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Philips Dreamwear headgear replacement hack?
I use a dreamwear system. The headgear (the little strap with velcro at its ends) : [Image: dreamwear.headgear.jpg]
I have found this to be of very substandard quality for my use. Its worn out in 6 months. I have an oily scalp and sweat very heavily (just from my head) for the first two hours of my sleep. The headgear has wearing out and even with regular care, its starting to fall apart. At AUD 85 a pop its a fair whack if I have to buy a new one every 6 months. Does any one know of what I could use instead of this headgear ? 

I am thinking I will get an old underpant's elastic, and sew some velcro on either ends and see how it goes. I wanted to see what other people do if they dont want to buy a new headgear.
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You're referring to the velvety stuff, correct?

Just a thought for the next time you get a new one.  Have you thought of putting covers on the headgear? That way, you could sweat it and oil it up to your heart's content and just toss the covers in the wash. Maybe the headgear would last longer.

Idea #1. One thing I've tried before when I've had to jury-rig a replacement for headbands or pants elastic, is not to think about using a substitute or starting over, but stitching new elastic onto the old headband. That way, you get the shape of the old piece, but have added longevity. The hardest thing to come up with is shape.

If you're using elastic, I would put it on the outside of the headgear, so the smooth side of the band is still against your hair.

Idea #2 If you're starting over use (new) elastic the same width as the velcro section. Run it where the light blue band is. Take another piece of elastic and put it at an angle, perhaps even over the head, just whatever works to keep the band on.

Idea #3 Make strips of fabric (even rags would work). Wrap them around the headgear straps. Stitch a new piece of elastic onto the grey elastic, per Idea #1.

Idea #4 Take it to a shoe repair shop and have them re-stitch your current model. While they're at it, get them to machine stitch some edging so the edges don't fray.

Idea #6 Write to Philips. Be totally charming. Tell them how much you love your gear, but you're disappointed that it wore out so quickly. Should it really be fraying? Could they possibly send a replacement?

Replacement velcro is easy. Even one of those ties used to bundle computer cords would probably work.
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Do you have fabric stores in Australia?   You should be able to buy any size elastic in a fabric store.  They would sell it by the meter or yard.

If you felt really innovative, you might be able to find the actual fabric online.

A dress maker or hat maker might assist you in putting it together if you don't have the equipment.
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I don't think elastic is the best choice for this. In fitting the DreamWear, the silicon tube must sit at a certain position between your eyes and ears, so you do not want something that is super stretchy nor something that will loose it's shape or 'stretch out' quickly.

Could you perhaps salvage part of the band from an old visor? HalfAsleep has some good ideas. I just think elastic is going to loose it's integrity too quickly for your purposes.

Another choice could be to simply purchase some velcro and use it to make straps that can be connected at the back. That would allow you to make adjustments when necessary, it won't stretch out, and it is possible that you'd be able to just pull it over your head like the headgear that you use now.
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The headgear's are designed to last 6 months. They're not suppose to last forever.
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Walla Walla has a point. If you want something that is going to last, sources of possible material:

1. If you don't have one already, go to a second-hand store (sorry, can't think of the proper term - Goodwill or some such) and get a visor or baseball cap to salvage the band and adjustable part.

2. Go to a petstore or feedstore and purchase some nylon (or leather, whatever) strapping material.

Velcro may also work, but you'd probably want to do something to prevent your hair from getting pulled.
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The wider part of the headgear is Neoprene which is used for a lot of sports and medical wear. The smaller piece is fabric covered elastic. I'd do some shopping about at sports only stores for the Neoprene to find something with the right amount of stretch - seems to be the same as diving stuff. You can sew velcro fabric on, but you add additional thickness. Allow for that in your construction. You want fabric covered elastic or your hair gets all tangled into it at night, but you should be able to get that at sewing or craft stores. I've been using my mask for over 6 months now and I've had some problems with the neoprene flaking off, but it otherwise seems to work well. I expect it will last a full year before failure (I switch off with another mask, so it's a guestimate).
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(09-24-2017, 07:58 AM)Walla Walla Wrote: The headgear's are designed to last 6 months. They're not suppose to last forever.

Not true.  Masks and headgear should last at least a year and if they are not, it's a defect or a fault.  The pillows or cushions shouldn't be expected to last 6 months, however.  My P10 headgear only lasted 7 months, but when I washed and threw it into the dryer, it is all happy again and easily lasted another 4-5 months. OBVIOUSLY, there are going to be exceptions since everybody uses different cleaning methods and has different quality water and wears things hard or easy depends on how restfully they sleep.  But the design is NOT for lasting 6 months.  You are confusing the 6 months with the Medicare allowance.
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My DME said to wash the DreamWear mask in cooler water and it lasts longer than using hot. My DreamWear mask got pretty shoddy looking at 6 months even though I didn't use it full time. I can get replacements at 6 months through insurance (Medicare), Te prices they charge to purchase are outrageous in any country!
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Amazon sells Neoprene.
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