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Phillips-Respironics DreamWear
I just got my DreamWear and, after a quick tryout, thought I'd give a initial report. I am initially giving it 4 stars because I haven't slept with it yet. This rating value is subject to change.

The DreamWear that I received has the medium headgear and included the small, medium, medium wide, and large nose piece. The instructions state "to use the smallest nose piece that will work for you" and provided a sizing guide which is straight forward. It also comes with an optional mask frame fabric sleeve. . . nice! The main portion of the mask frame acts as the airway artery to the nose piece. If you lay on one side and cut off the air supply, the other side has enough volume area to make up for the restriction and you don't even notice it. It has a quick-release hose adapter, akin to the F-P Simplus adapter.

The DreamWear seems to be aimed at the P10 user market. Since I'm a P10 user, I'm making my comparisons to it. Initially it feels strange not to have something stuck up my nose. The absence of the nasal prongs is really very comfortable and I won't miss that feeling. However, I do have a feeling of apprehension that the mask will want to leak.

Pricing seems to be on par with the P10 and feels appropriate. (If that is a feeling)

A quick observation; This unit is as quiet and lightweight as a P10. Of course, if you've never tried a P10, then this is like describing the taste of an orange.

The P10 may now have some competition. JMHO

More to come.
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I initially thought just by looking at it, that it would be easy to adapt to if you were a P10 user.

No prongs/pillows in nose would be a plus, and the side strap/mask frame looks like it sits well away from your eyes. The is the only thing that bothers me with the P10. The side strap sits close to eyes.

Can't wait for you to report back after testing it.

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Are you sure you got a Dreamweaver, and not a DreamWear Nasal? Pictures?
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I would like to hear about it's venting... the one HUGE plus of the p10 that outweighs any dislikes is the diffused venting!
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Tongue Suck Technique for prevention of mouth breathing:
  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
  • gently suck to form a light vacuum
Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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I am quite interested in this and am looking forward to hearing what you think after using it for a few nights. Can you post some pictures too?
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(10-09-2015, 05:12 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: Are you sure you got a Dreamweaver, and not a DreamWear Nasal? Pictures?

You are absolutely correct! I'll edit my post after I type this. I've been re-learning web page programming and developed "Sometimers".

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The overall value of this mask is comparable with other similar sized masks.
I purchased a "Fit Pack" from an online supplier. I phoned in and asked for special pricing and got it for $89 minus loyalty points, end price was $77.00

The "Fit Pack" included the Medium Frame with Fabric Headgear, and two fabric wraps for side tubes. The medium Frame is supposed to fit most, but was a bit large for me. Also included were 4 nasal masks: size small, med, medium-wide, and large and a fit guide to help you determine proper size.

The Fabric HeadGear has adjustable straps on each side that connect to the air tubes. The back of the HeadGear splits into two straps with the large strap on bottom and smaller strap directly above. I could not figure out what the smaller strap was for because you couldn't move it up or down. Thinking-about

This mask is lightweight. Your tubing connects at the top of your head to a swivel connector which also houses the air diffuser. The air pressure then travels down the side tubes that sit on each side of your face to the nasal piece which just sits under your nose.

If you are a side sleeper, and lay on the tubing, then the air pressure is redirected to the opposite side. However, the mask tends to move or shift when laying on your side. I had a hard time controlling leaks.

There is also a small slit in the front of the nasal piece that diffuses air, which I didn't find bothersome. It is not as quiet as the P10, but not real loud either.

I was, however, very aware of my breathing in and out. It seemed loud to me and never noticed this with the P10.

Note: If I am comparing only to the P10 Nasal Pillow mask, it is because that is all I've ever used, so I can't compare to full face or other nasal masks.

The nasal piece sits directly under your nose, and I did enjoy the feeling of not having nasal pillows in my nose. It was a nice break.

It does take some time and patience to get it to fit properly and be comfortable too.
I felt that the Medium Frame was a hair too big for me and the only way to get a proper fit is have a DME fit you before you buy.

My final thoughts are that this mask may be perfect for a back sleeper, but a side sleeper is going to have the mask shift and cause leaks.

I have deceided to keep the mask as a backup for when I experience nasal soreness and need something other than nasal pillows.

