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Polysomnography report
I have finally received my Polysomnography report from my every day Doctor which was forwarded on to him from the sleep clinic. Unfortunately he couldn't read it and nor can I.
I there any where on here I can go where I can learn to understand it please?
I pick up my machine on the 12th and hopefully that person will be able to give me all the information when they set the machine.
At the moment I have no idea what this says about my tritation test and what sort of treatment is needed for me. I would love to know something now instead of waiting until next week.
Sleep Tight...
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Gabby, I think the format of these reports can vary greatly from doctor to doctor. I would suggest that you attach a copy the report in this forum, but at this stage I think that might be complicated for you. You might simply type some of the results into your reply in this thread. There are some common data that we all work with. It will contain how many apnea events you had per hour and it should say somewhere what pressure was required to cease the apneas. Just post all the data you can and someone will help interpret it for you.

I would also suggest that you talk to your regular doctor and maybe to the sleep center about which machine they specify in your RX. There are other brands, but if you can get them to prescribe a Resmed Autoset, you will be much happier. Tell them that you have done some research and prefer this model. It does so many things that the cheaper models do not. Other forum members may also suggest other brands, but try to get a good one in the beginning. It makes a BIG difference. The Autoset uses a range of pressure and adjusts itself to fit your breathing needs. That is the best feature, along with giving you all the data you will ever need.

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Drgrimes, I am getting a Resmed elite, can't do anything about that. Also on my report there is nowhere that says about my AHI's.
There is this, 6cmH2O CPAP as an interim pressure.
Sleep efficiency of 81%
It mentions the mask. Then there are the graphs.
I'm not sure what else to send.
Sleep Tight...
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Hi Gabby. The AHI information is almost certainly there, but may be broken down into its components: Hypopnea (H), Central apnea (CA), Obstructive apnea (OA) and possibly unknown or undefined apneas. To get the AHI you just add these up. On the graphs, the apneas look like sections of flat-line on the flow graph. There may be some sort of symbol adjacent to each flat-line which indicates that it's an apnea.

Sleep efficiency is just a measure of how long you were asleep compared with the time you were in bed. So if you were in bed for 10 hours, your efficiency of 81% means you were asleep for 8.1 of those ten hours.

There's an excellent guide to interpreting sleep reports on this site: http://www.sleepcrs.net.au/Physicians/Sl...Guide.aspx

The pressure of 6 cmH2O is relatively low, so you shouldn't have too much trouble adjusting to it. (Mine frequently goes over 20, which took a lot of getting used to).
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your sleep report, does it show anything about what pressure they started you out on and what pressures they tried you on throughout your study? It could be the graphs you are talking about. Should show how many AHI's you had, the type of events you had, how long you were in various sleep stages, what your O2 was, etc.
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Thanks Paul and me50, I have had a look and it doesn't show any kind of AHI, H, CA, OA's. I have found out it is from a program at AASM.
I have been on a few of their sites and it is just too confusing. I will wait until next week now until I go and get my machine.
To tell you the truth, I am just so over it all. It has been going on so long, my nights and days are no fun at all and other things in my life are not too good. I just feel like turning out the light and sleeping right through until the 12th.
I do not know what I would have done without the kind people on this forum to keep me going.
No one else understands how debilitating this sleep apnea makes you feel, they really do not have a clue.
Sleep Tight...
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Gabby, whoever gave you that report, call them or if they are close, drive over and ask them for the complete report. I would think that they are required to give you the complete medical record just like they do in the US but I don't know that for sure. One can hope that they have to provide your complete medical records to you. You are almost there. Don't give up now
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Gabby perk up, you are almost there. Your pressure of 6 is GREAT! That's nice and low so you should not have a lot of difficulty adapting to cpap. Also it will be much easier to control leaks and you will most likely be able to use nasal pillows or nasal mask. They are more comfortable and less confining that the full face mask.

Also, your machine the Resmed Elite is a good machine. It uses a set pressure, but since your pressure is low, it will be fine. Good thing is that the Elite is fully data capable so you, with the help of this forum, will be able to study everything.

Soon you will be feeling more energetic and healthy. It helps the way you feel about everything.
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