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Philips Dreamstation or Airsense 10 CPAP machine
Oxygen supports corrosion (oxidation) but is not corrosive like a strong acid.

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(06-29-2016, 09:52 AM)chill Wrote: stephennic, the DreamStation won't (can't) force you to breathe or control your pace. I find it takes 30-60 seconds to get in sync with my breathing and then I can slow down to a comfortable pace and drift off to sleep. It will follow your breathing once it gets your breathing focused. But if you start to hyperventilate, it is happy to play along!

Yes you write I started to hyperventilate and then I became more awake and frustrated and gave up. i will try again tonight the dreamstation. It does sound some prefer one machine others will prefer others.I suppose in the end its the one that give you the best sleep without apneas.
The main problem for me is I am a very light sleeper and wear earplugs and the sound of the machine can be amplified in my head through the tube into the mask, so that will be a facto for me also.
Thanks for your input.
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They are both excellent machines and you can't go wrong with either one. It comes down to which you prefer, which one you will use.
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(06-29-2016, 10:26 PM)OMyMyOHellYes Wrote: As I understand it from my days studying chemistry, oxygen of the O2 variety is really quite corrosive.

Why do you think iron rusts if you leave it out in the air?
Ed Seedhouse

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Steve, if you're still chopping and changing between machines, I strongly suggest that you pick one, try it for a solid week, then try the other. One of the pitfalls in CPAP therapy is not allowing the body time to acclimatise to a particular machine or setting. We see it a lot when people change their pressures every night and never achieve a satisfactory outcome - the same could apply even more so if you're changing machines every night.

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I have the Air Sense, but I imagine this is true for any machine: if I route the tube too close to my ear, I hear my breathing (amplified), as you have mentioned. If I push the tube further from my face, life is much better! So check your tube placement too.
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Thanks for everyone input. I have had earplug in one ear, to block out noise and its all blocked today. Is it unwise to wear earplugs with a CPAP machine?
I been having ongoing headaches, gas in the morning. went to doctor, and he thought maybe the pressure is to high and may have sinus issues. I am going to slow down making a decision and got 5.6 hours with the dreamstation with about 4.5 apnea episodes. I am starting to lean towards the dreamstation with its ease of breathing over the Airsense 10 even though its a little noiser, will need more time.
Is there any tweaks for stopping the sound of the motor going up the tube to the mask?
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If you feel you're inflating like a balloon the pressure is definitely too high
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Hi all,
I saw a clinician got another dream station yesterday help set the auto ramp for 45mins starting at 6.5cm and 1 ER on the dreamstation which helped me sleep more quickly. Best sleep so far with a CPAP machine. Was asleep within 30 minutes, got 6 hours solid and 6 episodes per hour. I mainly slept on my back and without machine its about 50. Noise (whine) seems to appear initially when you put it straight to full set pressure of 9 when machine under pressure so when on autoramp it disappeared. The chest pain subsided a bit, ringing less in ear as no ear plugs last night less headaches. I found out that some chest discomfort is normal as stretching the muscles, ringing could be due to earplugs pressurising my ear which then can cause headaches. Feel more alert today.

In regard to comparing the airsense and dreamstation over the last week and a half.
Similar noise at ramp setting, but at full pressure the airsense is a little bit quieter because of the slight whine at times with the dreamstation, I find the dreamstation slightly gentler, smoother and easier to breath at both ramp and full fixed setting. I found the airsense harder to get to sleep due to the harder I have to push to breath and exhale even at various exhale settings.

Sometimes with the dreamstation I forget I am breathing whereas the Airsense I am more aware so not as relaxed or comfortable but early days, not rushing to make decision now but leaning slightly towards dreamstation because of the comfort in breathing just wished the whine wasn’t there at all.
Which is more important comfort in breathing or slight noise? which do you tend to adapt more too?
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Mate you're doing really well, trust me.

Back in the day when I started CPAP it took me a full 6 months before I could wear the mask continuously all night.

There were no nasal masks just the ones with a forehead pad that went over your nose. Combined with the headstrap it was like having a spider or a paper bag on your face. And it was noisy.

Getting used to breathing through your nose not your mouth, etc etc is a huge change. And as you can notice it's far easier to breath without a mask on.

All I can say is stick with it, gradually you'll last longer than 5-6 hours. All the little noises and stuff you'll learn to sleep through. If Dreamstation is more pleasant to use then use that one, the old resmed's noise I learnt to get used to (now they are virtually silent)
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