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Oximeter favorite choice.
(01-12-2015, 11:23 PM)surferdude2 Wrote: The software will not "see" the data to upload unless you have the device turned on and in the "Options" mode, which is activated by pressing the button once to turn the device on and then pressing and holding the button down until the option screen comes on. That's the screen where you can select the "Record" mode and "Alarm" mode, etc. Don't actually select any of them but just leave it there and the software will upload the data. After it finishes, you can go ahead and select "exit" and unplug the USB cable.

Best regards, Dude

This is absolutely correct.

You have to turn the PO 'ON' to get the upload. I never have to wait to upload the data more than a minute for a full night's data.

But the PO must be ON and follow surferdude's instructions, above, exactly, which btw, are contained in the manual, where perhaps it could've been written better. But it's right there in the instructions on page 23 of the CMS50D+ manual. The 'main user interface' is the pulse oximeter itself. You have to get to the menu there where it says Record, and by that time it will automatically upload to the program.

Just turn the thing on, and then remove your finger and place it again on the button and hold it until menu changes and then it uploads. And before you do any of this you've probably turned the Record function off and if not, I guess that you will have to turn it off before the upload occurs. But I turn Record 'OFF" as soon as I awaken, so it's not an issue.

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See sgearhart's outstanding pulseox comments below. I have used the CMS 50F and am now using the 50i. Great devices. They attach to your wrist for overnight use and use a cabled input to SleepyHead on your computer. In SleepyHead you can then view the pulseox data and pulseox graphs lined up with SleepyHead's standard detailed graphs.

(01-12-2015, 03:50 PM)sgearhart Wrote: I chose the CMS50 models just because you can wear them and not get tangled up in any cords. I have both the F and IW models. The "W" is the bluetooth version and allows you to record to your computer in real time with the supplied software. It's a neat idea that I played with exactly once. The differences between the "F" and the "I" models are the "F" can only record 1 session while The "I" model can record up to 5 sessions. Additionally, the "I" model records the Perfusion Index value. (please google the term for an explanation) One last thing, If you restart the recording on the "F" model it will delete the previous data, the "I" model will start another session. On last piece of advice; Regardless of which model you chose, once you start a recording session for the night, do not stop it until the complete end of the sleep session. You can't concatenate sessions.

I used it without my CPAP while I took a nap to see if I was getting any benefit from PAP therapy. I can definitely say my CPAP is REALLY working for me.

Good Luck!

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(01-14-2015, 06:09 PM)Paralel Wrote: I love my CMS50IW, it does just about anything one could want out of a recording pulseox device.

I agree. I had older Contech devices and the CMS50IW has been the easiest to work with. It's also a lot more comfortable than the finger pincher types (and stays on better while sleeping). The Wireless option is kind of a waste as I've played with it but not found it to be of any real value.

My typical use never requires powering the device off.

-Connect finger sensor and enter recording mode just before going to bed
- Upon waking remove the finger sensor and connect it to a standard USB-MiniB cable
- Transfer data using sleepyhead configured for the CMS50F V3.7
- Leave it plugged in all day to charge the battery
- Start at step 1 the next night

The only issues might be:

- If there is only 1 recording on the device, Sleepyhead had an issue for me. Easy enough to make a dummy recording then select the one you want.
- The date/time sometimes gets way out of wack and I had a problem importing. The solution was to make sure SH sets the time and if everything else goes wrong save off the data using the Contech app and import the .spo2 file using Sleepyhead.

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I'm about to get the Sunset Healthcare Finger Pulse Oximeter.

I can't spend much on it. Is there any feedback on using this oximeter?
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It would be fine for a quick reading. My experience with finger pinchers is that it's hard to be comfortable with this on for extended periods and is more prone to fall off in ones sleep.
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Ok, I guess I just want to check when I wake up. (Though I can see the advantage of having it through the night.)
Before APAP: [Image: DARTH-VADER_zpsa57946df.png]

After APAP: See avatar: R2D2 for the win!

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle"
--Ian Maclaren

I don't snore! I just make creepy noises so the aliens know I'm not someone to be messed with.
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