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PR SystemOne BPAP Auto w/Bi-Flex [copied from old forum]
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Machine: PR System One REMstar Auto (DS560)
Mask Type: Nasal pillows
Mask Make & Model: ResMed Mirage Swift II
Humidifier: none
CPAP Pressure: 12.5 - 18.5 cmH20 (auto range)
CPAP Software: SleepyHead

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PR SystemOne BPAP Auto w/Bi-Flex [copied from old forum]
CrohnieToo Wrote:4

I have to start off w/what I don't like about this BPAP simply because the "mistakes in design" are so obvious.

Right off the bat there is no backlight for the LCD screen in the early models which is the model
I was provided with. I had to keep a flashlight handy to be able to read the LCD screen

While okay w/the DME providers I'm sure since it is their only interest the data via the LCD screen provided is for 7 night and 30 night averages. No daily data. But then Respironics has never been particulary "generous" in the amount of data they provide via the LCD screen. I wouldn't own a less than fully data capable PAP so data is of the utmost importance to me.

Access to the data card requires some nimble fingers. Its not the easiest data card to grasp and remove from the device.

I'm not fond of the "dry box" for the humidifier tank. I had a Resmed S8 previous and the water tank was right up front, w/a clear cover that had the water level staring you in the face. In addition, I could pop the cover when I got up in the AM and the condensation could dry out thru the day. W/the PR S1 "dry box" the condensation NEVER dries up. I am not one to empty and clean and refill my humidifier tank every day. I use ONLY distilled water and top the tank off as needed.

And they still utilize a power brick which I have NEVER liked!

One needs to be careful to check the manufacture date. Many of the early PR S1s (2010) had a problem w/stopping and starting on their own during the night despite AutoOn and AutoOff were turned off. Problems such as this are not uncommon in the first productions of a new model of any kind. Respironics will or has replaced or repaired those machines reporting this problem. The later models do have a backlit LCD screen.

On the other hand the swivel hose attachment at the top of the humidifier was a stroke of genius! I LOVE IT!

The PR S1 I have is extremely quiet and pressure transitions are smooth and easy. Sometimes noise level can vary between devices of the same make and model. Its just a very, very comfortable BPAP to use in either straight BPAP mode or in BPAP auto mode.

The change to a USB data card rather than proprietary data card and propritary card reader cable has been more than welcome!!!

The lack of a back light for the LCD screen and the 7/30 night averages via the LCD screen almost cost this device 2 stars. The only reason it didn't is because like it or not therapy quality is more important than data and data access. So I somewhat begrudgingly give 4 stars instead of 3 for the PR S1 BPAP Auto w/Bi-Flex.
02-18-2012 12:03 AM
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