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Oximeters-Target Results and Do you really get what you pay for?
While looking for an Oximeter to keep track of my oxygen levels, I saw a big price range from $15-$400 (Masimo MightySat).
I also found free (with ads) and paid phone apps that measure you Oxygen and other vitals by placing your index finger over the camera and thumb on the front touchscreen. Now last time I was at my Dr. office, he certainly wasn't using the $400 Masimo. However, I didn't catch the brand/model. I have seen a good amount of documentation promoting the Nonin G02 brand.

What I know so far which may or may not be true.
Fingertip Oximeters use Pulse Oximetry which is supposed to reflect your actual blood oxygen levels, but obviously is not a pure blood oxygen test.
Normal oxygen blood levels should be between 95-100. Under 90 is considered low. Is 100 a perfect or target goal?  
Fingertip Oximeters have an average inaccuracy of up or minus 2 from your blood oxygen exact level. Does this mean you scored a 91 on a fingertip Oximeter and it could be plus 2 off and you really have a low level of 89, that would make sense. 
Not sure how accurate the phone apps are. The one I have been using so far is called iCare Health Monitor. 

For my purposes, I want a small pocket size Fingertip Oximeter that I can take with me to work, gym and other places. Obviously, the smaller the better, but I don't want to sacrifice accuracy for size. Now if the phone apps are just as accurate as the Fingertips Oximeters, then I'd be hard pressed to ever get a Fingertip Oximeter since I always carry my phone.
For home purposes, are the expensive models really worth getting like the for mentioned Masimo? I couldn't imagine carrying that around due to its size, but are the more expensive ones exempt from the 2% off generalization or are you just buying extra bells and whistles (bluetooth sync to phone, ect).

Any recommendations and feedback is appreciated!
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You want one with data which can be uploaded to to your computer and ideally, to SleepyHead.
Many of the newer CMS models can do that. I've got a CMS 50+D; it is a bit glitchy to upload and I've not gotten it into SleepyHead, although I did get it uploaded to its own software.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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I like mine and it works with Sleephead.

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A cheap finger one for use during the day, under US$10 dollars from china on ebay, you can also get a wrist BP/o2/pulse for the same price

For CPAP at night time, put this into google or ebay, to see what I got at under US$50, it uploads to sleepyhead and it's own program. I don't know if cms50 F is the best or worst on it's software versions V3.5, but it works
CMS50F Wrist Fingertip Pulse Oximeter SpO2 PR Sleep study monitor USB+SW
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(03-26-2017, 09:09 PM)kwhenrykerr Wrote: I like mine and it works with Sleephead.

Which one do you use if I may ask?
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(03-26-2017, 10:37 PM)Marillion Wrote:
(03-26-2017, 09:09 PM)kwhenrykerr Wrote: I like mine and it works with Sleephead.

Which one do you use if I may ask?

My  question also, and I found the answer in his profile: He uses a CMS50F.
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I have the wrist based one. Its called a Torontek B400
I think they are all generic and badged according to who sells them.

I believe mine is not fully accurate and might be off by more than the 2%.
I have yet to have a conversation, email or voice, with the supplier, although I have tried.
This is based on my overnight recording compared to the sleep study carried out and my wife having a recent reading done in a hospital and comparing to what the unit gave her.
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(03-27-2017, 07:16 AM)pholynyk Wrote:
(03-26-2017, 10:37 PM)Marillion Wrote:
(03-26-2017, 09:09 PM)kwhenrykerr Wrote: I like mine and it works with Sleephead.

Which one do you use if I may ask?

My  question also, and I found the answer in his profile: He uses a CMS50F.

Thanks pholynyk!
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You can use either the CMS50D or the CMS50F. They are both recording oximeters that work with Sleepyhead. The home health people all use the CMS50D and the nursing home uses the CMS50F, so they certainly consider these to be adequate. I bought the CMS50F because I didn't know the D was also a recording model - could have saved some money although the F is extremely easy to use.

I am looking for average oxygen while asleep with cpap. If your AVERAGE is about 95% or better, you have an ideal situation. Between 91-94%, a little bit of a struggle (I'm at 91%). Below 87-89%, they start adding oxygen to your cpap.

I never had severe spikes, so I'll let someone explain that one.
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I recommend the CMS-50I over the 50F.  Advantages:
(1) Sharper display.
(2) Clock (50F has no clock at all). 50I saves the start time with each measurement, which is useful to correlate with Sleepyhead data.
(3) Perfusion index, a measure of the strength and reliability of the reading, is recorded for each data sample and is displayed during the recording, so you can adjust the finger sleeve to improve the signal strength.  I found it difficult to achieve a consistently high signal, but at least it's good to have this feedback.
(4) It can save multiple recording sessions, although this is of limited value since you have to recharge it after 10 or 12 hours of recording.

The catch is that there is no US distributor, so you can only buy it from Alibaba.  I found their service surprisingly good.
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