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Preferred Level for SNI
(09-12-2015, 09:08 PM)sptrout Wrote: From BMC: The RESmart Auto CPAP Machine includes advanced sensor technology to automatically track your respiratory condition. It can detect the onset of snoring and automatically increase the pressure until the airway is fully open, even when lying on your back.

The "advanced sensor" would likely be a simple microphone at the machine end of the tube. That would be ample to hear a snore, though it might be a bit tricky to determine exactly what sound is or is not an actual snore and not, say, clearing the throat. But that's a computing problem, not a sensor problem.
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This wiki article might help clear it up:
Quote:How does a PAP machine detect snoring?

PAP machines do not have microphones attached to them. So your PAP is not listening to the sound of your snoring. So how does it actually detect snoring? It analyzes the Flow Rate data.
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Tongue Suck Technique for prevention of mouth breathing:
  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
  • gently suck to form a light vacuum
Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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The bottom line on this machine is that it does not record any SNI data even though the manual implies otherwise. The copy of a BMC Report from the manual does not match what is actually reported on the real patient available, Reader's Digest version (in Zonk's earlier post), or the complete report that is available to the doctor (or to a patient that knows the secret way in). Last night, I only had access to my detailed report that a doctor sees, this morning I am able to see my real patient report that Zonk showed a copy of from the manual. The SNI line is blank on all of my reports.

The software on this plain CPAP machine does NOT record the SNI data and my guess is that it is incapable of gathering this information. Remember that this a cheap, very cheap, CPAP that I can buy from a brick and mortar store that is about 40 miles from my house for $185. (Too bad I did not know that before I got screwed out of $675 from another local DME that told me that I was getting a deal because my insurance would not pay anything for my machine, that they would give me a special deal and only charge 1/2 of what they bill the insurance companies. I no longer do any business with them.)
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G'day all

First post here and found this thread because I was wondering what SNI meant as other than in the BMC records there is nothing, but in desperation with the high leak reading with the BMC full face mask I blocked off half the leak holes which probably wasn't a good idea as it gave a reading of only 1.1 leak count instead of the usual 20-30 BUT the SNI went up to 6.1 where it had previously only been 1.4 at the highest.

 Now that I know SNI is a snore count I do recollect waking to a faint noise at one stage but like all snores they never seem so bad to the  snorer although my wife did say I was making slight noises so I am guessing I might have restricted the mask relief too far.

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G'day Bob. Welcome to the forum.

The vent holes are there to exhust the CO2 you exhale. It's a very bad idea to block them as you will end up rebreathing your exhaled breaths.

I don't know about your particular machine, but some such as Philips report the total leak including the intentional leak through the vent. If that's the case with yours then a leak of 30 isn't bad. Perhaps somebody with a closer knowledge of the machine could confirm this.
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What I found on the internet was a reference to the software. It just said it reports large leaks over 90LPM which is quite a bit. So it sounds like it reports total leaks.
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Thanks for the replies, last night I opened all the air holes to start with then blocked off about 6 as there is an enormous amount of air comes out them on this mask had a much higher leak rate up to 31lpm which was obviously a leak around the mask and even with the 6 blocked still had plenty of air getting out but had 17.8 lpm I presume as average.

There doesn't appear to be any/many leaks around the mask but the air fairly whistles around my nose near the air holes and for some reason this machine only shows peaks of 8cfm where the resmed machine I did a months trial with peaked at 13.5 and averaged 9.6.

Will contact the supplier in the morning as have a few other issues as well to see if they can throw some light on the subject but will go back to the nasal mask tonight as it seems to work better.
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Not getting a lot of help from the machine supplier but did have a couple of good nights with the nasal mask.

In reply to DeepBreathing this particular model the BMC LUNA G11 is supposed to be the equivalent of the Resmed s10 and 4db quieter but it is way noisier and the wellbeing I got after a month trial on a resmed machine to this one is extraordinary with the effects appearing to be regressing to pre trial at present, I will try another week but then may have to ditch this machine and go for something better and quieter.
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The BMC machines are a long way behind the Resmed Autoset in many ways and is a budget machine for when you can't get anything better. With regard to your mask, why not get a Resmed Airfit P10 and see if that quiets things down enough to let you sleep. It is the quietest, least obtrusive mask you can get.
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(02-20-2018, 08:31 PM)Sleeprider Wrote: The BMC machines are a long way behind the Resmed Autoset in many ways and is a budget machine for when you can't get anything better.  With regard to your mask, why not get a Resmed Airfit P10 and see if that quiets things down enough to let you sleep. It is the quietest, least obtrusive mask you can get.

I did look at the comparisons and as far as I could tell with my limited knowledge this particular model did stack up pretty well but obviously there are some untruths in the report as it is definitely not quieter for a start, their full face mask is noisy but I can easily hear the noise of the machine fan? above that.

I did have a p10 airfit on the month trial but it was not a success which is a pity as we spend quite a bit of time in warm moist areas during our winter and the full face mask or even the nasal mask will be uncomfortable.

My problem with the pillows is that my nose is a bit out of shape due to being broken quite a few times, the sideways bend and flattening is not a problem with the nasal or full face for nose breathing as it opens it up but the pillows get squashed and even if I spend lots of time getting them right they (1 mainly) later leak or block up.

The phillips one that sits under the nose with a slash? instead of pillows works ok and that will possibly be an option but on the month trial even though it didn't fit as good or as comfortably the resmed full face mask was the best on the resmed machine but the newer BMC full face mask is a disaster at least on this machine.
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