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Online version of sleepyhead
no offense taken at all.

(03-10-2017, 06:37 PM)C0mbe Wrote: I actually have started the process of reaching out to him primarily to figure out his intent for the future.  I wouldn't do anything without his blessing.

been axactly there - done that - gave up! ... I really hope you have more luck!

I actually started all this simply because my machine was not supported. Getting the software from my manufacturer is not a question of money - it's simply a question of "can you really proof you are a doctor" (really! - I tried that).
anyway ... I'm not a vc++ geek - I know my way around coding - nothing more - I understand the basics - so I gave it a shot.

As I already had VS2015 installed I grabbed the QT 5.5 .... couldn't build (I hate Frameworks anyway ... only reason I don't do c#) ... problem was the missing VS 2013 (as I found out later) - anyway hadn't had enough disk-space for that and QT - so I ported SH to QT 5.7 (at that time - now 5.8) ... read than, that Jedimark was reluctant to that ... anyway build from there on.

In the end I relied (do rely) on the GPL-license. If I did a complete fork (meaning it can't be integrated into the original master branch) so be it. Dont-know
So far I don't think I understand SH completely ... did change a lot - broke a lot - fixed some - messed up something else. It's not completely undocumented source but I still feel like missing the overall-/basic-understanding of it.
Next thing are the compilers ... looks to me as if Jedimark was using minGW for that .... I'm using VS ... there are now some differences with the resmed-data (I swear I didn't touch any of that - quadro-checked that!) - the source on gitlab is newer as the compiled binary - maybe the binary was compiled on older source and the differences are a reflection on that (although nothing in the corresponding sources seems to be changed) - or the change in the QT-Version - or the compiler.
Well .... kind of annoying^^

but: (I like the buts, don't I?)
honestly there is nothing wrong with Jedimark not responding^^ ... I read somewhere (maybe his now defunct site?) that he was thinking about creating a complete new code-base for SH or giving the Project-Oversight to someone else.
Who wants to do that? If asked, I would be the first to say - Thanks - but NO! Thanks!

Managing an open-source project is a hell of a responsibility .. so many factions to get under one hat - so many expectations and only that many (lesser?) manpower ... That's cool as long as you are alone and everything is working fine - meaning: just a hobby!

So, I really understand JediMark's position - and that is besides his personal situation! (which come on top of that and don't ease anything)

If - and only IF - JediMark still or at all wants to hand-off complete control and maintenance of SleepyHead I could imagine apnea-Board as the right body to do just that.
I myself am fairly new to having an xPAP - apnea and this things at all. I know nothing about the adminstrative structures here - but obviously they seem to work - so maybe the board itself might be the right body for that? (keep in mind: managing an OS-Project is not so much about beeing able to code as more to having a vision and a feeling of what is right or might work and what not^^)

In the end: let's hope JediMark gives a life sign and shows us the path to the future^^
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(03-10-2017, 07:35 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: If we get as far as identifying what information is a priority, I'll be glad to add my input.

this would be like now! Dielaughing

(03-10-2017, 07:35 PM)Sleeprider Wrote:  There are gems throughout the data, and some untapped statistics and correlations that can interpret results.
Huhsign could you please elaborate on that?

(03-10-2017, 07:35 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: The line any software like this should not cross is to "recommend" any changes or change any machine data, in fact the Sleepyhead splash screen that interprets the latest results as "pretty darn good" or "terrible, call you doctor", is something I would not continue.

I so much feel you there - always hated the phrasing there - the (intended) message there might not be totally wrong - but the phrasing really is plain wrong! (and I don't mean that as an offense to JediMark - always keep in mind: Jedimark did that for him! - not just you! - if you can benefit from it - so be it. But the main purpose was giving the creator a better "view"!)
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Just to provide some thoughts from the Apnea Board perspective:

1.  Generally Apnea Board tries to use open-source software where possible and practical.   We choose to have a open-source type philosophy in just about everything we do around here.  You can read about that HERE. As our staff and Advisory Members can attest to, we generally ask for and receive member input on most every major change or update around here as well (collaboration, discussion & consensus prior to making a change).

2.  That said, I would emphasize the words "where possible and practical" in the above point.  I personally love open-source solutions.  But at times, a "monetized" or commercial solution to a problem can be more practical, since it incentivizes those providing the service into making the product better and servicing more and more CPAP machines and patients.

3.  IMHO, Apnea Board should not encourage a path that pins our members down to any one "solution" for any specific problem, whether that be open-source or commercial in nature.  If we can have multiple choices for people, so much the better.  Also, if a cloud-based system is developed, I personally would not like to give up upon a local PC-based solution that does not rely upon the Internet for basic functionality (call me paranoid, but the thought of giving control of any solution to a distant, disinterested entity doesn't make me feel warm & fuzzy inside).  

4.  As far as our server and server software is concerned, We've tried to make all that available to talented, trustworthy & serious people who have a plan along with the skill-set and desire to help more and more Sleep Apnea patients around the world.  We're committed to helping people in any way we can in other words-- and we want to live up to the Apnea Board tagline of "Sleep Apnea Patients Helping One Another".

Nothing profound there, but that's just our philosophy around here.   Coffee
Apnea Board Administrator


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(03-09-2017, 07:07 AM)C0mbe Wrote: Was just curious whether or not anyone would use an online version of sleepyhead if one existed?  I have been thinking about how nice it would be to have access to my data on a phone, or wherever I was by simply logging in.  I was thinking a web app (scalable for phones) that stored data online for ease of access might be really nice and make sharing data very simple, but it occurred to me people might be hesitant to allow their data to be stored online.    Obviously some other large hurdles are storage and server expense, but those aren't insurmountable. 


  1. Would you use a web based version of sleepyhead? 
  2. Would you allow your data to be stored in the cloud?  For example on an AWS server.  
  3. IF not, would you allow it to link with a private dropbox account to view and save data from there?  
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Yes.   I would use this .... If it was available.  I also think that it might be more secure if it were a shared space inside of DropBox. 

Another way to make it more secure - would be if it were  set up with a 2 layer log on .... Like some web sites use.   

I'm still not able to use SleepyHead - because the software is not yet compatible with my new DreamStation.
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