of luck with your new machine.
"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius
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RE: Old SD Card on New Machine?
I'd suggest you get a new card for the new machine. Any SD card from an electronics or camera shop will do (standard SD, not the fancy extra-high capacity ones). If I recall correctly the machine serial number is stored on the card and if the machine sees your old serial it will ask to reformat your card and the old data will be lost. (Though I assume you have backups in your computer and elsewhere?).

As SRLevine said, Sleepyhead will quite happily accept the new data and just append it to the existing (with the new serial number).
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RE: Old SD Card on New Machine?
SH will keep the old data, no? Once it's downloaded, why keep it on the card? The SH data files can easily be backed up and archived as desired.

SD cards are getting hard to find in any local store, but Amazon continues to offer them. My S-9 requires a plain, low capacity SD; it will not use higher capacity SDHC cards that are now the standard. I'm guessing newer machines are not as picky though? And in any case, they are relatively poor choices as archival media if the data really has value.

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RE: Old SD Card on New Machine?
Thanks, guys,

I should have read srlevine1's post more slowly and completely (or at least past the first line Rolleyes ) or waited until my morning reading before doing anything. Ah, well, live and learn.

When I put the card in the new machine, it did, indeed, notice the difference and ask me if I was sure I wanted to do it. Its word is "preparing" the card, not reformatting, which it did, indeed, do.  But it worked fine and added the information to SH fine as well.

I wanted to keep the data on the card so I could point out a few things and ask some questions of the sleep doc when we meet on the 14th and he downloads it.  I've been on the S10 ASV since mid-June. Now, I'll only have about a week's worth of data. So, either everything I was wondering about will continue to show up over the course of the week, or it will all go away, in which case it won't matter anyway.  Don't laugh too hard, but it just occurred to me that I can just bring my laptop with SH in with me.  This is my first experience with the software, as if it needs to be said.

thanks, again,

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