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Overhead Tube Mount Airfit P10
I believe the "papcap" was mentioned early on in this thread... you will look adorable in it Wink
[Image: Pur-Sleep%20PAPCap%20Chinstrap%20ps-505-rb_1.jpg]

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Tongue Suck Technique for prevention of mouth breathing:
  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
  • gently suck to form a light vacuum
Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه هههههه
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Thanks Opal Rose (-:

Darla, ya know, if you just added yourself some adorable ears to that pap-cap, you could match
the doll in my picture!
And yes the cap IS adorable lol.

Manse Hen.
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(01-29-2015, 04:51 PM)TheManseHen Wrote: Dude,
at first I thought, no way this hose is fitting in the small space they allow for it, but I was able to pull at it and it did work. I think if the hole for the hose is too big, it won't feel secure enough.

Hope you find something that works.

The Manse Hen
All you girls think that at first.

Did come up with a few solutions me self.
But the more the better.

Keep em commin !!

Opal ? You have any bright ideas. Or do you just mooooo from the backyard?

Btw the Nuance is a excellent tip Manse!
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Skinny Bones,
The important thing here is that you get your system to work in a way that best suits you,
whatever that may be.
People on this forum are only trying to offer help. It may not be what you want to hear,
but I have no doubt that someone with your "smarts" will figure it out.
Have a great day!
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As I made abundantly clear I want tips and tricks on how to attach the hose to the strap on top of me head.

I very much can do without tips on hose booms fishing rods an other stuff i don't want in my bedroom.

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Try twist ties or elastic bands. Be creative. Make your own head strap that incorporates the hose. There aren't many commercial solutions available beyond those mentioned, so you have to bastel it yourself whatever it is, and you should be creative enough to figure it out yourself. Not many people bother to try to run the P10 hose up over the head to the strap, so you will have to be a bit proactive as tips for exactly what you are looking for will be thin on the ground, and they have already been given for the most pert.
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To say I'm not proactive is ignorant.
When one bothers to read my previous posts one would notice me finding a few solutions all by my lonesome.

If there aren't any tips then there aren't any tips, simple as that.

Telling me there aren't any tips when I'm perfectly able to read is redundant at best, to many people flapping their little sausages across their keyboard without anything constructive to contribute on the subject or even reading what I'm actually asking.

Please please plllleeeeeeaaassse stfu (excuse my French) and leave this topic to people that have actual tips or not!!
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Purchase the replacement headgear for the Aloha mask, if you can get it for a reasonable price where you are. If not, there may be similar headgears you can get your hands on cheaply.

It comes with a removable velcro hose loop. The top-of-the head strap slips through a guide on each side and closes with velcro tabs, so it can easily be removed and applied to the P10. That is what I did to my own P10 when I missed my hose management loop.



The hose-management loop can be placed in any position along the top strap - slightly off-center, all the way to one side or another, or directly centered. Therefore, you can change the direction of the hose to increase comfort and mask seal based on your preferred sleep position.

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You could also just cannibalize the top strap and loop from your old mask: cut it off and sew or otherwise affix it to the P10, as long as you aren't planning to use the old mask again or keep it as a back up. Same goes for any cheap or used headgear you can acquire that includes the required bits. That's just slightly more of a pain in the hindquarters.

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Perfect !!!!!!!!!
Adjustable, washable, simple!

I Ordered the aloha headstrap.
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