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Pillows+Neck brace = Snoring ... Explanation?
Pillows+Neck brace = Snoring ... Explanation?
Hi ... It's been a while since I've posted but this recent event has me confused. I have been struggling with my therapy. I have a very difficult time staying asleep so have been trying different things to see if that might improve. I am using my ResMed Pillows which I like a lot. I have used them alone, with a chin strap, and as the last image shows, a new neck brace. I have included two images which show a good example of my stats, March 24th & 28th. These two were using only the mask, no chin strap or anything. On April 1st I was kind of shocked at the "Snore" graph. It was the first time I slept with the neck brace. I was hoping that the brace would help me to stay asleep for longer stretches at a time. I am trying so hard to get 6 or 7 straight hours but it is just not happening. I also have noticed that I often feel that I cannot exhale well. It feels kind of like I am not getting enough air. I did change the minimum setting to 8 so maybe that is why I was snoring so much? 

I am hoping that I can get help in fine tuning my machine now that I have been using it for quite some time. My AHI is mostly under 5. If you can glean anything from my data I would really appreciate it. I need my therapy to work!

Thanks much, JoLyn

[Image: 13n9HsN.png]

[Image: 2vXFkfe.png]

[Image: 9pkXVcu.png]
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RE: Pillows+Neck brace = Snoring ... Explanation?
It looks like your pressure is maxing out right off the bat. You probably need to raise your minimum to 11cm and your maximum up to say 15cm and see how that goes in cutting out the snores and flow limitations. I'd make the changes slowly though maybe 1cm at a time and keep an eye on your CA events.

I also suspect your wearing your collar too tight. Your charts show you having better results without the collar. If things don't improve by loosening it than I'd dump the collar.
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RE: Pillows+Neck brace = Snoring ... Explanation?
If you are having trouble breathing out, turn on the Expiry Relief, start at 1 and if you need more go to 2 and then 3.
This might also help with Central events if they start to appear.  Try turning this on to see if it helps with them, it often does.
As Walla Walla says, adjust things slowly and this way you can see what effect the adjustments are having.  Do not adjust to many things at a time.
I am NOT a doctor.  I try to help, but do not take what I say as medical advice.

Every journey, however large or small starts with the first step.

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RE: Pillows+Neck brace = Snoring ... Explanation?
@Walla Walla & @Sleep2Snore ... thanks for your help and advice. I will follow your suggestions and see how it goes. I was not able to sleep last night but got a couple of hours early this morning. Check out this report!!! I had loosened the collar and dropped the humidity to 6. I had recently had the humidity all the way up but found my nose was wet. At 6 I woke this morning with a dry throat so I will try it at 7 next. 

[Image: Xvmwt1H.png]
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RE: Pillows+Neck brace = Snoring ... Explanation?
I think I figured out part of the reason for the problem. My nose has been entirely plugged during the night. I'm trying to remedy that!
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