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Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
I have significant mask leaks with Phillips DreamWear nasal pillow mask likely leading to mini arousals (however I am aware of waking up) but that sleep doc was concerned about during recent tele med call. In addition to other possible remedies, she suggests trying different mask. Your suggestions, please? Will try to post full Oscar data later.

For about 2 years have been using DreamWear nasal pillow. It seems to fit quite well. I'm 5'10" 150#, clean shaven, and don't have unusual face or nose shape. Almost entirely side sleeper. Central (not obstructive) apnea. Heated climate line hose and high humidity setting. Typically wake up with extremely dry mouth

Early on in therapy I had mouth breathing and followed some forum suggestions here to train myself. And for last two nights since dr visit have returned to mouth taping with Somnifix - the first night this resulted in green happy face for leaks but not true the 2nd night - this was with brand new nasal pillow cushion. In using the built in mask leak test I suspect that as side sleeper that slight movements on pillow might be triggering leaks. ALSO sleep dr indicated to change nasal pillows @10 days as the soft material "breaks down/distorts" rapidly and the std @2 weeks is too long.

I have never tried a full face mask or hybrid, I am willing to explore that direction, and expect it might not be any more claustrophobic than nasal pillow with mouth taping. She also suggested a mask style such as Phillips: Wisp or Comfort Gel Blue.

I expect that I will go into supplier, get their input and in store try several options, but want to avail myself of the usually excellent experience and advice on forum - thank you.

I have a cervical cushion but find it triggers a bit of claustrophobia; have tried chin strap and am willing to try again (as needed), but found mouth taping to be easier, more acceptable, and generally effective.
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
Am a very restless sleeper & initially started with a Resmed N30i but found excessive leaks.
Have now swapped to the P30i with much better results.
Initially wasn't keen on having "prongs" stuck up my nose but they are not that uncomfortable.
Was having problems with the rear strap rising up back of head overnight but have solved this by using the Phillips DW rear strap "with arms"
Just need to keep rear strap tension correct - too tight & it's annoying, too loose & have excessive leaks.
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
OP, Oscar data.
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
Have you considered Resmed P10? It is a nasal pillow mask. For me (and I realize YMMV) it seals well all night. I am a side sleeper and tend to move around.
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
-I'm brand new here and no expert but I also use an asv, and understand the roller coaster of pressure. Leaks were a part of life I thought along with dry eyes, etc.... and sh**ty ahi's I'm mostly a side sleeper and do move around a bit. It's only when I got serious recently after reading more here that I've gotten leaks under control except for the occasional flyer. 
-What finally worked for ME. Hose Hanger, buckwheat hull pillow (I laughed at the idea until I started using it), cervical collar (a big big deal for me). A proper fitting full face mask for MY face (Fisher Vitera), I can use a p-10 sort of,  but just hate nasal only. Also I really wanted to like an F30i, but side sleeping on the air tubes would cause just the slightest mask movement and when pressure spiked, bam leaks. A "pad a cheek" mask strap helps stabilize the mask especially when the pressure goes above 20  Also mask liners. I used remmzzs for a long time but they would constantly move around as I moved and the pressure moved and the liners would wind up in my eyes, in my mask etc... I currently use "Silent Night" liners, but I modify them slightly. They have little sticky tabs to keep them from moving around. I extend the tabs with a little "tyvek" tape. The liners now stay put and the mask can move slightly as I toss and turn without the farting (for the most part).
-Anyway, maybe some of this can help.
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
@JoeyL I was actually just reading reviews of P10 and was interested as OpalRose seems to use it and is side sleeper as well. While I am unlike you not an active sleeper with P10 I wonder for myself about the hose exiting from front and seemingly not having any swivel in it. My current DreamWare exits upward and I use a hose guide that swivels and extends on metal tube from below the mattress to about 10" above my head and it seems keep the climateline hose fairly stable which I believe is an advantage. How do you find the front exiting hose working for you?

Like OpalRose and other side sleepers I put my head at the edge of pillow so that gear is in thin air over the side of head pillow.

As the wiki and so many threads indicate that finding a mask is often trial and error and a bit of art form.
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
-The p-10 doesn't have a swivel, but it has a very light, very flexible short section of hose molded as part the mask frame. That then connects to your 6' hose. With the hose hanger, {same as the metal tube you mentioned) lack of a swivel wasn't a problem for me. The mask is so light a swivel would just drag it down. I had to strap up pretty tight and use the nose cream etc... but leaks were fairly acceptable, I also had to tape in addition to collar. I just don't like nasal pillows but it is in the drawer as a standby.
-From what I've read here lot of people on the board really like the P-10.
I liked the top of head connection on the F30i, but found the side air tubes to cause leaks for me, they would put just the lightest amount of pressure on the mask which would lead to leaks, especially as the pressure goes up and down with the asv. I might try the regular F-30. 
-You're right. The winning/workable solution is a very personal one. And in my experience my sleep doc was almost as useless as the shady DME. The stuff I learn here just from reading is orders of magnitude better.
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
(08-12-2022, 12:54 AM)JoeyL Wrote: ... but found the side air tubes to cause leaks for me, they would put just the lightest amount of pressure on the mask which would lead to leaks, especially as the pressure goes up and down with the asv. 

Thanks Joe for sharing your detailed observations and glad that you have found multiple interventions that generally work for you. There are so many interacting factors as well as sleep behaviour variability it is a challenge to self diagnose and find a solution. If nothing else, reading about experience of others gives me ideas of what to observe and possible interventions (some of which I have already tried).

Like you in part I quoted above one of my hypotheses is that in addition to mouth breathing (for which I think taping is my preferred solution) that a mask such as what I now use that has side tubes can be problematic as any slight change in their relationship with pillow and face/cheek would transfer to one side of the nasal pillow and contribute to it leaking.

I think I might use the built in Leak Test function and set up smartphone camera so that I can stay in my proposed side sleeping posture and monitor what shifts might cause leak. Of course when asleep muscular tension and tone is different than when resting and leak testing so a valuable but imperfect experiment.

Sounds like you might also have some mouth breathing "issues" and if you do search on forum there are some good threads on self training to shift tongue position and mouth tension and make that "posture" a habit. I need to do some re-training with that for myself. Again thanks ...
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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"

I think your mask does not fit you, or you didn't seal it correctly. First of all, please check it. I also have the same situation as you. But I was very conscious about the proper use, but the problem with the mask I used was that it had a small gap. At first, I didn't notice it, but gradually it district my sleep, and thus I tend to change the old one. I ordered a Resmed Airfit P10 which was the right choice.
DME Link Removed.  Search Supplier #35 for Airfit P10.

Now I feel very happy and get a sound sleep. Better to change your old one as soon as possible.

Moderator Action: DME Link Removed

To maintain our status as an educational organization, links to DME-owned or DME-operated websites and links to pages that sell prescription-required items are prohibited in forum posts.  This is stated in the Apnea Board Rules.

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RE: Pls suggest mask change for my "leak problem"
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