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Poll: Regarding the recent Philips PAP machine recall and the response by Philips, how likely are you to purchase Philips products in the future?
This poll is closed.
Will consider Philips PAP machines & accessories
28 21.54%
Will consider Philips PAP accessories, but avoid Philips machines
35 26.92%
Will avoid most or all Philips Respiratory products
67 51.54%
Total 130 vote(s) 100%
* You voted for this item. [Show Results]

I worry about new CPAPs being incompatible with OSCAR -- and creating a run on used AirSense 10s.

Otherwise, if a Philips accessory was superior, I'd use it.
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I've been to two sleep labs and three different equipment suppliers. Philips always seems to be the system they most often had on display tables and as loaner systems. It would be so much better if more equipment providers were promoted besides Philips and Resmed. Competition is good.
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(06-18-2021, 10:27 PM)SuperSleeper Wrote: ......The current DS760 I use is great, but it's supposedly under the recall, and it's sort of been "smelling" a bit to me lately, like burning metal at times over the several few weeks......

I have a possible theory about these machines I'm reading about that have a burning smell. I noticed some years ago that if I go several days without washing out the humidifier, it can develop an odd smell. Not the algae / ?mold? type smell. More of a burning rubber smell. It's almost as though something has become concentrated in the water. I normally use distilled water, but have used tap water on occasion when I have no distilled. I kinda thought it's maybe dust from the air getting in the water and getting concentrated, or maybe something - minerals maybe - in the water getting concentrated. I've been dumping and washing every refill.
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As a longtime fan of ResMed devices, I was disappointed with my local VA office when they told me they only carried the Dreamstation. Now, I have to deal with them to handle the recall.  They didn't tell me about the recall.  I only heard about it from a sleep clinic where I have an new study and MSLT scheduled in a week.

I'll be falling back to my ancient S9 Autoset and my Airmini. I prefer the AirMini over the two for the algorithm. But I have to boost my sinus moisture with Pretz even when I use the Humidix Plus disks.
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Other polls are also suggesting that brand preferences are changing amongst all product groups within the industry:

Home Medical Equipment News
August 10, 2021

NEW YORK – Providers expect to permanently shift an average of 56% of their Philips flow generator purchases and an average of 23.1% of their Philips mask purchases to other companies due to the recall, according to Needham’s 3Q21 HME Sleep and Oxygen Survey.  “And ResMed looks likely to be a beneficiary of this share movement,” Needham states. “Over the near-term, respondents expect ResMed’s share of their flow generator purchases to increase by 3.7% and its share of their mask purchases to increase by 2%.”

Other highlights from the survey:
  • Providers report that prices have increased by an average of 6.3% since Philips announced the recall on June 14.
  • Providers report they have been able to, on average, only purchase the following portions of their desired flow generator volumes for delivery within their required timeframes: Fisher & Paykel 7%, Philips 10.3%, ResMed 45.4%.
  • Fifty percent of providers believe the recall will divert resources from their resupply businesses and result in lower resupply sales.
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One of the things that I'm still gobsmacked by is the docility of PR users in the face of Philips' rank dishonesty. It's incredibly obvious that they knew about this for a long time, and have been lying for a long time.

It also puts a whole different spin on the DS2 encrypting the data.

Imagine that the DS2 algorithm has some serious hard-to-track-down bugs in the software, which cause the machine to every so often -- say once or twice per month -- to do the opposite thing with the pressure than it's supposed to, and this causes the patient's apnea to be totally uncontrolled for the whole night. Tracking down software bugs like this is time consuming and totally unpredictable and impossible to plan around. (AFTER you find the bug and fix it is when you know how long it's going to take to find the bug.)

Or imagine that the Philips engineers figure out how to tell which brand mask you are wearing from some individual signature of subtle variations of the mask pressure. If they know whether it's one of their masks or a competitor's mask, then they can report the leakage statistics to make their mask look better and the other masks look worse.

Creating a full data stream of lies at a fraction of a second precision is a pretty tall order. But lying about the summary statistics? ResMed already does this wholesale with MyAir, it's dead easy. But ResMed isn't keeping you from going and looking at the data at the 1/1000th of a second level and letting you judge for yourself. So when the detailed data is encrypted, PR is saying "trust us when we tell you how everything went last night while you were asleep."

Really? PR has already proven that they are baldfaced liars who are completely indifferent to the injuries that their lying causes in their patients. And now a patient is supposed to trust that they aren't lying about anything else?
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I've used a shaving machine Phillips for long long years. It's a state-of-the-art machine. Along with other Phillips products, they have suggested me to buy dreamstation, with those pretty mask, different of all anothers. I've used dreamstation and have been satisfied with its results, however have seen here many reports that shows that the performance of Resmed stations is better than Phillips. I don't care, I know it have problems, because I think it's very hard for a machine to make this function. However, it's very silent, its humidifier works well and my IAH have been ever bellow 8.0.
Therefore, who have invested in dreamstation should consider its benefits and not to be so afraid about a problem that happened in a very few cases, for aught I know, and caused by the machine cleanning with ozone. Lets go along with that trouble to see how it would commit us.
So, I don't think it's a good idea to give all the market to only one manufacturer, who would work in a monopoly way.
Many industries have made recall on its products. It's good for its images. I feel confortable with this manifestation, although it scares us.
It's not still clear (for me) how it happens on the machine functions. Will it happen again? In what circunstances and frequency?
I hope Phillips continue giving the opportunity for everyone to make this recall and continue to offer dreamstation, in a second option to consumers.
It's important for us to be enlightened more and more about the problems that were disclosed by own Phillips, to see how great will the risks to our health.
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