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Please help, UARS?
Please help, UARS?
Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with mild OSA over 5 years ago and have been using a CPAP since. Unfortunately, I still feel exhausted during the day, brain fog, have a hard time staying focused all day and feel like I'm just zombieing my way through the days. I wake up and don't feel refreshed or replenished. The past few months, I've also noticed anxiety being a bigger issue.

I'm a 29 yr old M, 5 feet 11, weighing 195 pounds, with a neck circumference of 16. I weightlift 3-4 times/week. No other medical conditions of note, no medications.
I usually take 200mg of caffeine when I wake up and another 200 mg at noon. I completely cut off caffeine for about 3 months with no real noticeable change in sleep quality and regular daytime symptoms persisted.

I recently had a home sleep study done and it didn't seem to show many apnea/hypoapnea episodes, similar to my sleep study from 5 yrs ago but I had many microarousals and RERAs?

I have attached some portions of the sleep studies as well as some recent clippings from OSCAR. Would anybody be able to help with the interpretation? Is it possible I have UARS?

I look forward to hearing from you all, thank you.

Some readings from Oscar

Are those leak numbers abnormal? I have the nasal pillows and I feel like they fit well and usually when I wake up they're still snugly in place.

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RE: Please help, UARS?
Is it possible you have UARS? Maybe.

How typical was that night that the study captured?

It shows you got a reasonable amount of deep sleep (N3), and somewhat low REM.

It also suggests you have a RERA index of 10, which would be mild UARS.

Can you turn off the daily calendar? It ends up obscuring some important data, like for you, FL numbers.
Caveats: I'm just a patient, with no medical training.
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RE: Please help, UARS?
I would say UARS from the sleep study, and your APAP has caught it.

Set min pressure = 7 to take full advantage of the EPR in treating this.

And How do you feel, your numbers are excellent and I'm sure your doctor is extremely pleased.
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RE: Please help, UARS?
Thank you for your responses.

Hello slowriter,

I woke up feeling tired after that sleep study without CPap as there was a nasal element to it and I didn't think I should interfere with it by using my nasal pillows. I reattached the graphs after removing the daily calendar.

Hello bonjour,

I will adjust as you recommend. I'm still feeling tired during the day and brain is sluggish. I actually started mouth taping on the 30th of August and I feel the graphs are looking a bit cleaner maybe compared to before I started taping. I've attached a graph from August 26th for comparison. Maybe it takes a while to see the effects?

I realized I've been primarily mouth breathing my whole life and have been focusing on trying to consciously breathe through the nose, though I still feel like it is difficult. I'm currently using Nasocort and have used Nasonex in the past but I don't feel like I've actually cleared up my nose and it still feels laborious.

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RE: Please help, UARS?
It can indeed take time (many weeks, and even months) to adjust, and feel better

Per bonjour's suggestion, I'm curious to see the results with EPR 3 and min pressure of 7.

For mouth leaks, I also use a soft cervical collar.
Caveats: I'm just a patient, with no medical training.
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