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PAP causing sleep debt ?
I was put on a bipap, repironics s9 with heated humidifer in late August. I survived my 30 days at between 7 and 8 hours a night but whne counting all of the mask adjustmetnst and just plain being awake like I had three cups of coffee I think my sleep was under half of that.Right after this I got a case of the flu as I always do when someone insists I have a flue shot, not a bad cas, but one that produced lots of rhinitis. I also have a deviated septum and as a result am addicted to afrin. The sleep doc knew all of this. I was told that Ihave hypopnea. I understand this a slowing of breathing but not a stop. I was told I had 23 incidents and hour and so level dropped to 80 once. Most of the time it was around 90. NOw what I was not told was if the these were incidents of shallow breathing or sleep disturbances. I have had terrible time since startng, ostly it is as if I had three cups of strong coffee before bed. I am now down to trying thing less than three hours a night.
I never had daytime drowsyness, now I do not really trust myself to drive some days. So when I tal to the DME people thye say well that is normal for the first few months. I cannot accept that, in the first place I never really knew I had a problem and exhibited no classic symptoms of sleep problems. After the 30 days the change if any was negaitve. I have some rythmn issues but did not change a thing there. So my question is is it possible this was a treatment with marginal benefit for me? I do not like that kind of medicine. MY pressure seem to indicate a more serious problem then I was told or I percieve. Right now I think this is not a helpful thing for me. I am kind of angry at all oif the scare tactics, I want real information. I think I am treated as a part of production line, I am an individual and one I react differently than averages no matter what staitical driven Docs or bean counters think. I fully understand why people give this therapy up. I want to know if any others feel they were prescribed a treatment at the margins. I will try this again but if I go six weeks with no apparent benefit I will consider this to be a fraud. Understand I have no idea what benefit I am supposed to see becasue I do not know for what symton I was sent a for a sleep study. I trust my family physcian but it was a sort lets see, well the lets see was never explained with a why. I beieve the sleep physcian is so convinced he can help that perhaps he forgets to say to himself is help needed. I do not know but I one feel like a failure but I don't know why I shoudl since I never knew the clear objjectives of what has turned out to be detrinetal expnce, one tha thas cost Medicare a lot of money perhaps unecessarilu and I do not mean fraudulently I just mean perhpas with a little deep thought this torture was not necessary. Right now perhaps becasue I am so darn tired I am getting very angry.
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(11-14-2012, 12:05 AM)Tired-in-Arizona Wrote: So my question is is it possible this was a treatment with marginal benefit for me?


The sleep test is pretty much open and shut in most cases. See if you can get a copy of the "full" sleep study report. They're legally required to provide it to you if you live in the US. In particular, you want to know your AHI and apnea numbers.

If it was bad enough that they gave you a "BiPAP" machine, doubly so.

We may be able to help you look at your own data and figure out what's going on and how to improve it.

First, what machine do you really have. S9 machines are ResMed, not Respironics. Does it say "ResMed" on the top cover? What does it say near the power button? It probably says "VPAP something".

Once we find the right machine, we can tell you how to read the data off of it to figure out how your apnea treatment is working.

Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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