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Oscar Delete Days?
Oscar Delete Days?
Will keep this a brief as possible,

Got a new (used) to me machine (think Phillips recall). New/used machine is a ResMed AirSense10 if that makes a difference. 

I have a couple of months of the previous owners data that predates my data by 5-6 months that I would like to remove/delete. 

I was able to delete the data in Oscar, one day a time. 

But when I go to import new data in brings in the old Owners data as well again. 

Any pointers? 

Thanks in advance, 

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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
Within the clinician menu, there is a restore to factory defaults option. Select that, Also, reformat the SD card to remove any prior history on it. It should now be clean as a whistle and good to go.
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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
Get a new blank card and put it in your machine. It will record all ongoing sleep sessions.  There should be an option to totally reset the data on your machine. Before doing that be sure to record all of your clinical settings.  If you have your original card in the machine it will clear all of the previous user’s data as well as your data to date.  If you start with a new card it will record only your new data and you should not need to re-enter your clinical settings.
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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
Thanks all, I will give it whirl.

Setting back to factory will give me some practice of becoming more familiar with the machineSmile

I'm a little surprised the DME did not remove the data, but no biggie, will work thru it.
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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
If you mount the SD card on your computer, you will see a directory structure that consists of 3 files (Identification.crc, Identification.tgt, STR.edf) and two folders (SETTINGS and DATALOG). Inside the DATALOG folder there are a series of folders with names that are dates -- that's the detailed data for each night, and includes the previous owner plus what you have recorded.

Copy the folders that are your data over to your computer. (If you are paranoid and have plenty of disk space on your computer, I would just copy the whole card, but that's me :-) )

Now erase the card using your computer.

Put the card into the cpap machine -- It will format the drive and write the directory structure, and the SETTINGS and STR.edf will be your settings. It will write an empty directory with today's date into the DATALOG file, and then it will record tonight's data into that folder. This is what's happening when the machine puts up on the display that it is preparing the card, and don't unplug the card (from the machine) or the machine (from the power) while it is doing its thing. Takes maybe 30 seconds.

Put the card back into your computer, and drag your saved folders into the card's DATALOG folder. Put the card back into your machine.

You now have a card in your machine that has all of your data on it, and none of the previous guy's data, and is ready to record tonight's sleep.

This is also the instructions for what to do if your card fails, you replace the card, and you want all of your data on the new card.

I keep a copy of the card on my computer, and copy the DATALOG folders into my computer DATALOG directory, and copy over a new SETTINGS directory and STR.edf file every day (the Identification.crc & Identification.tgt files don't change after the initial write.) Since I use TimeMachine on my mac, I have incremental backups of the card as I've built it over time, which you can get too depending upon your backup methods. I actually load OSCAR from my backup rather than the SD card, to confirm that my backup is done right.

If you want to take your card to a DME or sleep doctor, then you can make a backup on a new card using this process: Stick the new card in the machine and have the machine format it. Stick the new card into your computer and open the card's DATALOG directory and drag all of the folders from your computer's backup DATALOG directory on to the card. Voila! a backup card to take/send somewhere and your original never leaves your house! (Note that you want the CPAP machine to write everything except the subfolders in your DATALOG directory first or the ResMed software will refuse to read the card -- the ResMed machines are using the two Identification files to create some sort of unique key between the card and the machine and their software will balk at the process if you try to give it a card where you copied the Identification files from your computer.)

Edited to note that you can do this with a brand new card, and just put the old card in a drawer. Or erase it and use it to take data somewhere.
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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
Thanks cathyf for the detailed write up, that seems easy enough, will try your method first.

I thank everyone for the different procedures, its good to have options.

I do think it would be good to write down all the current settings, will do that too.

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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
I think there's also a setting within the preferences to allow you to say don't import data from before a given date. I honestly have tested if that works, but it's also an option too if it does.
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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
Caution with the 'don't import before' feature in OSCAR 1.2 or earlier - it will delete all data from before that date once you restart the app. This is addressed in the next version.
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RE: Oscar Delete Days?
Ooh good to know. Thanks for the update Kappa.
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