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Periodic Breathing algorithm in OSCAR?
RE: Periodic Breathing algorithm in OSCAR?
Yes, that was CPAP Reviews YouTube channel. I think ResMed's claim was copyright violation as some ResMed documentation was included. You can find out more by looking for some of the videos on Nicko's channel from about the time of the AirSense 11 release.
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RE: Periodic Breathing algorithm in OSCAR?
If this is only happening once a month then I would say this machine is adequate. If the central apnea episodes start getting worse/more frequent then can consider ASV.
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RE: Periodic Breathing algorithm in OSCAR?
ResMed threatening CPAP Reviews had nothing to do with Nicko taking apart the Air 11, nor did it have anything to do with downloading data and using with OSCAR. 

Their threats had to do with his video publishing the content of their manual, claiming it was a copyright violation.
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RE: Periodic Breathing algorithm in OSCAR?
(03-20-2022, 09:21 PM)Innisfree Wrote: I use an Airsense 10 for her. I have the same problem with multiple CAs with Cheyne Stokes as you do. It started within a couple of weeks of commencing use of the  CPAP unit in Sept 2020. It has been coming and going until this month when so far I have had only 4 days without significant events. .

 If like me, your CSA/CSR experience began shortly after you began using a CPAP, then you may have Treatment Emergent Complex Apnea Syndrome. I would advise you to find a reputable sleep doctor and ask for a polysomnogram to check for this. If you do have it then the only machine that will work effectively is an ASV. Sometimes a BiPap is recommended but the research I have read is almost unanimous in stating that a Bipap will not give a good result. 
Having finally identified exactly what my problem is I am waiting to get a referral from my doctor to an independent Sleep Clinic that is focussed only on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders by a group of qualified specialists with no industry connections.
Oscar shows the percentage of CSR on the first line in the Details graphic. The top Graph EVENT FLAGS shows the CSR as a green bar on the top line and the CSAs two lines below that. I saw an old post on this board regarding CAs and CSRs_- the poster was using an AIRSENSE 11. Her side bar was exactly the same as the one on the Airsense 10 with the CSR on the first line of the details list. There maybe just a glitch in the way your device was set up.
I browsed through the AIRSENSE 11 manual and it has a neat way to recognize a real CA.  You elongate the batch of CAs until the Flow Rate shows a flat line interrupted with large up and down lines which are the Apneas. If you were to draw a line from the bottom , over the top and down the other side of the Apnea it will have one or other of 2 shapes. If it is like a bell jar it is a real CA. If it is like a right angle triangle it is a OSA. Good Luck with your therapy and do consider getting an unbiased check on your condition.

Thanks for the information.  In my case, the central apnea stuff started in 1998, and the aFib 6 years ago, and the CPAP device as a result of a sleep study ordered by the people treating me for aFib.  So actually, it has been around a lot longer than my CPAP use.
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RE: Periodic Breathing algorithm in OSCAR?
I have new information about this, I hope it might be of some use to others.

I had had a problem with the OSCAR output of my ResMed Airsense11 because it was set to the wrong time zone, and the only way to reset it was to reset the machine.  I waited because my insurance company needs to see a certain number of months of compliance before they pay for the machine and resetting the machine might affect that.  I called the medical company and asked if they could do it so they would be able to deal with insurance, and went in this past week to get it reset (It's better but not perfect because ResMed apparently doesn't know how to do daylight savings time, which has been a coding library thing since the 1980s so ???).

Anyway, the reset caused a software upgrade or something.  I had periodic breathing similar to what I posted before (will post below) and it changed and read: Cheyne Stokes Respiration 5.38%.  So it now does Cheyne Stokes percentages which is a godsend for my biofeedback. Pix below.

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RE: Periodic Breathing algorithm in OSCAR?
The issue with time display and AS11 is really an OSCAR problem rather than a ResMed one. The AS11 data includes the TimeZone that is configured but OSCAR is not yet using this. You can set the CPAP Clock Drift in the preferences menu option in OSCAR and this will shift the CPAP data (only) by the specified amount.

ResMed flags periodic breathing patterns as CSR once they exceed 15 minutes. Not sure what your question is here... I doubt it has anything to do with changing the timezone and clearing the SD card.

There's minimal information about your settings and history (other than it being long and involving AF). Have you switched off EPR? EPR can exacerbate/trigger CA events and lead to PB/CSR type breathing.
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