Hope this has been helpful. Dreaming

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I read the initial discussion of this mask on the forums when it was first available, and it sounded great. I have been using a P10 and think it is a great pillow mask, but the pillows were irritating my nares (nostrils) enough to wake me at 3:00 am and not get back to sleep, so I bought the Dreamwear with great anticipation. Like the P10 I use it with a chinstrap.

- Very lightweight and compact, very easy to put on and adjust for fit.
- Relatively easy to take apart and clean.
-Top elbow for air connection is convenient for hose movement (but see CONs below).
-Was comfortable for me to wear, side tubes did not bother me.

-As a side and stomach sleeper, the mask was impossible for me to keep centered on my nose - when the side of your head presses on the air tubes, not only does it impede the air flow on that side, it shifts the nose pillow just enough to cause a good-sized leak. If you stayed in the same position it would be OK, or probably for a back sleeper.
- The mask is much noisier AFAIAC than the P10. The sound of your inhale and exhale are amplified by the side tubes and bone conductivity to be quite loud.
- Also noisy is the vent at the top elbow, quite bothersome to me.

All-in-all I was disappointed that the mask was not my "dreamwear" and I will be returning it. It is a great concept, and might be good for back sleepers who don't mind the noise.
I guess I will either have to toughen-up my nares, or switch to my Simplus FFM when they get too sore.
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I've used this mask for a couple of nights now. I like it. The thing I like the most is the ability to roll around and not have to deal with the hose. (I move around a lot) The hose is completely out of the way and swivels easily. I don't have a headboard on my bed, and the bed is away from the wall a little bit, to allow the hose to droop between the bed and the wall.

I'm using a 'climate line' hose which feels a little heavy when I start each night. I can feel the hose pulling back on my head when I first lay down. A lighter hose probably wouldn't be noticeable. After a few minutes I don't notice it anymore anyway.

When I roll onto my side, sometimes the mask shifts a little. Depends if I "roll" or if I "slide" my head. Meaning that when I roll over, if my head is still in the same spot on the pillow, I have slid my face on the pillow which tries to slide the mask. (if I raise my head a little it lets the mask recenter) And if I really roll instead of slide, I don't get the shifting of the mask at all.

The first night I had no leaks. The second night I had a very tiny leak going up my cheek toward my eye, when I started out. I wasn't even sure if it was a leak at first. I couldn't feel the movement of the air, it just felt a little cooler where the air was coming out. A little fiddling with the mask cleared that up.

There is a vent at the top, in or near the elbow. I don't hear any sound from it. There is also a small vent in the front of the mask. I normally don't hear it, but sometimes can feel it or hear it when I'm on my side. I can feel it if I put my arm in front of my face (cactus arm) while on my side, if my arm is close to my face. I can hear it if my face is pointed slightly down into the pillow. If I notice the sound, I push the pillow down (buckwheat hull pillow) or just change my angle a bit.

That's everything I can think of for now... Smile
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I got one on Monday and have used it for the last few nights. It feels more comfortable than the P10 I was using before, mostly because I don't have anything sticking up my nose. I'm finding that the strap that goes around the back of the head slides up pretty often making the whole thing loose on my face and I need to adjust it a few times through the night. I think if the strap was able to go lower on the back of my head it would be more secure but there's no way to do that.

There's more noise with this than with the P10, but only I can hear it. My wife says it doesn't sound any louder (or softer) than the P10 but to me it's much louder.

My machine is on the side of my bed, when I go to sleep I'm either on my back or on my left side (facing the machine). Sometime during the night I turn over onto my right side and 99% of the time either the mask comes off or I take it off. Not just this mask, any mask. On this one the hose connects on the top instead of the front like the P10 so I'm working on re-routing the hose to see if that helps when I roll onto my right side. So far no dice but I'll keep trying.

Overall I like it, it's more comfortable and like I said it's nice to not have something sticking up my nose. It's easier to get it out of position and have air blasting up into my eyes but I think that will stop as I get more used to it.

FWIW I'm using the medium pillow. My kit came with a small, medium, medium-wide and large. The DME who fitted me said I might want to try to the medium-wide if I have issues with the medium but so far it's been fine.
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