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Poll: How long ago did you last see your sleep doc/therapist?
This poll is closed.
Less than a year ago.
32 58.18%
1 - 2 years ago.
5 9.09%
3 - 4 years ago.
3 5.45%
More than 4 years ago.
7 12.73%
Can't remember
1 1.82%
When I needed a new machine
7 12.73%
Total 55 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

Old hose-heads: How Often?
I'm a newbie and will have to check, but Medicare told me that I need a new prescription every year for supplies, I do not need to see a sleep doctor for supplies. My GP can write a prescription. It is a change of machine that requires a sleep doctor visit, but that is waived if ordered by either a pulmonologist or a cardiologist since I've already had one lab sleep study.

Anyway, my brother on a bipap saw a sleep doctor in 2006 and that was it. Medicare continues to pay for supplies. The new place just needed a copy of original sleep study, doctors notes where the cpap was discussed and a new prescription, and this was for a new machine, not just supplies. Depends on who us paying for your stuff as to how many hoops to jump.
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Have never seen a "sleep specialist". All of mine were done through my PCP and lately have consisted of "So are you still doing the CPAP therapy? Yes? And it's good? OK."

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We moved from one end of our state to the other, so we (wife and I) have not seen a sleep doc in over five years. I recently located a sleep doc nearby and we plan on seeing him in the next few months. Luckily, many of the hospitals and clinics in this state are part of the same corporation as is our insurance, so records/histories are easily accessible when changing docs.

I have an S8 Autoset, my wife has a S9 Autoset and of course I'm thinking about getting an S10, so I can download to software. I understand there have been many advancements in xPAP therapy since my old machine was made. Provided all is going well and PCP is managing my issues, Me thinks seeing a sleep doc every five years is about right unless, the office visit charges are the same.
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For those who have never dug back through the older posts, and because I'm thinking about getting/needing a new machine, i bumped this old poll back up front.
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I started on CPAP coming up on two years ago, so I checked off 1-2 years. I saw the Doc when he prescribed my machine, and six months later to review my status. I took in some overview reports and some questions; he said all those numbers just confuse people and I should come back in a year. Before the year was up I noticed the clinic windows were papered over. I phoned the number I had, got bumped around, and discovered my doc had moved 40 miles away, and the clinic had moved to a higher rent office downtown. I was told I'd need a new referral and they would assign me a new doc. I don't see any benefit to me, even if it's all paid for by OHIP, so I just haven't gotten a round tuit.
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I haven't seen a specialist since 2008, but may primary physician manages my PAP therapy, and I see him on about a 6 month frequency.
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Late 2000 - diagnosed with OSA by my PCP, had not seen a sleep doctor

Early 2001 - started CPAP

2014 - discovered this forum, a real eye opener

2015 - kept asking PCP questions, he finally referred me to a pulmonoligist/sleep doctor who was in the same clinic, I had not been aware of this - I am              happy to have this doctor available for additional support however I still find that I gain helpful knowledge from this forum that he is unaware of            until I mention it to him, I plan to take a copy of the Apnea Board flier when I see him in a couple of weeks.
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Been on CPAP since 2014. Went through 3 sleep docs, I saw the latest one last fall when I was trying to get off ASV and on to BiPAP.
She sent me for a sleep study, Sept 2015, have not heard back, and don't need to. My GP handles all my prescription requests. With this wonderful forum I get most of my Apnea/CPAP info. Life is good on ASV, probably won't go back to sleep doc as the therapy is working so well, as is my lovely new ASV..
Keep breathing.... Smile Smile 

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When I see my regular doctor each year he asks me the five magic questions about my apnea and sends  that report to my DME who files it with Medicare. That way I don't have to see a sleep doctor.
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Paula 02: You stated exactly how I feel.  like
pholynyk: I used to have a round tuit, but I lost it. Laugh-a-lot

Sleep study Jan 2016; diagnosed and started CPAP Feb 2016.
Saw specialist 5 weeks after starting, again at 9 months, and again at 12 months (last week).

Changed specialists after the first one disregarded my concerns about not feeling better and said the best advice I could get was from the internet (at least he got that right, provided you find the right forum).

New specialist (at 9 months) switched me from CPAP of 6 to Auto PAP of 5-15; much better!  But, when I saw him last week and said the lower setting of 5 seemed too low, he said the machine knows what I need and it's normal to feel like I'm starving for air when I first go to bed.

Got the clinician's manual and changed the lower setting to 6 two nights ago.  Feels much better when I first lay down; too soon yet to say if it has helped my numbers.

My PCP (a great doctor!) seems to know quite a bit about sleep apnea, so I'm hoping any follow up can be done through him.

Thanks to everyone here for the help and support you provide.  I don't comment much, but I visit regularly.  Thanks
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