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Photo ID required for Medical Services
(04-04-2017, 04:03 PM)Homerec130 Wrote: Just wish I had to show an ID to vote as I have been the victim of voter fraud several times -

You mean its not just Chicago?

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I figure that one of these days, the medical (and probably the banking) industry will start using biometrics like the fingerprint scanners like they have at the ports of entry.  At least then you won't have to worry about where you misplaced your cards.   Whistle
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Photo ID has been required by my local hospital and the pulmonary doctor's office. The pulmonary office just changed to that policy this year. If/when I change this doctor for another, I somewhat expect the same. The hospital I use most often has been that way for about 5ish years.

FWIW though, same pulmonary office just handed me my copy of the sleep study report after I told them my name. I offered to show ID which they declined. Hmm... Dont-know

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Sarcasm is a hobby of mine. I am not sarcastic on serious issues, implied or otherwise.
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Voter fraud is on the increase here mainly using postal votes, this along with intimidation at the poling station in certain parts of the country.

I can only see it getting worse.
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I have researched this as I am the OP.  If you visit a medical provider, and they tell you photo ID is required by US Medicare law, they are mistaken.
The Federal Trade Commission made a ruling in 2008, called "Red Flag, that "creditors" must assure the identity of those to whom they extend credit.  Is a physician a creditor?  That question is unclear; and no ruling has been made.

The FTC has pushed physicians and other medical facilities to put in-place a program to help ensure that medical services are rendered to the person who is insured.  They are free to create what ever safeguards they wish.  Nothing mandates scanning a photo ID.  I do not object to showing my ID.  But, it's look but do not touch!  I urge everyone to resist this infringement.  This program is so egregious that even a cash customer may be asked for ID.

The AMA has taken a position against the FTC and Red Flag.

I suggest that imaging or copying an identity document may be a Federal Crime under the Real ID Act.
In effect, it is making a counterfeit identity document.

What about those on Medicaid?  Many do not have state issued photo IDs.  Are they being turned away from healthcare?

Red Flag is Evil and must be resisted.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.  It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."
    -- William Pitt (1759-1806)
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I certainly agree with you. While I can see a possible valid reason to see the ID, they don't need to scan it.

BTW voter ID vs healthcare & photo ID: not many DEAD people trying to commit healthcare fraud. At least not that I'm aware of it.  Coffee Coffee
Sarcasm is a hobby of mine. I am not sarcastic on serious issues, implied or otherwise.
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(04-04-2017, 04:03 PM)Homerec130 Wrote: Just wish I had to show an ID to vote as I have been the victim of voter fraud several times - there are two other people in the county with the same first name, middle initial, and last name. The folks at the polls don't even bother to check addresses. This is why I am an advocate of mail in ballots.


Instead of advocating for mail in ballots, advocate that the stupid poll people DO THEIR JOBS.  That is part of their job - to verify the address of the person voting.  Adding more layers are unnecessary if you can rag on the legislature to enforce what is already there.  Those voting judges should be canned for not doing their job. They do in my precinct.

Ok, to make my post relevant to the thread, I also do not allow them to scan my driver's license. They have the right to look at it to verify that I am who I say I am but they aren't going to get a copy of it. Geez, like someone needs more opportunities for ID theft. The exception is a government requirement (it's issued by the government, so yes, they can ask for it).
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The city I live in (but can't vote in their city only elections) is going to a mail only election with 6 walk in polling places (we have 6 wards). I have a city address, but live out side the city limits and in the county. I am closer to another town than the city. The big argument for mail in ballots out here is two fold. First is convenience for the voters. They can send in their ballots and if they educate themselves, can take the time to read the issues and then make a decision. The second big savings is in the cost of the polling places. They keep switching polling places year to year to try to cut rental costs and people get confused as to where they go to vote. The other cost savings is the ballots can be a print on demand and they do not end up with extra paper ballots on hand at all the polling places which have to be destroyed.

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Most all of Franklin county PA is still paper ballot at several rented locations, mostly these are a local church fellowship hall. Never seen a dead voter here...yet. I had registered as a volunteer at whichever location had openings but have yet to be asked to help. Must have been the Trump hat and t-shirt...JK. My area is quite conservative BTW.
Sarcasm is a hobby of mine. I am not sarcastic on serious issues, implied or otherwise.
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