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So I just now today registered as NickAsleep in honor of all my long line of paternal ancestors who lived in the 1700's in Maryland with the given name Nicholas. Not wanting to bore anyone with my genealogy, I will immediately reveal that I have lived happily ever since I started using Respironics CPAP's in 1998. I now know my father also suffered from obstructive sleep apnea, as I remember hearing his snoring, silence, snorting and bed springs squeaking cycles when I was just a kid in the 50's. (Sorry I reverted to genealogy again) I have had two CPAP's, bought in 1998 and 1999. The oldest just suffered terminal bearing failure a few weeks ago. The second, a smaller "Solo" was suffering noisy old age, like me. I figured now is the time to go thru our local clinic, doctor, testing, Medicare, home-care provider, etc. to get a new CPAP. So now I am the happy 'user' of a DreamStation Auto. Apparenty, I now need to demonstrate "compliance" for 13 months, for Medicare purposes, before I become the proud 'owner' of my new machine. Well, I am really a happy sleeper since April 18. I have experienced better and 'sounder', high-tech sleep. Last night, I slept for over 7 hours with an AHI of 6.6 and a 90% pressure of 16.  (My machine was set for 20 max, but after learning from the apnea board (you guys), I reduced the max to 16). Pretty remarkable since my home sleep testing, forehead mounted tester, said my AHI was 42. So, as I said, I am pretty happy with my improved sleeping and with the new machine and am really intrigued with all that I am learning from the high-tech stuff and have been learning so much from the Phillips Respironics DreamMapper. Now for my question: My average 90% pressure had been around 13, but on 4 occasions the 90% pressure 'jumped' way up to 16 plus and once up to 20 (before adjusting the max to 16). Is it normal for the 'jump' some nights to way higher than the average?
Thanks so much for your help,
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Download the SleepyHead software (see link at top of page) and you can get data that will help you bring that AHI to well under 5 every night. Make sure there is an SD card in your machine, put in the SD card reader in your computer every morning and run SleepyHead.

Then when you have a few days data you can post it to the forum and get some good advice from the expert users around here. Once again there are links at the top of the page to explanations of how to do this, how to post your results here, and how to interpret the information.

SleepyHead will literally let you zoom down to every single breath you took while on the machine! The info can be a bit overwhelming at first but after a while you will begin to notice patterns.
Ed Seedhouse

Part cow since February 2018.

Trust your mind less and your brain more.

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Hi NickAsleep,
The 90% pressure can change.  The jumps you describe may be from other things going on that don't get counted in the AHI number, like snoring and flow limitations.

Although these are not counted, the Apap will recognize this and raise the pressure to avoid an airway collapse.  

I suggest you download SleepyHead software, and after a few more posts, you will be able to post a screenshot here.  

Follow the tutorials in my signature line to organize the graphs, then someone can take a look and see what exactly is going on.
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Organize your SleepyHead Charts
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These jumps could also be positional: turning onto your back or tucking in your chin on your side (tuck in your chin and see how well you breathe).
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Hi NickAsleep,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you as you continue CPAP therapy.
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It may just be my age but I was a little confused by your post. On the 4 occasions that your 90% pressure jumped, was that during one night or was that 4 nights where your 90% pressure jumped higher than normal?

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Thanks so much to all of you, Payton, seedhouse, Opal Rose, chill, and trish600 for your kind comments.
I will try Sleepyhead as suggested. PaytonA, my pressure jumps of 90% for the night were on four different nights. After the first couple of these jumps I improvised a chin strap and that helped with the annoying mouth leaks I experienced with the pressure jumps. I had never experienced mouth leaks before in the 19 years using my old machines (they were fixed at 10 cm). So now I pretty much have the mouth leaks under control and today I reduced the max pressure down to 15 from the 16 setting. I will try this for a few days and see what happens. My 19 days of usage has resulted in an average 90% pressure of 13.3. I wish there was a way to monitor my sleep position and pressure so I could study more about what is happening.
Thanks again for all the help you folks have provided. My home-care provider has provided no help at all; every single contact with them has been initiated by me.
Have a good day (or rather a good nights sleep),
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I'm running 15 to 20cm, I need what I need to get it under control. My 90/95% still varies a lot. I'd be working on your leaks as a first priority and see where the pressure finishes up over time.
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(05-07-2017, 05:25 PM)NickAsleep Wrote: I wish there was a way to monitor my sleep position and pressure so I could study more about what is happening.

Surprisingly, I've found a buckwheat chaff pillow to be very helpful for me. Not only do I sleep more comfortably, but I *stay put*.  So if I fall asleep in a position, I stay in that position.  It's been a nice way of keeping track of my sleeping position.
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Thanks to 'a jack' comment to fix leaks.
I had noticed mouth leaks again a few nights ago, so I  tightened up my new chin strap yesterday and last night I slept straight thru for over 7 hours with my best ever AHI of 5.8.
Happy sleeping,
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