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Posting screenshot of sleepyhead
Sleep-well I think you're pretty close to getting this down where it belongs. Most importantly, it needs to make you feel comfortable and rested.
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(01-05-2017, 02:01 PM)AlanE Wrote: Just to add a bit of a helpful tip for taking SH screenshots, pressing the sequence F11, F12, F11 gives the best results. F11 toggles full screen mode. Also SH should be on your main monitor if you have dual monitors.

Just realized what you meant. There is just so much to this... all of it.
I am going to use this on the next post.
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For some reason I am not able to get as much information in the shot, on the left 'Daily Sidebar'.
I experienced more leaks last night but tightened the mask and will see how I do tonight.

[Image: screenshot-20170106-072621_zpsmzracsbv.png]

I'm snowed in today, so I am going to research the 'sleepyhead' software
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As far as not fitting as much information on the left panel, you need to turn off the pie chart by going to File/Preferences/Appearance, and unclicking the pie chart option on the right. That will open up the lower summary fields. It's not that important, but the pie chart is redundant to what is in the color bars above it.

Am I correct that you did not have a clinical titration? The most recent result continues to show an OAI of 8.07 compared to your previous result of 8.81. That's not much improvement, and the machine is nearing its limits of pressure. I'd like to think about other possible causes for your apnea. Do you tend to tuck your chin towards your chest at night? This can often close off the airway, and before we just throw more pressure at this, it might be good to see if we have some other tools available.
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I got the clinical sleep test, where you wear the belt and all those electrodes hooked up. I had 87 apneas an hour. What I have got is an improvement over what I had but would still like to get it lower. The sleep doctor I used is well known and well hated lol. When you ask him questions, he says: "I'll be back in a minute" and he never returns. I just told his nurse, I wouldn’t be back. I found out after I used him (on the web reviews) that if it didn't work out the first visit or two he would lose interest in you.

Previously, I had went to an ear nose and throat doctor and they went in my nostrils and did something, I just remember it was a bloody mess. He did say that my palette was oversized and that it would hurt like heck if I had it shaved down. I discussed having this surgery with my PC and he said that the surgery still wouldn’t cure the apnea, so I didn’t get the surgery. I have been suspecting all along that this was the problem. The only way to keep the full mask sealed is to sleep on my back. I may try it without a pillow and see if that helps.


[Image: screenshot-20170106-120631_zpslpzn9xlj.png]
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Have you considered nasal pillows? Do you know you would breath through your mouth?

As far as your machine, set it to allow maximum pressure of 20. You just have very persistent OA.
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I didnt want to keep you stuck here, when other people are asking for advice, so I waited until I had something to pick your brain about. with the upper range set to 18, I can barely keep the mask on my face. It wakes me up, when it starts leaking. I am going to go back down to 16 and see if it helps.
I tried the pillows once before but had problems exhaling through my nose, because something was closing off in my sinus. Do you know of a place that I can purchase the nasal pillows and head gear at a fair price?


PS: I just called the local medical supply here and its $200 for the head gear, mask and pillows.
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Okay... couldnt believe it but I found the ResMed whole setup on amazon for $50!!!
This is as cheap as it gets. I will be back to report after I get the nasal mask in and and use sleepyhead.

Thanks again!
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Good luck! I think you have a good pressure setup, and the nasal pillows will improve the results, but be sure to change the mask type in your setup. With the high number of obstructive events, it's hard to see an option towards lower pressures, and a lot of people with pressures this high find bilevel more tolerable.
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