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One week on CPAP
One week on CPAP

I'm a newbie to this site, but have been reading a lot of the posts, and find then to be very helpful.

I have only been using a CPAP machine for one week, but it has definately improved my life. I didn't even know I had sleep apnea until about two weeks ago, actually I didn't even know what sleep apnea was.

I've been having problems with high blood pressure over the past few months, The last time I went to my doctor, he put me on a "water pill" along with the BP meds, this combination of meds did not bring down my blood pressure, instead it was going up.

One day about two weeks ago my BP went up to 200/128 (the highest it's even been) I went to the hospital, they took a cardiogram, urine test, blood test, and lung x-ray which all came back ok, the DR. said I he believed I had sleep apnea, I had all the symptoms, tired all through the day, getting up in the morning and wishing I could go back to bed, no energy, very loud snoring at night, so loud my wife had to sleep on the couch, needing a nap in the afternoon, mood swings, I used to drink heavily on my days off, because I felt so miserable and tired , the high blood pressure, in addition I work shift work, which made these problems even worse.

New CPAP machines are very expensive, so I searched sites on the internet such as Kijiji, where I found a machine for $550, with only 17 hours on it.

After the first night I used the machine I noticed a big improvment, I woke up feeling rested and I had energy, I haven't felt like this in months or years, my wife says I no longer snore, I no longer feel like I need a nap in the afternoon, the mood swings are gone, and I no longer drink like I did, and my blood pressure has dropped.

CPAP machines do take a bit of getting used to, especially wearing a mask to bed, and the air pressure you have to learn to breathe against, but I just keep telling myself these things are a minor inconvience compared to the good the machine is doing me.

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RE: One week on CPAP
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Great to hear that you have started CPAP therapy and that you are feeling better.
What machine do you have? If it's a Resmed machine, the full name of it is by the button you use to turn it on. When you find out what you've got, put it into your profile, as that will help others to help you with any questions you might have about it as you go along.
Edit: You didn't mention having a sleep study done, that would probably help you further to really know how much pressure you actually need.
AS far as getting used to your machine and mask, yes it can take some getting used to.
Best of luck.
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RE: One week on CPAP
What to say:

When I hit 225/100 and went to the hospitable I ended up with a Quadruple Heart Bypass Surgery on Monday Jan 21 2013 in the afternoon.

I would keep a sharp eye and be ready to rush to the hospitable at a seconds notice of any chest pain and left arm pain, which is the only warnings other than my own blood pressure readings I got. And my pain was mild, not the drop to the floor kind.

During my recovery and stay in the Hospitable I was informed I also have sleep apnea , and to make matters worse after two tests I have learned I have complex apnea and will need a ASV PAP Machine.

IT TOOK over 6 weeks after my surgery to stop my chest busting coughing and to recover enough to start looking into my sleep apnea.

Also from what happened to me:

A WARNING about heart disease.

Knowing my father did not make to past 57 years old due to heart failure I was worried and keeping a eye on my health.

I have just learned that by the time many tests show any problems, you might already be dead. Kind of like the oil pressure light or gauge in modern cars that light up AFTER the engine has already failed.

I have had some high blood pressure for years. Normally 140 over 78.

Heart disease usually shows up long before the big heart attack, there are normally lots of warning signs.

I had none. I had three days of light chest pain, and if I did not keep a watch on my blood pressure and not felt 225 over 110 should be checked out, I might have not be here to tell this tail.

BUT: None of the tests I have had helped:

On Paper I looked fine, I had no high cholesterol, (I just saw my hospitable report and even when I was going in for surgery I have fair cholesterol levels) only higher blood pressure which was not considered really high as I ran 140/76 most of the time...

I did a simple stress test a little over a year before and passed with flying colors..

Whether you spell it EKG or ECG, it's an electrocardiogram. Found nothing.

Chest X-Ray: nothing

6 heart enzymes tests failed to show any damage: no problems.

Echocardiogram (Ultra sound)
There are several variations on the echocardiogram, or "echo," as doctors call it.
Again no real warnings..

Stress Test:

• Treadmill stress test: As long as you can walk and have a normal ECG, this is normally the first stress test performed. You walk on a treadmill while being monitored to see how far you walk and if you develop chest pain or changes in your ECG that suggest that your heart is not getting enough blood.
• Dobutamine or Adenosine Stress Test: This test is used in people who are unable to exercise. A drug is given to make the heart respond as if the person were exercising. This way the doctor can still determine how the heart responds to stress, but no exercise is required.
• Nuclear stress test: This test helps to determine which parts of the heart are healthy and function normally and which are not. A small amount of radioactive substance is injected into the patient. Then the doctor uses a special camera to identify the rays emitted from the substance within the body; this produces clear pictures of the heart tissue on a monitor. These pictures are done both at rest and after exercise. Using this technique, areas of the heart that have a decreased blood supply can be detected.

This time the full boat:

All failed to show real problems. They did say there seemed to be something so wanted to go to:

Cardiac catheterization -- also called a coronary angiogram -- means running a catheter into your heart. It's done to help doctors see what's going on in there, and whether they need to operate.

THIS last test was a winner it showed I was only minutes from meeting god in person.

It was to only test that:

A) really showing my near death conduction and

B) Saved my life.

I have a Quadruple Heart Bypass Surgery because 3 arteries were down to thin lines. Stints and blowing up to open them were not a option anymore.

So I would suggest if you have ANY problems you get coronary angiogram.

OK What is all this about:

I hate to scare you but I hate to think they missed a major problem and they do too many times.

Please be VERY careful and watchful.

I hope you have your won Blood pressure machine. Check it every day.


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RE: One week on CPAP
(04-30-2013, 07:39 AM)CPAP_CANUCK Wrote: New CPAP machines are very expensive, so I searched sites on the internet such as Kijiji, where I found a machine for $550, with only 17 hours on it.
What machine is it... AutoSet, Elite, Escape ?
Escape models not data capable machines, no efficacy data (AHI, leak, etc..) shown on machine LCD or on the data card
S8 require special Resmed data card reader, unlike S9 uses SD card and no special card reader required

From the humidifier (Humidaire) listed in profile looked like its an S8
Check out Supplier #2 ... both suppliers #2 and #10 ship Resmed outside US

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