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Please HELP! New CPAP user .. 3.5 weeks in .. AHI still avg high 4 - mid 6 range
What is the downside to setting it to a max high end range of around 20? If for some reason an increase in pressure does not resolve it any ideas as to what else might be causing this? Lastly, anyone know of a good device that measures your time in sleep stages accurately that is economical for home use on a regular basis? I read something recently about at neuroon which was a Kickstarter project that is out now.
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Hi mikeuva123,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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The only disadvantage of setting the max to 20 is that some people are awoken by the spikes in pressure and end up sleeping worse. You have to find your personal balance. You can partially address this by raising the minimum closer to the max spike so the jump is not so large.

Also higher pressures can result in large mask leaks if it is not adjusted for the higher pressures. This can also wake you up and might (depending on the size of the leak) compromise your therapy.

I have looked at a number of sleep monitors and EEG equipment but not found anything that I really want to buy. The Neuroon look kind of gimmicky and would only work with nasal pillows (could not fit a nasal or full mask over it). The one that most interested me is called Sleep Profiler, from Advanced Brain Monitoring. You can inquire about getting one for personal use, I have not yet done so.
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I just contacted Advanced Bain Monitoring and they only sell to doctors at around $5500 it doesn't look cheap. Sad I wonder how well the new jawbone UP works since it is not using EEG to determine sleep cycles.
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This is very interesting. You guys keep right on thinking and looking. I had not searched for any sleep monitors and EEG equipment. I happened on a used EEG for sale a while back and did not look at the price it was hospital surplus.

I seem to think that I can use Sleepyhead to find my sleep patterns. It looks to me that I go into REM sleep about every 90 minutes.

But what do I know, just guessing. Like my doc says...Save your money for the Wake Party, lots of free food, plenty to drink that the dead pay for and the dancing. It is a big time party. Laugh-a-lot

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I did some research into these devices a while back. Most of them seem useless for our purposes. I will post more when I get a chance this weekend.
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Someone mentions a discontinued device called "Zeo". Apparently there is software that allows import into sleepyhead as well.
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I purchased the JawBone UP 3 wrist band about a month ago. (Under $80.00)
Originally bought it to monitor steps.
(I have discovered I'm more of a couch potato that I thought.). Sad

Anyway, downloaded the App for the JawBone and discovered it tracks sleep cycles, so decided to start wearing it to bed.

I was a bit skeptical about how accurate this might be.

The app gives you a graph of what time you went to bed and the time you woke up. It also lists wake times during the night. Although, I very seldom get up during the night, I find the reporting is accurate.

It also lists sleep cycles and labels them as Light Sleep, Deep Sleep, and REM. I have been trying to compare this with SleepyHead Graphs to try and pinpoint REM sleep.

I'm unsure as to the difference in their listing between Deep Sleep and REM, but it looks like my respiration goes up during REM Sleep.

Like I said, I was a bit skeptical about it's accuracy, but compparing to SH, it is quite interesting.

I've only used it now for a couple weeks, but it give me some idea as to my sleep cycles.

The Up band gives no information by just looking at it. You have to download the UP app. I open the app on my IPad, then open up sleepyhead on my desktop to compare.

It would be nice to find a device that would allow the sleep stages to be imported into SleepyHead. Or, you would think, that with the cost of CPAP machines, that the major players like ResMed and Phillips Respironics would incorporate this information into the data. Maybe some day. Smile

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$5,500 is a bit more than I am prepared to pay!

I think the reason this data is not available in CPAP machines is that it requires EEG data to be definitive. And that requires (at least today) several electrodes to be attached or pressed against your head. Everything else is just a guess. I suspect that this might not be good for "compliance": <Commercial link removed. Google Ultracortex Supernova>

This was an interesting read: http://pensees.pascallisch.net/?p=1516

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