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Pillows instead of a mask? (newbie)
Hi all..

I started on CPAP last week. It's NOT going well. I sleep like cwap with that thing on (full mask). The longest I've gone is 4.5 hours. It seems to make my nasal passages clogged, making me a total mouth breather. Then it wakes me up with LOTS of air being CRAMMED down my throat. My mouth gets dry, even though I've turned up the humidifier. And then there's the leakage, even though I've tightened the straps.

I'm really stressing out about this. I don't think I could ever get used to it. And....I'm still peeing in the middle of the night anyway (which was the main reason I wanted to do this).

Would using a nasal mask or pillows work better for me or be worth a try?
Why didn't they tell me about pillows? Or don't they work well enough?

Thanks for any comments!
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Michael I use the Resmed Airfit P10 pillows mask and like it a lot. But that does not mean it would work for you. Maybe so, but before we go there, try to dance with who brung ya.

Which full face mask are you using? There is a ton of help out here that should make your getting used to it much easier.

You will want to download and install the Sleepyhead software from this site. That will allow you to take the ? mark off of your pressure input, and let us know what pressures you are really on, what the machine is actually doing, and whether or not your apnea is being properly managed. What is needed is stats for a night or so showing what your minimum pressure is, your max, your median and 95%. Same for your leak numbers. How high are they? If over the threshold of 28? (I always forget the exact number) then we will need you to work on your mask fitting. Too much leaks and you'll have a lot of the symptoms you are describing.

So to begin with tell us as much as you can specifically about what is going on.

You will in a very short time be able to change your name from "allchokedup" to "I'm asleep now!"
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Hi Retired...

My mask is the Quattro Air.

I'm not sure how to get the info you're requesting of my machine.

My concern is that I'm prone to have a stuffy nose, even without the mask touching it., because of narrow nasal passages and/or allergies. So I don't see how using a mask will ever work for me if it's going to plug up my nose....(?)

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You should not over tighten the straps, if you have to over tighten the straps, might have wrong size or fitted incorrectly, quite common to trial few masks until you find the right mask. Good idea to wash the cushion after each use and wash your face before putting the mask on.
Have you tried mask liners?

You,re better off with full face mask while your nose is clogged but just a bit trickier to seal than nasal masks. talk to your doctor, there some otc sprays gives temporary relief (not to use for more than 3 days) and other prescription nasal sprays can be used for longer periods, nasal irrigation helps as well and should be tried before anything else

Untreated OSA have a dire consequences, stick with the therapy, there is an adjustment period. Most users once they adjust to sleeping with CPAP, they feel like they cannot live without it ... Rome was not not built in one day

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(07-21-2014, 07:46 PM)allchokedup Wrote: I'm not sure how to get the info you're requesting of my machine.
There are some links gives the information you need, while I look for them, tell us the model of your S9
[Image: s9-autoset-models.jpg]

Edit: I stole it from RobySue blog, explain it much better than I can ever write

Step-by-step instructions on how to get to the Sleep Quality Report on your S9's LCD

Press the info button on the S9 to get into the Short Sleep Quality Report. You should see your Usage for the night, an icon indicating Mask Fit for the night, and the AHI for the night. Note that Mr. Red Frowny Face shows up if your excess leak rate is AT or ABOVE 24 L/min for at least 30% of the night. If you only see the Usage data, your DME has locked you out of the full Sleep Report Data. Take the machine back to theDME and demand that they change the setting for Sleep Quality from Usage to On. Or learn how to get into the clinical menu and set Sleep Quality to On yourself.
If you want more detailed information, you can go from the short Sleep Quality Report to the more detailed Long Sleep Quality Report by holding both the info and the double check buttons down at the same time for three seconds or so. You may notice a brief flash.
Use the large round knob to scroll down ONE icon on the left hand list of icons. You should now see the top of the detailed Sleep Quality menu. And then CLICK the round button to select the detailed Sleep Quality menu. This will now let you scroll all the way through the detailed Sleep Quality menu to see the AHI, AI, and CAI, which are at the bottom of this menu. It will also allow you to change the data period from 1 Day to 1 Week to 1 Month to 3 Months to get an idea of the averages of the data over longer time frames than over night.

[Image: s9-pic1.jpg]
S9 setup videos and pictures http://www.apneaboard.com/resmed-s9-cpap-setup

Scroll own to section three to 'how ask for the clinical manual via email'

SleepyHead and ResScan software download links

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This http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...3#pid72963 is a good place to start to learn about the Sleepyhead software and how to download it to your computer.

You can learn how to acquire the Clinician manual for your machine here: http://www.apneaboard.com/resmed-s9-cpap-setup
The full face masks are famous for leaking. As Zonk has already pointed out over tightening them is not a good thing. They need to be comfortably snug when your machine is powered up. You can search for assistance in controlling the leaks. A good resource is youtube, search for the movies on Resmed Quattro Air. Some of the other guys will be around with copious tips on working with this mask.

You can make a "mask liner" from an old t-shirt. Just cut out to match the mask leaving a bit of excess for a "border." Then cut out the center where Mr. Nose goes.

As far as being stuffy? I have the worlds most stuffy nose. But when on PAP, I breath through my nose quite effectively, even with the pillows mask. So don't worry too much about that. You do need to try to keep Mr. Mouth shut. I'm lucky, because Mrs. Retired_Guy has been telling me to keep my mouth shut for years, so I got a head start on the process. You may need to employ a chinstrap to assist with that.

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My machine is the Autoset(?) with the H5i humidifier.

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(07-21-2014, 08:28 PM)allchokedup Wrote: Zonk..

My machine is the Autoset(?) with the H5i humidifier.

Lucky you, top machine Coffee
See the info and links in previous posts
Study hard, exam soon
Best of luck

Edit: Tips for new CPAP users .... Avoiding 10 common problems
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(07-21-2014, 06:54 PM)allchokedup Wrote: Would using a nasal mask or pillows work better for me or be worth a try?

They may not work better for you, but they may be worth a try. Contact the medical providers who gave you your mask and tell them what's happening to you. It's almost guaranteed that the first mask you try won't work so they won't be surprised to get your call. Even if you find that you have to stay with a full face mask they can try a different one to see if it fits better.

Quote:Why didn't they tell me about pillows? Or don't they work well enough?

Likely they gave you the full face mask instead of a nasal mask because of the issues you have with your sinuses. It may be that in your sleep study they tried a nasal mask and it didn't work.

Nasal masks fit over the nose. Nasal mask pillows fit inside the nostrils. The advantage to these is that they are less likely to leak. But you have to keep your mouth closed and not breathe through it, otherwise they won't work.

Many of us have to wear a chin strap with our nasal mask to help us keep our mouths closed while sleeping.
Apnea Board Moderator

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Hey choked, do you have a little better breathing when you use something like breathe right strips? I too have trouble breathing thru my nose, my whole life. I have a deviated septum. Breathe right strips help, but not much. Well, i tried the swift fx nasal pillows, and those things open my nasal passages better than anything i have ever tried. I have only been at this for a few days myself, but i like the pillows as far as breathing goes. My problem last night now is my mouth opened a few times and it was the worst night yet. Im going to get the innomed hybrid mask that is a nasal pillow and mouth mask in one to see if that helps my mouth opening... Wishing both of us luck, its tough right now.
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