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Overhead Tube Mount Airfit P10
HI, anyone with the same problem ?!

I have used the Respireo Primo P mask with the very comfy overhead tube mount for the last few years, since a few days now im getting my therapy trough a Arifit P10 Mask.

I very much miss the overhead tube mount.

Im looking for tips and tricks to have my clima tube mounted overhead WITH my Airfit P10!!

Since ya'll are many and i am one, bring on the idea's :grin:
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I just grabbed a spare mic stand I had in the attic and used that. Works well enough - the boom arm holds the tube so that it is approximately at clavicle level, with enough slack to allow me to toss and turn but not so much that it bangs on my chest if I lie flat. problem solved, very comfortable.
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I use this holder with my P10. It is canted on the top so it will swivel to allow the hose to position for either side that I want to sleep on. I can now turn in my sleep and not even notice that I'm attached to anything.
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For an overhead tube mount like in your Respireo Primo P, you can try a "pap cap". It has a velcro'ed tube holder at the top of the head. It may work for you. If you don't need the chinstrap, you can cut it off.

OR just take a piece of velcro and tie it to the top of the headgear on P10. May work. And its a much cheaper experiment than the pap cap.

I personally don't mount the tube overhead and just use a hose holder (like other posters have mentioned. Doc Wils' mike stand looks like a great option). My hose holder is a cable tie looped in a nylon clamp on top of the head board of my bed.
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In my case, apparently God was preparing me for a c-pap hose when I bought my bed in Glasgow Scotland in 2003 and had it shipped back to the states. I almost bough one of the very "in" Sleigh beds at the time, with a big solid wood headboard, but for some crazy reason I decided to get a metal gothic cathedral looking thing with nooks and cranny's (they are smooth, don't worry about my injuring the hose) and it is bliss for my cpap hose. I just hang the hose in one of the nooks and it descends from on high, down to my pillow and to my p10 mask, which even without the swivel (which some reviews note, but of which I have no experience, this being my first mask) doesn't tug or bother me at all.

I think getting/rigging up a holder is well well worth your time/money.

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This is what my brain came up with so far Thinking-about

Costs: 1 cable binder found in drawer !

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Mic booms are cool. Very rock n roll, and She Who Must Be Obeyed has certainly not complained about it - she has been more than occasionally a bit naughty with it (not pornographic, just, well, playful in a PG sort of way). And it is a mic boom - it swings and swivels out of the way, it folds down, it does what it needs to do - honestly, if you think it is a turn off for a girl, then hide your CPAP fella, it is more problematic, mate. In my considerable experience, if you can get them to the point of going into your bedroom (and forgive me for the frankness of this, ladies) then a boom arm is not a deal breaker - in fact, if they are even noticing it, then you haven't got as far into the process as you might wish, for her entire attention should be focused on you by that point. Just saying, from a man who has "lived" way longer than you (hey, I come from the hippie era, we did a lot of stuff back then, free love, sex drugs and rock n' roll, all that sort of thing, which is partly why I have a bad back now, I suspect....), the accoutrements are not the deal breaker. An untidy bed and room would be, though. Body odour would really be a deal breaker, too.

Oh, and the "rod" you referred to (sgearhart) is collapsible and can be put into any drawer, along with your CPAP gear. Out of curiosity, do you expect the young lady to leave after all is said and done or will you skip the CPAP that night and subject her to a snorefest? At some point, it has to come out, so why not just leave it out and be done with it.
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as a lady may i say that a pap-cap or a snorkle over the head is soooo much sexier than any of the rejected solutions Dielaughing

or not...
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(01-27-2015, 11:57 AM)sgearhart Wrote: I use this holder with my P10. It is canted on the top so it will swivel to allow the hose to position for either side that I want to sleep on. I can now turn in my sleep and not even notice that I'm attached to anything.

I have been looking for some type of hose holder, but I have an adjustable bed, and no headboard. I assume this wouldn't work for me. Also, once connected to the mask, does it lift the mask hose up over your face, and if so, what about the exhaust area...does the air get directed toward your face? Any suggestions?
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It's the year 2015. Ladies do not stay nights. Dielaughing
When ladies want, and are allowed to stay nights, ladies will know about pap. Oh-jeez

And frankly gramps I don't need a mic stand to spice up things in the bunk. I use the gym for that. (Does wonders for the back to)

I'm sorry, I really do not need a cobalt blue rod sticking up from behind my pillow, a few yards of hose and a mask dangling from it to get that real I'm sick hospital feeling in my crib.

Maybe when I'm married old and fat and tell young people that I'm from the 80's, live in Holland and during my time as a bouncer did more of the horizontal lambada in one year then gramps did in the entire sixties decade.
Maybe then will I buy a second hand mic stand on eBay and pretend to still be cool. Cool

Till then tips on how to run the hose overhead with a Airfit P10 mask are still very much appreciated !!
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