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One week in but have cleaning questions.
RE: One week in but have cleaning questions.
Actually the bushes do fit the Climate line hoses. I have one and have used it twice. After reading several posts in the past I realized I was wasting my time. Now I just use a couple drops of dish soap and swish it back and forth than rinse it out. Dry it out and it's good to go.
Every 2 to 4 weeks I'll do it. After 3 months I replace it. The mask as needed. The humidifier I dry out each day. I see people worried about their own mask having germs but than go out to a fastfood place and eat food with no regard for who might of handled that food.
Go figure.
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RE: One week in but have cleaning questions.
A week-and-a-bit in, and I've figured I have things easy for now.
Because I use Marcalan for my nose using pillows, I wash the pillows in dishwashing liquid daily and air dry.
I haven't washed my P10 headgear or vent yet and I don't use the humidifier so that doesn't get washed, even though I keep demineralised water in there for passive humidity.
It's very dusty and salty and humid here though, so I will have to do a check of air intake etc periodically.
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RE: One week in but have cleaning questions.
Seems it's 'horses for courses' with this cleaning thing.  For me it depends on my skin, allergies etc.  I wash the mask in handsoap I am not allergic to (allergic to dishwashing liquids & anything not PH balanced).  After all it's against the most sensitive skin.  Have only washed the hose twice in 3 years.  Washed the filters a few times & replaced once.  Wash the headgear with the mask, depends on how hot it's been & how oily/sweaty the weather has been.  I suppose an oily skin would necessitate the mask being washed more often.  
One thing I do especially that helps me sleep well, is wipe a tiny bit of lavender oil over the intake to the filter.  Lavender oil is great aid to sleep.  OH likes it on his pillowslip - just enough for a nice perfume.  Bigwink
To each his own, when the mask starts to leak, smell, is snotty, oily etc. - wash it !! 
There has to be those folk out there who cannot manage their equipment optimally & those surely do need assistance.  When one is old and/or ill, it's not easy to 'do' for oneself, so things get dirty, standards slip & we don't see the dirt as much, often because it's just all too hard.  It's really difficult for some to look after themselves, let alone health equipment.
Manufacturers recommend, I believe, optimal care to cover themselves (fair enough) & their hosehead customers.  Somewhere less than optimal to suit the individual is perfectly okay.
G'day from Oz -  Big Grin
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RE: One week in but have cleaning questions.
Bump: I have turned from a rare to never washer (do replace mask every 90 days) to more of an OCD level. The reason is that I don't want to believe that if I get a sinus infection, bronchitis or pneumonia that it was helped to come along by dirty CPAP equipment. I know what I'm saying is anecdotal to you and I am a sample of one but since doing this all infections that were twice a year have stopped. So, in exchange for this founded/unfounded fear I alleviate from this new routine I believe that, if nothing else, the mental boost I get from this routine helps. It is a modification from another post where I adjusted it to my situation:

1. Wipe mask with a CPAP wipe – No soap is necessary.
2. Empty out humidifier chamber upon waking and fill with fresh distilled water before bed nightly.
3. Wipe CPAP with a slightly damp cloth – to remove dust

WEEKLY (or more often as needed):
1. Mask/nasal pillows, water chamber for humidifier and hose:
a. Remove the HEADGEAR from the mask
b. Remove water chamber from humidifier
c. Gently wash the mask, head gear, water chamber, and hose in warm water and mild dish soap. DO NOT use any cleaners containing conditioners or moisturizers-they will leave a residue.
d. Rinse thoroughly
e. Air dry all but cloth headgear
f. may dry cloth headgear in dryer on low setting with other items
3. Reattach to your mask/nasal pillows( a slight readjustment may be needed after repeated washings)
4. Run mask and hose through SoClean

1. Change disposable filter
2. May disinfect mask and humidification chamber in a solution of 1 part white distilled vinegar to 2 parts water for NO LONGER than 10 minutes or following illness as needed.


QUARTERLY: replace CPAP mask
SEMI-ANNUALLY: replace hose
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