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Poll: When You Have No CPAP Machine Is It Better To
This poll is closed.
Stay Awake
6 33.33%
Sleep And Have Apnia
12 66.67%
Total 18 vote(s) 100%
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Power Outage: Stay Awake Or Sleep W/O CPAP?
Is it better to stay awake or sleep? I opted to stay awake...

I bought the Resmed A10 $100 battery cable adapter, but need a battery.
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I'm working on setting up a 12v battery power supply set up for my Dreamstation.

However, I am not going to pay out the mega-bucks for the so called dedicated CPAP power packs.

It is bad enough that Philips want $100 in Australia just for a 12v lead that plugs in to a car socket, let alone $600 to $800 AU for the power packs.

My local automotive battery supply shop has a big range of batteries of all kinds, from lead acid to Lithium Ion, and everything in between.

I can get a deep cycle battery with a decent capacity that should run my CPAP for two or three days [8 hours a night] for between $100 to $150, add another $10 for a 12v female socket the same as found in a car to attach to the battery.. a plastic battery box or canvas bag to carry it in and I'm good to go.

I will set it up so the battery can be recharged from a battery charger, or from the car or motorcycle charging system.

I'm also contemplating the lead from the existing mains power supply and making up my own lead with matching connector plugs so I can plug it in to the original power supply or a home made adapter lead...
I already have the components on hand, and am only working with the 12 volt side of the mains power supply, being the "double redundancy" kind of person I am, I will be setting it up with a dedicated inline fuse on top of the ones already in the vehicle and the house mains.

And I would happily sleep without my CPAP for a night, but I have to maintain compliance to keep my driving licence.
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There's no way in hell that staying awake is better than sleeping without your CPAP.
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Why can't you use a regular computer battery backup? I do and haven't had a problem. We get a lot of thunderstorms in Georgia, and there are plenty of nights that my APC UPS-1500 has saved me from having a rough day.
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player, I would not opt to stay awake.
If you have a recliner, just relax and try to get some sleep.
Hanging out in a recliner is better than laying flat in bed without your cpap.
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I don't think it's better to sleep because if I stay awake I am sleep deprived. If I sleep I am sleep and oxygen deprived...
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And before you had CPAP, what did you do?
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(10-18-2016, 10:36 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: And before you had CPAP, what did you do?

I stopped breathing 37 times per hour. I was sick. Exhausted. I always had a headache. I was not on my game. I was always tired... etc...

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Same here, and worse, but I slept (poorly). I traveled last 2-years ago and forgot my power supply. I don't think that will happen again.
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(10-18-2016, 07:06 PM)player Wrote:
(10-18-2016, 10:36 AM)Sleeprider Wrote: And before you had CPAP, what did you do?

I stopped breathing 37 times per hour. I was sick. Exhausted. I always had a headache. I was not on my game. I was always tired... etc...

Me too (only it was 35 times an hour). During my overnight test, on average I stopped breathing for 44 seconds, but the longest was 93 seconds. Being oxygen deprived damages your cognitive abilities, so its no laughing matter.
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